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While not a brooding loner, Riku is still remorseful for his actions in the past and looks to balance the scales by helping others. A proficient swordsman, he retains the skills he learned during the crisis as well as ‘The Road to Dawn’ keyblade, which he carries around with him everywhere with affection. He is outgoing with people he knows and is comfortable with. Prone to make quick jabs or jokes during battle or whenever he feels like it, but has developed a sense of maturity since the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.

His bonds to his friends, Sora and Kairi, what not only gives him his strength but also his drive along with the wish to correct the wrongs he commited. Having tasted darkness once, its left him with a greater understanding of it, which he has affected his own personality. He will not simply attack what it is evil at once, but see what it is and then act accordingly.

Though if someone has betrayed him or harmed him or someone he cares for, he will be sure to action against that party.


Pre-Roleplay History

A young boy who grew up on the Destiny Islands, fate played a cruel joke on him. All he wanted to was to leave his home and see the world. He got that in spades and more as he was sucked into a conflict that would determine the fate of all worlds.

Unfortunately, he was manipulated by those that found him, exploited the darkness that lay underneath the surface, turning him against even his closest friends, all to try to save the one he cared for most. In the end, to set things right, he stayed behind in the world of Darkness to close the gateway with King Mickey.

But his redemption had not yet come, as he found himself struggling with the darkness, and with the Organization XIII, first in Castle Oblivion, and then later when working to rejoin Roxas with Sora. By then, the darkness within him had taken its toll, warping his body into the image of that which he hated most. Yet still he fought to help his friend defeat the Organization.

It was during the final battle that he was restored to his original form, and helped Sora put an end to the organization. Together they went home and for the last few years, there’s been nothing but peace.

And yet, he still has the wanderlust for worldseeing.

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