Otamamon - Aveline

Otamamon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon Adventure universe. For his partner, see Aveline Izumi.

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Evolution Line
Pabumon Motimon Otamamon (Data) Greymon Cyberdramon Saint Galgomon
Sticky Bubbles Elastic Bubbles Boiled Bubble Mega Flame Erase Claw Giant Missile
Lava Claw Fire Wall Cyber Nail Burst Shot
Body Blow Horn Spiral Mega Twister


Otamamon doesn't quite understand people. He is somewhat bemused by public displays of affection and while he can recognize patterns of behavior (for example, Koushirou and Aveline's shared tendency to spout information when someone wants it), he doesn't know what's behind them. Somehow, in a family of computer nerds, he doesn't understand computers, either, so he instead tries to turn to music as a point of connection between himself and Aveline. Sadly, he is often left confused by his partner's abrupt changes of hobbies and the way Aveline tends to expect him to always know what she's talking about.


  • Otamamon's evolutionary line is based off her fathers' and her fathers' best friends: Pabumon and Motimon are from Koushirou, Greymon is from Taichi (Koushirou's best friend), Cyberdramon is from Ryo, and Saint Galgomon is from Jenrya (Ryo's best friend). Otamamon served as an out-there bridging point from Motimon to Greymon, the only other option being Gotsumon.
  • During the Disney virus, Motimon began to learn the violin from the principal violinist of the orchestra that popped up. Unfortunately, upon his evolution, he has outgrown his instrument and no longer has any semblance of shoulders.
Partner Aveline Izumi
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