Patamon - Roxas

Patamon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Roxas.

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Evolution Line
Tokomon Patamon Angemon LordHolyAngemon SlashAngemon
Bubble Blast Air Shot Hand of Destiny Heaven's Gate Heaven's Ripper
Wing Attack Angel Rod Excalibur Holy Espada
Headbutt Soul Banish


Patamon is a very friendly digimon who is more likely to make friends with someone he runs into than fight. However he is by no means cowardly and packs quiet a punch for one so small. He is very protective of Roxas and just wants his partner to be happy. Patamon may seem clueless a lot of the time but he is also wise beyond his years, often trying to give Roxas advice whether he wants it or not. The digimon doesn't know it but he reminds Roxas a lot of Sora.


  • Patamon likes to ride on Roxas' head much to his tamer's dislike of this.
  • Despite not really understanding the concept of "Nobodies" and not really knowing much about romance in general Patamon would like to play match maker for Axel and Roxas.
  • He likes to sleep…a lot.
Partner Roxas
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