Kyle is a modest roleplayer for many years and fanfic writer so has known a few people since joining up with Dive roleplayers. He also tends to focus on minor or obscure fandoms or characters from that fandom such as Power Rangers or Digimon. Also he should stop referring himself in the 3rd person. He also like to play video games in his spare time like Mass Effect and City of Heroes. If you need to contact him for any reason, be sure to use the contact info below.

List of Characters


Power Rangers


Beast Wars: Transformers

Digimon 02 Adventure

Original Characters

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Kyle can be reached at:
AIM: Kyle Evanick
Email: moc.oohay|kcinavek#moc.oohay|kcinavek
LJ: Kyle

(Yes, he makes it very, very easy to find him.)

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