PicoDevimon - Abel

PicoDevimon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Abel Nightroad.

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Evolution Line
PicoDevimon Devimon Vamdemon BelialVamdemon
Pico Darts Death Claw Night Raid Pandemonium Flame
Akuma no Sasayaki Razor Wing Bloody Stream Melting Blood
Bat Flutter Hell Contract Dead Scream Mind Illusion
N/A Death Hand N/A Blood Rain
N/A Deadly Nail N/A N/A


PicoDevimon is a snarky little Digimon, with a sarcastic comment always at the ready. Because they got off on the wrong foot, PicoDevimon always mocks his tamer Abel, who is too much of a nice guy to really make PicoDevimon stop. When Abel talks to people, PicoDevimon tends to butt in and make fun of Abel to the person Abel was talking to. He also looks down on Abel's passivity and aversion to conflict, thinking of his tamer as a weakling.

However, if he ever calms down, PicoDevimon would be quite loyal to Abel. That may take a while, though.


*When Abel first arrived, he assumed PicoDevimon was a hallucination, as he had just come from a vicious battle.

Partner Abel Nightroad
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