Rock is a human from the original Metropolis canon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Metropolis.

Rock was born the only child to a poor couple that lived in Zone-1 of Metropolis' underground city. He lived unhappily, as his parents had no work and could barely afford to support all three of them. When he was no more than 4 or 5 years old, a war broke out between Metropolis and another city-state, and his parents were killed. Orphaned and alone, Rock wandered Metropolis's Zone-1 until he was found by Duke Red, who had recently lost his daughter. To fill the void left by his daughter's death, Duke Red adopted Rock and raised him, though he never gave him the affection that Rock longed for. Rock grew up angry and bitter that he could never win his father's affections, no matter how hard he tried or how hard he succeeded. Duke Red never allowed Rock to call him 'father' in public, and never failed to remind Rock that he was just an orphan he picked up whenever Rock failed.

When Rock turned 18, Duke Red founded a political group called the Marduks in hopes to use it to take over Metropolis one day. Rock was made leader of the Marduks, and soon after they took it upon themselves to hunt down robots in Metropolis that were either breaking the law or malfunctioning. Not long after joining the Marduks, the construction of the Ziggurat was completed, and Rock coldly terminated a robot interrupting the festivities. The day after, he followed DUke Red into the bowels of Zone-1 to the laboratory of Dr. Laughton, who had been commisioned by Duke Red to construct a robot based on his deceased daughter. Angered by the fact that Duke Red was planning to place the robot on the throne of the Ziggurat, Rock shot Laughton and destroyed his lab, accidently activating the robot in the process. But as he was running away, he was spotted by someone living in Zone-1.

When he reported Laughton's death and the destruction of the factory, he played innocent, secretly glad he had destroyed the robot that was to take his place. However, when searching the ruins of the lab, he couldn't find the metal skeleton of the robot. Spotting an open drainage sewer, he traveled to the lower Zones to search for the robot, Tima. A private investigator that had been trying to track down Laughton followed Rock, knowing that Rock was responsible for the fire after hearing that he had been seen leaving the scene. In the lowest zone, Zone-3, Rock spotted Tima and attempted to shoot her down, along with a human boy - Kenichi - with her. Rock chased them up into Zone-1, where he lost track of them in a garbage dump.

However, an anti-robot group started a riot, and the president was killed by a military leader who was secretly working for Duke Red. According to his plan, Duke Red placed Metropolis under martial law. Tima and Kenichi came up the the surface, and there Rock finally tracked them down. Before he could kill Tima, however, Duke Red appeared and chewed out Rock for not telling him that Tima was alive. Rock responded that he wouldn't let a mere robot sit upon the throne that rightfully belonged to Duke Red, and was slapped for his impudence. However, Rock's words had planted the seeds of doubt within Tima, who was so human-like even she herself did not know she was a robot. Duke Red disbarred Rock, and banished him from his home.

In retaliation for this, Rock lured Tima down into Zone-1 by bribing her maid to bring Tima to him. When she tried to leave, Rock took an electric tazer to her and knocked her out. He took her to an empty bar and was about to dissect her with a laser when the private investigator, Shunsaku Ban, showed up and knocked him out. Shunsaku revived Tima, and had her search the network for Kenichi's location. When they left to go get Kenichi, they were captured by Duke Red and his men, and taken to the Ziggurat.

Disguised as a maid, Rock infiltrated the Ziggurat and attempted to shoot and kill Tima once again. He shot her in the chest, but in return was shot and seriously wounded. When Tima went berserk and merged with the Ziggurat, Rock used his chance to escape after Duke Red. When robots attacked the control room Duke Red was in, Rock showed up and distracted the robots from killing his father. As the robots descended upon him, he activated the superweapon of the Ziggurat in an attempt to stop the machines. But the machine had been overloaded when Tima had assimilated with the Ziggurat…

And instead of being killed in the ensuing explosion, Rock found himself alive and in a place that definitely was not Metropolis.

Activity in the Digital World

Rock announced his presence by denouncing robots and machines over the D-Comm. After getting into a couple of arguments, Giro came to pick him up and treat the gunshot wound in his torso.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Rock is rather insaaaaane, and all but froths at the mouth when talking about robots and machines.
Series Canon Metropolis
Journal inferiorrobots
Role-Player Wolf
Age 18 years old
Affiliations None
Digimon Partner Solarmon
D-Comm Colors Red and black
D-Comm Symbol Marduk symbol
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