Prometheus is a reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Mega Man ZX/Advent series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Mega Man ZX/Advent.

200 years later after the events of Megaman Zero, Reploids and Humans live peacefully together. Enter Vent/Aile, the supposed transporter (delivery) crew of Giro. Delivering a package containing the Biometal (sentient rock with fragment of a hero’s soul) to the Guardians (freelancers in justice) Model X, they get attacked by Mavericks. Falling off the cliff and encountering Prairie, the Second Commander of the Guardians, Vent/Aile Megamerge with Model X. With the threat of Mavericks taken care of, Mega Man Model X heads off to save Giro.

Who is the Biomatch (term used to describe Humans/Reploids who match a Biometal) for Model Z. Mega Man Model X and Z run into Serpent, head of Slither Inc, who is the holder of Model W. Prometheus and Pandora are the two mysterious reploids who are there with Serpent. Once Serpent uses Model W to corrupt Giro who turns against Mega Man Model X, Pandora extracts the passwords from the two. With Mega Man Model Z passing away and handing over the Biometal Model Z to Model X, the Mega Man X double Megamerges.

Later, with the recovery of the other Biometals, Model P, L, H and F, Mega Man Model ZX runs into Prometheus and Pandora, who are attacking the mobile base, the airship of the Guardians. Inside the reactor the airship, Prometheus drops some heavy hints about the Biometals and their supposed creator, Prairie’s ‘Sis’ and First Commander of the Guardians. The two Reploids then disappear.

Between the four years and eight months that pass, it was speculated that Prometheus and Pandora stole the Biometals Model P, H, L and F from Mega Man X’s labs. The two Reploids scouted out their respective Biomatches and introduced them to their Biometals on Albert’s orders. And so began the Game of Destiny, where the Mega Man who won, got to become the King of the World.

Skipping to the end of the time period of four years and eight months, Prometheus was on his way to retrieve Biometal Model A from a Raider ship (Illegal Hunters, who are technology scavenging people made up of Humans and Reploids alike). However…he ran into Ashe, a teenage girl. She protested against him taking the Biometal, as well as her friends. This annoyed Prometheus and he knocked her and her friends out. Despite his attempt to get back the Biometal, it ended up in Hunter’s hands, ready to be delivered to Legion (government at the time) by train.

Pandora and him teleported directly to the train itself, once again meeting the so called Mega Man Model A. After witnessing the Biomatch merge with Model A, Prometheus told them that they were eligible for the Game of Destiny, starting from here on. He and she warp out.

…From behind the scenes, Prometheus watches their progress. He drops a hint to Atlas, Thetis, Siarnaq and Aeolus (other Mega Men) about Mega Man Model A. And watched the action happen. Prometheus has interfered with the progress of Mega Man Model A, such as the time when he destroyed a computer containing valuable data.

Waiting for an opportunity to jump in again, the two follow Mega Man Model A into a submerged volcano, where the Model W’s were kept. Here, they encounter Albert once again, where Prometheus supposedly ‘destroys’ Albert. Stating his and his sister’s plan (Pandora), they two fight against the Mega Man. Once beaten, the two’s souls are absorbed by Model W, thanks to the hate, anger and suffering in the time the two were alive…

Created by Albert, one of the Sage Trinity and forced to work under him as a pawn and minion, Prometheus was led to believe that he and Pandora, should destroy everything that Albert ever created, which includes Mega Man Model A and Model A, as well as the entire world. As the first Mega Man ever made by Model W, and his old body gone, with his sister, Prometheus ambitiously follows this agenda, believing to have succeeded…until he was absorbed by Model W.

In order to be kept in line and to be made sure to follow Albert’s bidding, Prometheus had a set lifespan…bound to a capsule in the Mysterious Lab. If he didn’t return in the set time frame…he would die.

Activity in the Digital World

Shortly after his arrival in the Digital World, Prometheus met up with a Digimon, a Tsukaimon claiming to be his partner. He learned of the Digital World and dismisses it as merely Albert's back up plan if his initial plan of resetting the Earth failed. Prometheus learned that Siarnaq was here as well, as were some of the other Mega Men. With some relaxation (or as much as he could anyways) at a festival in Tetha and finding it boring, Prometheus resorted to exploring Tetha. He soon turned up at the festival's closing, not expecting anything of interest to happen.

Boy, was he wrong. The Area Leader of Tetha, was struck dead by a human scientist, a madman named Kurata, who sparked a chain of events, which included angry Digimon mobs trying to kill Tamers or take them prisoner in outrage for the event. Prometheus, who was at the place at the time, started to go on a miniature killing spree, to get away from the scene. Someone with a wheelchair ran into him, a Flamon and a human Tamer, Sharpay. With losing his temper over being sent into a wall from the impact of the wheelchair, Prometheus decided to chase the two with his scythe, his partner Tsukaimon telling to him to stop. He…considered it a game of 'hit and miss'. Eventually, he tried to get rid of the two, using his flame pillar attack. Flamon digivolve and got away with his Tamer to safety.

…Currently, the reploid is in hiding.

This plot is still on-going.


  • In this role-play, Prometheus's limited lifespan is unknown whether it is still in play. His mun is still thinking about it.
  • He does not like his partner. And plans to get rid of it.
  • He is referred to in Digital Dive chat by mun as 'crazy scythe dude'.
  • His LiveJournal username is a play on words, from 'not entirely sane'. Uses fire in his attacks, so there.
Series Canon Mega Man ZX/Advent
Journal notfierysane
Role-Player blackestcrow
Age Exact age unknown, but centuries old and looks like in late twenties
Digimon Partner Tsukaimon
D-Comm Colors Purple, white and red
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