Phantom is a reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Megaman Zero series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Megaman Zero 1 and 3.

A reploid created from X’s DNA for the sole purpose of being Copy X’s bodyguard, Inshou Phantom is one of Neo Arcadia’s guardians, as the general of the Zan’ei army and also sharing the duty of terminating reploids that were deemed Maverick. The other three are Sage Harpuia, Fairy Leviathan and Fighting Fefnir. All four together are termed as the Shittenou who serve Copy X.

Phantom’s supposed biography is as follows, an extract from the RTRZ:

‘Jet Black Illusion/Undercover General Phantom /CV Tetsu Inada

In Neo Arcadia, those who can escape under suspicion of Irregularity are few, but those who can survive long are even fewer. Many who try to hide are quickly discovered and dealt with by a certain oppressive unit. The leadership of this anti-Irregular, anti-Resistance intelligence unit, called the "Zan'ei" [shadow execution] unit is undertaken single-handedly by Phantom. Originally, he and his unit acted as "X"'s personal safeguard and defenders. With his ability he became like a shadow, always at his master's side, also displaying unparalleled skills in the field of secret intelligence operations. Lurking in the enemy's shadow, striking from the shadows. Melting into the shadows even as he strikes the enemy down. Desiring nothing for himself, his loyalty to his master is unconditional. Then the red one appeared with the swift light in his hand. He made haste to entwine himself with this body's shadow. His master's enemy's blasphemous light could not be permitted. From the gloom of darkness he struck out with his blade soundlessly, aiming unyieldingly at the light.’

It was only after the Resistance, a band of fighters rebelling against Reploid termination ,with a human leader named Ciel (the creator of Copy X at age 9, 15 by now) had succeeded in awakening the legendary hero, that the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia learned of Zero. Believing that he would have obsolete in this current time frame, Phantom met Zero at a factory, held by the Resistance. Phantom challenged him and lost. However, the guardian had managed to plant bombs all over the factory, in hopes that by detonating them within a certain time frame, that the Reploid would be terminated by the explosion. Zero found them all and defused them, however, foiling Phantom’s attempt to get rid of him. Later, with an attack attempt on the Resistance Base, Phantom’s pupil, a monkey like being named Hanumachine, tried to take down Zero and lost, destroyed by Zero.

When Zero at last, reached the core of Neo Arcadia to face Copy X, Phantom challenged Zero to a rematch, stating that ‘Give light to the people. Give death to Mavericks. No one shall disgrace Master X. Your termination will now commence!’ When Zero defeated him, unlike the other guardians who retreated, Phantom had a back up plan.

He suicided, by self destructing himself. Zero escaped and terminated Copy X, despite this attempt.

Time passed and Neo Arcadia was under threat from a scientist named Dr Weil, who was the one who stole Zero’s original body, started the Elf Wars, tampered with the Mother Elf (Dark Elf), created Omega and was in control of Neo Arcadia for the time being. With Zero once again stepping up to the role of the hero and the appearance of Omega and Weil after a hundred year exile, Cyberspace, an alternate realm where Reploids and Cyber-Elves reside, was accessible.

Phantom, who had long since parted with his physical body, called to Zero from Cyberspace, once again testing him. By then, the Reploid had learned of everything that was happening in the world that he had departed from. Knowing that if Zero defeated him, he would let Zero go and save Neo Arcadia. Zero did and Phantom let him leave, after some words of encouragement to fight against Omega. If was after this battle that Phantom was pulled into the Digital World, becoming alive once again.

His personality, through the game, is seen as incredibly loyal to his master, X, to such a degree that he would go to any lengths, such as sacrificing himself so that his master would remain unharmed. He also comes across as being rather melodramatic, such as when his beliefs are being questioned or when he faces against a worthy opponent (namely, Zero). Other times, he is a cold, uncaring individual, who speaks formally and calmly.

Activity in the Digital World

Appearing in The Graveyard upon his arrival, he was greeted by a rather friendly Falcomon, who insisted that he, Phantom, was his partner. Deciding to trust the Falcomon, Phantom discovered the function of the D-Comm, making his presence known to several others. The others being Harpuia, his fellow Reploid and Guardian and a person that was named Daimon Masaru.

After making his way through the caves with his partner, Phantom eventually was struck by the truth virus, forcing him to admit that the information he gained while dead, he would use regardless of who he hurt will doing so. Thankfully, no-one apparently, overheard his confession.

He talked to Masaru once again, asking ‘why one should be so honest with one’s self and those you care about?’, on an entry that stated that one should do so. Phantom learned about the Digi-Soul during this conversation. Later, he met Fefnir and commented that Harpuia, Leviathan and Harpuia were all present in the Digital World. He learnt that Fefnir came from an alternate timeline and that he had yet to convince the others to fight against Omega and Weil. On supposed ‘Valentine’s Day’, he fell asleep in The Caves, causing his partner to panic, because Phantom appeared dead to the world.

The ninja met Zero, from the past. He informed him that he knew him, despite Zero saying that he, in turn, did not know Phantom. Who then told Zero a little about himself and Neo Arcadia. Later, he heard X over the D-Comm, hearing his voice and recognising him. Stating that he was honoured to once again be of service to X (who had no clue about the bodyguard thing or Neo Arcadia, or created from X’s DNA), who was confused over this. Phantom, also, during the conversation, was struck by the Love Virus or the Rabu Rabu Virus, admitted his feelings to X when asked about why he bodyguarded him, ‘I do so out of duty’, ‘there is an emotional attachment which I am unable to explain that keeps me in line to this’ and ‘I would never think of you as a mere object or burden to be protected. You are a living being.’

Talking to Fefnir again, Phantom was insulted by Fefnir, who commented that even if the X they followed was a cheap copy, he made him do things that were unforgivable. To which Phantom replied that ‘even if he was a mere copy, I would not like to think bad of him’. Fefnir replied that he wasn’t going to forgive him for that and asked which X, copy or not, he considered his ‘master’, Phantom replied both.

Two days after this talk, Phantom set out of The Caves, with his partner, Falcomon for the first time in the Digital World. He travelled southwards, ending up in the city of Axoyri and recording the co-ordinates in his D-Comm. It is unknown how he is still functioning, even after he staggered and fell asleep behind on of the buildings at evening. Later, when Harpuia requested that he, give his location in order to meet with the other Guardians of Neo Arcadia, Phantom declined, stating that he was going his own way for now, dropping a hint of his previous location.

Meeting up with Harpuia in Axoyri, Phantom decided to go solo. He made his way to Tetha and searched for X…only to be unawares of a virus. And the change in the D-Comm to a D-Reader. The virus deaged people or made them older. At a park in Tetha, Phantom, in his unarmored clothed state, settled down on a bench to wait for his partner, Falcomon to return after searching the city for X. Thomas Light, deaged to a young boy, attempted to scan his sword. The ninja caught him and then demanded an explanation. He made a deal. In exchange for letting Tommy scan the sword, he would get Lightpost coordinates. Falcomon returned and Phantom learned that X was not here. Learning that Thomas ditched his Digimon partner, he picked up Light and carried the boy home.

Feeling a bit guilty over the boy being stuck inside all day, he took the boy out with Falcomon. And ran into Tsukaimon and Siarnaq. And got into the fight with the Shadow Mega Man. During the fight, he heard a voice that sounded too much like his own. On the outside, he appeared normal. However, on the inside, he felt shaken up. Getting a friction burnt hand and a victory in the battle, he returned Tommy home…to face Roll.

Shortly after the encounter, the ninja was hit by the Rabu Rabu virus, to a more dramatic level. LUST. He ran away from Falcomon, who took a message from Leviathan to say 'hi' and met Molly on a rooftop. He got some more lightpost coordinates, to get away from people. The virus passed, thankfully with no harm done. Relaxing at a festival in Tetha, he met up with the other three Guardians, only to check on them, to calm his fears. Shortly at that, he ran into X at a marketplace.

With a madman being the catalyst for angry mobs over the death of an Area Leader, Phantom turned up to see Zero, Axl, Harpuia, Fefnir and Leviathan, at the event. He talked to them briefly, before snatching X by the arm, intent on getting him out of the area to safety…despite any objections X and the others have about his actions, his partner Falcomon offering to hang back to stop the others for the moment.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Phantom is incredibly stubborn. At times. Which includes his insistence that must protect his ‘master’ (X, not from his timeline, even if he knows this one is not the one he knows).
  • Despite X’s attempts to correct Phantom’s use of the honorific ‘X-sama’, he will always call X that…no matter what.
  • His mun will address him as ‘the ninja’ or 'P' during AIM chat.
  • Strangely enoungh, he has a bad sense of direction and cannot use the D-Reader that well.
Series Canon Megaman Zero
Journal umbraprofess
Role-Player blackestcrow
Age Unknown, but actually in his hundreds
Digimon Partner Falcomon
D-Comm Colors Black/Purple and White
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