Raile is a twenty year old male college student who is fantastically awful at understanding how to interact meaningfully with his own species. He likes science, books, literature, esoterica, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, politics, rats, basically anything horrible, and games about lawyers. He will talk about any and all of these at great length, often combining the two to create new and exciting topics, but still doesn't know the appropriate social context for any of it. He is horrible at social situations and will say the wrong thing always. He will then proceed to apologise more times than necessary.

He will ask a million questions to make sure he's not doing things wrong and then apologise after he gets the answers because he bothered you.

Some suspect he may be a furry.

He plays the following:

Machi Tobaye with: Shakomon, occasionally called Dumka.
Sadaharu Inui with: Tentomon and a shitton of green notebooks. Plus a tennis racquet.

And now for some contact information.

Contact Information
Journal: literatehyaena
AIM: literatehyaena
E-Mail: E-mail here!

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