Piyomon Pink

Origins of Piyomon Pink in digital_dive

Piyomon Pink (TM) is a term used and enacted mainly by Taco in the roleplay. Why is Piyomon Pink (TM) here? Simple. Because Taco merely wanted something that she could do every time someone joined the roleplay. Upon noticing that she could make her font size overly large and her font color nearly the same color as Piyomon, her character Chika's digimon partner, she began using it to welcome new people and eventually coined the term 'Piyomon Pink' for it. Now, whenever someone receives a greeting in large, pink font, they've officially been Pink'd.


1. There are others in the roleplay who attempt to use and even make their own versions of Piyomon Pink. Other variations, at the moment, include only Pokemon Purple, which was first used by Kite (known to Taco as Ochi) upon the introduction of Mewtwo into the roleplay.

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