Roll Caskett

Roll Caskett is a human from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Megaman Legends series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Megaman Legends 1 and 2.

Far in the future, Earth is mysteriously flooded, leaving only a few islands and an energy shortage for the remaining humans. People have taken to excavating ruins to find energy sources or treasure. These people are known as Diggers, and the people who monitor them from outside, giving them information and warning them of danger are known as their Spotters. The goal of all Diggers is to find the Mother Lode, a fabled treasure that could solve the flooded Earth's energy problem completely. Roll is Mega Man Trigger's Spotter.

Roll was born to two Diggers who disappeared while searching for the Mother Lode on an island known for always being surrounded by a large, everlasting storm. Left with her grandfather Barrell Caskett by them, she was raised along side Mega Man Trigger as his adopted sister after he was found by Barrell while exploring some ruins. Roll is apparently the one that gave Mega Man his name, after her favorite video game character. They are very close to one another, having lived together for as long as they can remember and working together as Spotter and Digger for several years.

Roll is a mechanical genius, and she's able to build many things from spare parts or scrap that Mega Man brings to her. She often builds Mega Man weapons or armor upgrades, depending on what he brings her. She mostly works out of their airship, the Flutter, or a van packed tight with tools and computers, and flies Megaman around the islands when he needs to travel from one place to the next.

After the events of the second, where Mega Man was left stuck on the moon, she worked tirelessly to build a ship to retrieve him, even going so far as to work with her enemy, the pirate Tron Bonne. So far, she hasn't succeeded in building anything that can reach escape velocity or that doesn't blow up soon after take-off.

Activity in the Digital World

Roll appeared in the Digital World in mid-February, posting on the D-Comm wondering she was. Megaman Trigger answered her post, saying he would come to her in Junk City. While she waited, Roll got a job working in a shop, eventually working up enough BITs to rent out a room. When Trigger arrived in Junk City, they both decided to stay there. Trigger, however, disappeared back to his world soon after.

Roll soon had her run-in with the transfictional theory, when Kazama Akira replied to her post asking if anyone had seen Trigger excited about Trigger being in the Digital World.

Sometime later, Roll offered the lightpost data for Junk City to Kicker, who had just arrived and wanted a new motorbike. Sometime later, after the Dark Area attacks, Roll expressed relief to Kicker that nothing had happened in Junk City, since she didn't know how to fight or anything. Kicker offered to teach her some moves in exchange for building him a bike. Roll agreed, and they met soon afterwards at the shop Roll worked in, which the owner had kindly offered to her to use. Kicker taught her some moves before trying to get her Hagurumon, who agreed very reluctantly. Afterwards, Kicker gave her the blueprints to the bike he wanted.

Unfortunately for Roll, he disappeared from the Digital World soon after.

Roll was struck by the Disney Virus, singing one song over the D-Comms. Two weeks later, she posted on the D-Comm that Kicker's bike was done. Kurogane and Mokona told Roll that he was gone, to which Roll expressed disappointment, both about him disappearing and about not getting paid.

This plot is still on-going.


*The mun is never quite sure she's playing Roll quite right.

Roll Caskett
Series Canon Megaman Legends
Journal techjunkieroll
Role-Player Wolf
Age 14 years old
Affiliations DATS (Secondary)
Digimon Partner Hagurumon
D-Comm Colors Red and white
D-Comm Symbol 00009tbh
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