Rose is a human being from the cartoon American Dragon: Jake Long.


Rose is a mess of contradictions and confusion. While she would like to pretend that she's perfectly normal and a generally friendly, caring girl, she can't hide the more focused, darker face she wore as Huntsgirl. She also tends to be very suspicious and paranoid, though not always for no reason, from her days as a double agent getting the Huntsclan's secrets to Jake. She resents that she has virtually no hope of being completely normal, but being in the Digital World has taken away the sting of that one; when everyone else around you is some degree of crazy, that becomes the new normal.

Pre-roleplay history

Note: This page contains spoilers for American Dragon: Jake Long

The Huntsclan

Rose’s parents had twin daughters, but one was born with a strange, dragon-shaped birthmark on her hand. Once they saw it, the Huntsclan tore her from her mother’s arms and raised her as their own, telling her that her parents had been killed. For the next thirteen years of her life, she was trained in the art of slaying dragons and hunting down magical creatures. She eventually rose through the ranks at the Academy and became apprenticed to the Huntsman, the leader of the clan.

In New York City, she and the Huntsman started battling the American Dragon, who became their greatest foe. At the same time, in school, Rose befriended a boy named Jake Long, who had a massive crush on her. After many mishaps, they finally started dating. But unknown to her, a few careless mistakes threaten to ruin her relationship with him. Her intense workout regimen and martial arts reflexes tip off Jake’s friend Trixie Carter that something is up with her, and in a battle, the American Dragon removes one of her gloves to reveal her birthmark. Afterward, Jake is unusually cold to her.

Sometime later, the Grand Equinox Hunt arrives, a Most Dangerous Game-style hunt in which they track down several magical creatures through the woods, and among their prey is the Dragon. When most of the creatures manage to escape, Huntsgirl manages to hold onto the Dragon, who makes some startling remarks regarding her personality: “Maybe you’re a little rough around the edges, but every thorn has got to have a Rose.” Finally, when she’s about to make the killing blow, he reveals two bombshells: one: that he knows her identity, and two: that he’s Jake!

Joining the dragons and Homecoming

Confused as to what to do, she sets him free and goes out of her way to sever all ties with him. She transfers out of school and returns to the Academy, contacting Jake in a dream to tell him to stay away. But she can’t quite let herself do that, especially with the Huntsman’s new plan spelling the end of all magical creatures—using the thirteen Aztec crystal skulls to wish for their destruction. Secretly teaming up with Jake, Rose plans to help bring down the Huntsclan from the inside and prevent the Huntsman from getting all of the skulls. She distances herself from Jake as much as she can to avoid rousing suspicion, keeping in contact with him via dream charms. It’s on one of these excursions into the group subconscious that she finds her own hidden memories of her kidnapping and swears revenge on the Huntsclan.

But her relationship with Jake is distracting him, potentially putting him in danger, so Jake’s grandfather asks her to break up with him. She agrees, but it’s too little too late. Homecoming arrives, and not only are Jake and Rose elected king and queen, but the Huntsman finds an incriminating video of Huntsgirl and the American Dragon discussing going to the dance. He confronts her with it, and she tries to fight her way free, but he holds something over her head—the location of her parents. With this threat, Rose is forced to go along with their plan to steal the remaining skulls from Jake’s grandfather’s shop.

For plot purposes, Rose comes to the Digital World just after the Huntsclan demands she steal the Aztec skulls.

Activity in the Digital World


Rose arrives in the Digital World on Valentine's Day, neatly avoiding the Duskmon rampage. After attempting to live in the park, she takes up a job and housing offer from the Wizards Nii to run deliveries around the Digital World. V-mon, however, thinks her partner has a very odd attraction to weirdness.

When Ken holds his support group meeting, Rose attends but stays mostly quiet because of her fears and doubts about her own history of evil. When she sees Molly looking somewhat nervous about everything, she immediately offers some words of reassurance and the two strike up a close friendship.

Draco Island

Rose's attempts to put the past behind her fail spectacularly when news of "Tamers" causing trouble on Draco Island gets out. Kurata's philosophies remind her far too much of the Huntsman's, and so she volunteers to join Yushima's group to investigate.

The mission goes south in a hurry, and Rose and Faith are forced to evacuate the volunteers who managed to escape Kurata's sudden appearance. Feeling defeated, she spends the next few days throwing herself into work and rest.

Festival and Riot

V-mon secretly entered Rose in the beauty pageant, so Rose spent a few days swearing vengeance on her partner. Overall, she didn't have too bad a time, though. The costume ball, however, was a little more embarrassing because V-mon loved pointing out that Rose was the girl who'd been demonstrating staff fighting at the pageant. But she hung out with Azula and managed to strike up another friendship while sympathizing about stupid boyfriends.

During the riot, Rose and V-mon ran into Jarrod in the streets and helped him fight off the crowd and an oncoming bout of angst. V-mon evolved to Airdramon in the craziness, and they all flew off to try to escape, but when they saw the siege of the Silver Dragon, they helped defend the outside while Team W.I.T.C.H., Jack, and Samwise fought rioters and Nerissa inside. Fearing that things would get worse for Wizardmon and Sorcermon if she went back home immediately, she stayed a few days at the Dragon before going home to check up on everyone.

Homecoming Aftermath

Earlier, when turned to thirty by the Age Virus, Rose found it weird that unlike everyone else, she didn't have any "memories" of that age. When given the chance to view home, she found out why: the Huntsclan had gotten hold of the other skulls without her help and tried to use them to destroy all magical creatures. Instead, Jake made a last-ditch effort to save the magical world and his friends and family and was forced to wish for the destruction of all Huntsclan before destroying the skulls. A couple of months had passed since, and not only did Rose no longer exist in her world, but Jake had moved on completely. When Kira brought up the Suicide Squad joining Jack to find a necklace fragment, she agreed to join to get her mind off things.

DATS, Demon Kings, and Paranoia

When Adventure!Taichi got a Demon Seal, Rose started to worry about the safety of DATS. Fearing that the Demon Kings were specifically targetting it and that a double agent was among them trying to bring them down, she, Jack, Jarrod, and Daisuke Niwa started their own investigation into curses and cursebreaking to ensure that there would be at least one set of data that wasn't potentially compromised.

When the Dark Area attacked, Rose joined the Suicide Squad and Sarge in Royal Base to back up DATS against Vamdemon and his army.

Things calmed down considerably afterwards. V-mon got some of her friends together to throw her a birthday party in June. But as these things happen, the good times didn't last. When it came out that DATS had been infiltrated by Lillithmon posing as a human woman, Rose started fretting over the data she and the other Cursebreakers had gathered, and she began to worry that there were far too many gaps in their data - if the Demon Kings could take human form and Ryo could pass off as normal despite being Sealed, what were they missing?

Her paranoia peaked when Kelsey Winslow was called to a summit for the leaders of the various organizations in the Digital World, representing the Squad. Kelsey asked for her notes from the Cursebreakers, but she got defensive and started fighting her. To make matters worse, Vergil and Gourry began fighting outside the shop, and Witchmon calmly dismissed the situation, having resolved things with Lina Inverse, which Rose didn't know. To vent, Rose set up a training mission in the Graveyard that went horrifically wrong, resulting in all of them getting attacked by Dark Army remnants and prompting V-mon's evolution to Wingdramon. The fallout gave her time to think about Kelsey's stance on everything, and the two made up.


While DATS Unit 2 was attacking Kurata's base, Kurata made a preemptive retaliation on Neon City, Royal Base, and Tetha. At first, Rose was caught outside during the Gizmon siege, and she had to fight her way back to the shop, where Witchmon and Vergil were riding out the storm. After putting in a call for help, she, Wingdramon, and Vergil's SangLoupmon went back outside to fight, eventually being joined by Sam and Max. They later ran for the Silver Dragon, having heard that Caleb had a plan. While they were a little late for it, they did manage to fight long enough for the Silver Dragon defenses to escape. Rose then followed Sam and Max to the battle with Vile and the Gizmon XTs and 256s. Hearing Scarlet Spider's idea that to get the Gizmon's weakpoint in the eye, Wingdramon volunteered, having a deadly combination of supersonic speeds and melee attacks. Her spikes managed to get through the Gizmon's open iris at just the very last second, destroying it.

D is for Doomsday

As Team W.I.T.C.H. and Doom's confrontation neared, the Suicide Squad was asked to help in any way possible. At the same time, David Xanatos contacted Rose to help track Doom and bring him down. She agreed, crossreferencing information from her friends at the Dragon and the info she was looking into for Xanatos.

Bad luck hit most of the Silver Dragon and its allies, including Rose. Her streak was much less severe than her friends', and she began to wonder just what was going on. She and Jarrod realized it had to involve magic, which explained the potency and the clinginess to allies of Team W.I.T.C.H. and the Silver Dragon. She also began to worry that Xanatos should warn Team W.I.T.C.H. that their plans would have to exclude Caleb, but Xanatos insisted that they keep it to themselves and not endanger his plans.

When Doomsday itself came, Rose did not participate, as the attack was too sudden and brutal for the Silver Dragon to get any outside help. But in the days following the Retribution team's defeat of Doom, the mercenary Deadpool joined the Suicide Squad and said that there was a mole within the Dragon, confirming her suspicions. Rose told him everything about how suspicious Belldandy had been acting: how Ryoko had worried about her specific questions and how Skuld was able to hack Belldandy's locked posts to the Dragon so easily.

Family: Riding out the storm

With the crisis going on with the Akiyama-Izumi family, Rose began to wonder just what defined a family anyway. Talking with Ed, Laura, Sadie, and Harry Dresden helped her accept that even though things didn't match up to her idealized mental image of what a family should be, it didn't mean that things were quite as bad as they looked. She decided that she would still be there for her family, just riding out the storm. She also took advantage of the Seven Sins Virus to examine how they affected everyone's minds, and she passed along her findings to DATS, in the hopes that someone could figure out a way to help the Sealed.

Kidnap therapy, auctions and invasions

After Ben and Gwen 10 had a discussion about what happened in their worlds involving Eon, Rose and Kira teamed up to kidnap Gwen to Sanctity for some ice cream to help her work through her trauma. Following this, Rose decided to take Gwen up as a student in staff fighting, as Gwen had confided that Eon's attack on her a year ago had left her weak on her left side.

While V-mon was affected by the Only Human Virus, for the most part, it didn't cause many problems for her and Rose. The next Rabu Rabu Virus passed them by as well, but when Eri Wakahisa put together a Valentine's date auction for charity, Rose decided it was time to start dating again and bid on Ichigo Kurosaki, winning without any competition.

Rose had been away making a delivery when LOT invaded Tetha with an army of Sladebots, Billy Numerouses, and Digimon, but she returned immediately after hearing Nanoha Takamachi's call to DATS agents to help. Without even realizing the irony of her name, Rose helped the Tenth Doctor rescue Florian from the army.


When Shiki Misaki asked the Wizards Nii for help returning to her original body, they screwed up horribly and erased her memories of everything that had happened since she arrived in the Digital World. The only person who could restore her memories was the infamous brainrapist Wisemon, so the Wizards immediately volunteered Rose and Ben Reilly to go find him.

After a month of no leads, they found Wisemon in a Kentucky Fried Kokatorimon, enjoying a bucket of chicken and not exactly willing to help them out. When the two Tamers pressed the issue, he decided to give them a taste of Eternal Nirvana.

Rose found herself living a normal life with her parents and twin sister - everything that had been taken away from her when the Huntsclan abducted her. But as the fantasy went on, she found herself running into far too many inconsistencies. Her sister, a composite of Molly, Kira, and Kelsey, began to worry when Rose asked what her name was, and she called in their parents. Seeing them nearly broke Rose's resolve, but she promised them she would be okay as she said goodbye. She had another family she needed to get back to, after all.

Upon waking from their Eternal Nirvanas, Rose and Ben found themselves in a vicious fight with Wisemon, who was stunned at their will to break through the fantasies and pissed that they'd ruined his lunch. While DORUgamon got beat up for the sake of distraction, Wingdramon managed to seize Wisemon's book, limiting his attacks. At that point, Verdandi appeared and reprimanded Wisemon for his actions before leaving the scene, offering lollipops and advice that they all brush their teeth after every meal. Following this, Rose wanted a vacation.

Not as bad as things seem

In the midst of the dual crises of Barry the Chopper and Gluttony, who had murdered Rose's friend Mary Jane Watson, the children at the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn were getting restless. Particularly Karin Jurai-Lin, who was tired of feeling like a liability and was only just prevented from causing a rebellion. Rose and Ichigo then teamed up to take the kids out to Kasumi's aquarium in Axoryi for a day, to let them relax and just be kids for a little while.

Soon after, Rose completely forgot about her birthday, as it was only the second time she'd ever had one to celebrate. Fortunately, her friends and family didn't forget, and among the other gifts from her friends, Sam and Max gave her a digignome she named Puca.

On the anniversary of Ichigo's mother's death, Rose was taking Puca out for a walk when she found Ichigo. They both came clean about the tragedies in their lives before deciding to upgrade their relationship from casual to steady dating.

Worse than it looks?

When the residents of the Silver Dragon/Hinata Inn were forced out of their home thanks to Xellos, Police Chief Parrotmon made a veiled threat to all residents of Tetha with DATS sympathies. Knowing that being a DATS secondary made her a target, Rose asked the Wizards what to do. They were safe as long as everyone feared Medieval Dukemon, but at the same time, they still needed to think of what to do. Furthermore, Kelsey decided to protect DATS further, she had to ask all the DATS-affiliated members of the Suicide Squad to leave, and Rose had to turn in her Sword.

This plot is still on-going.



  • 4x Berserk Sword
  • 3x White Wings
  • Dukemon X's Royal Saber

Stored items

  • Unicorn-horn forged chain whip
  • JewelBeemon's Spike Buster Lance (MP)
  • CannonBeemon's Nitro Stinger (MP)
  • Kyuubimon's Bell Rope
  • Upgraded Huntsclan-style staff, made by Xanatos
  • Longsword
  • Digi-Cannon
  • Elvish rope from Samwise
  • Staff weapon
  • Bakemon's Sheet
  • Mystimon's Blast Sword
  • Peckmon's Kunai
  • Falcomon's shuriken
  • Kougamon's caltrops

Other items

  • Dream Charm bracelet (since extended)
  • 3-seater turbo-charged flying machine from Jarrod
  • Bright blue utility jacket from Molly
  • Combat bracers
  • Snowboard and bindings


  • As she never knew her family, Rose has been adopting the friends she's been making in the Digital World. Molly is the closest to her, as a little sister, followed rather closely by her "niece" Ave, Yellow Rangers Kira and Kelsey, and the Wizards Nii.
  • Birthday (randomly picked by V-mon): June 8.
  • Pet digignome named Puca.
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