Patamon - Melody

Patamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Melody Flores.

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Evolution Line
Frimon Patamon Airdramon Aero V-Dramon Hououmon
Tail Slap Air Slam Tail Whip Dragon Impulse Starlight Explosion
Thousand Wing Wing Cutter V-Wing Blade Crimson Flare
Air Shot God Tornado V-Breath Arrow Life Force


In sharp contrast to her occasionally overbearing partner, Patamon is painfully shy, with a tendency to hide her face with her wings when not using them to fly. Terrified of rejection, she rarely talks to people and usually speaks very quietly even to Melody. Oddly enough, she has strong opinions on almost everything under the sun, but rarely expresses them. Patamon feels unworthy to be partner to a Tamer, but is desperate to prove herself, throwing herself recklessly into battles despite her fear.


  • Patamon's ultimate form is Hououmon purely for the cheap shot at the Pokemon Houou, essentially Lugia's opposite.
  • Sadly, Patamon lacks the self confidence to use normal-sized text or capital letters in her rare posts on the journals.
Partner Melody Flores
Journal guardiansong
Role-Player Caryl
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