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Rhea is shy. Sometimes overly so. Because she's been pushed to the side so often, she hasn't gained the social skills she really needs, and the only people she feels comfortable speaking to are her brother, her sister, and her parents. She's obviously very childish, seeing as she's five years old, and she's always trying to do her best at whatever she sets her mind to.

When interacting with people for the first time, she often tends to hide behind the nearest family member, or in some cases, the nearest large object. There was an incident at one time in which her cousin, Nathan (King Asch and Queen Natalia's son), came to visit and she wouldn't come out from behind the couch she'd hidden behind. She talked very little, and tried to keep Nathan from seeing her.

She's also very cautious around strangers; if she has to talk to someone, she will, and if she's asked for her name, she gives them her middle name as a precaution. It's a trait she somehow inherited from her mother, though her mother has different ways of dealing with talking to people she deems suspicious.

Other than how shy she is, Rhea is a very happy little girl. She's like any normal five year old; just wanting to learn as much as she possibly can about anything she possibly can.


  • Considering she can just barely cast a basic healing spell on a good day, I'd say she doesn't really have any ability that's considered supernatural, or out of the norm. She's just a five year old girl who likes to draw and sing. And is cuter than thou. Srsly.




Tsukaimon has a motherly sort of affection toward Rhea, and wishes to protect her when her parents can't (and even when they can!).

Pre-Roleplay History

This history is an Alternate Universe storyline for Tales of the Abyss, and thus may contain spoilers for the ending. Read at your own discretion.

Rhea, the third child of the fon Fabre family, was born when her elder siblings Asch and Adelle were twelve years old. She was named partially after her grandmother, Suzanne, who had passed away due to illness only months before she was born.

As Asch and Adelle were known to be prodigies of their age, Rhea was expected to be the same; unfortunately, Rhea did not develop the same ease of the ability to use the seventh fonon, and was thereby overshadowed by her siblings, who could do just about anything with ease in the minds of the kingdom. Even though Rhea was often pushed to the side when kingdom officials came to visit, she loved and supported her elder siblings, and grew incredibly attached to Asch, who protected her and her sister without fail if there were ever a need for it.

Because of how 'useless' she seemed, Rhea grew a very close bond with her father. She was always daddy's little girl, and some of the similarities they shared (not just looks) made it easy for Rhea to become such. Because she was nearly unable to use the seventh fonon, as her mother had tried to teach her to do (After much practice, Rhea could only manage to cast a basic healing spell on a good day), it was encouraged by several of the court advisors that Rhea take up a hobby. Luke and Tear thought it was a good idea, but neither of them had any ideas on what a three year old girl could do as a hobby; she liked playing with her brother and sister, she liked flowers, she liked a lot of things, but none of the things her parents knew she liked could pass as a 'hobby' in the eyes of the advisors.

It was only after an incident in which Rhea was caught taking crayons and coloring on the walls of the manor that her 'hobby' was found.

The day after that incident, while the maids were cleaning up the mess little Rhea had made, Luke took his youngest daughter out for some shopping while Asch and Adelle were training with their mother. Rhea giggled from atop her father's shoulders at all the shops around her, green eyes wide with excitement; she rarely got to spend any time with her father, much less go shopping with him! This was something she enjoyed greatly!

Luke stopped into a shop with lots of art supplies, smiling as he watched his daughter's expression go from excited to ecstatic. He laughed, bringing the small child into his arms, and showed her several brands of sketchbooks, crayons, colored pencils, everything she thought might have been interesting.

"Da-ddy~" Rhea blinked up at him, "Why're you showin' me this?" Luke chuckled, then pointed her back in the direction of the sketchpads.

"Which one do you like?" He asked, crouching down to her level. Rhea looked up at them, wide-eyed, then pointed at a large, black, leatherbound sketchbook and proclaimed "That one!" It was bought for her and placed into her arms. Rhea giggled, hugging the book close to her, and didn't let it go for the rest of the day.

For the next couple of years, Rhea began drawing everything she could see; over the course of two years, she'd filled several sketchbooks with her drawings and coloring, and had also begun to make up stories and illustrate them; her favorite one was the adventures of Mimi the Rappig, and her sidekick, Bart, who saved the world from the terrible monsters of the world time and time again. Luke and Tear were happy that their youngest child finally had something she truly enjoyed.

Now, Rhea is from the same timeline as Nadie Morrington and Frings are. To sum up what had happened in the years preceding Asch, Adelle, and Nadie's births in one sentence … it would have to be the following:

The dead were coming back to life, two weeks at a time.

Because of this, despite how happy things seem for most of the world, there were still some fears as to who could be brought back next. No signs of former enemies had arrived, however, so everyone's guards had been down. Guards were let down for several years until one day, something happened to trigger that sense of fear once more.

One morning, at the breakfast table, Rhea told her father that she'd had a dream the previous night.

In her dream, there was a tall man, a kind one, who took her into his lap and listened as she told him things. Rhea had mentioned that she felt comfortable with this man, and felt like he was her guardian angel, sort of. They'd talk for hours and hours before Rhea woke up. Luke listened, smiled, nodded his head, and disregarded her dream as just that - a dream.

When Rhea began to have those dreams more frequently, it still wasn't taken as any threat; just a five year old girl's recurring dream. Her dreams continued to be taken lightly until the day she remembered something important he had said:

"I'm glad I'm going to be able to meet you, my young niece."

When Luke and Tear heard that, the both of them froze.

"Rhea, do you know what the man looks like?" Tear asked. Rhea nodded, shoving a spoonful of oatmeal into her mouth. Luke and Tear looked at each other, and Luke smiled nervously over at his young daughter.

"Can you draw a picture of him for mommy and daddy?" Rhea thought for a moment, then nodded again.

"Okay, I'll twy!"

Hours later, Rhea tugged on Luke's shirt, giving him a piece of paper with a drawing on it. Luke looked at it and blanched.

Though the drawing was obviously done by a five year old, there was no mistaking that it was of Vandesdelca Musto Fende.


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Relationships and Affiliations

  • Luke fon Fabre - She loooooooves her daddy~ She's a daddy's girl~!
  • Tear Grants - She loves her mommy, too!
  • Adelle fon Fabre - She looks up to her big sister, despite her big sister being younger in this world than in the world she comes from. Adelle and Asch are 17, rather than 9, in her world.
  • Asch fon Fabre - "Big bwutha is amaaaaazing!"
  • Nami Asagi - "I'mma twee!"


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Rhea Susanne fon Fabre
Series Tales of the Abyss AU/OC
Name Rhea Susanne fon Fabre
Alias Rhea, Sweetheart, Sweetie
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