Roxas is a Nobody from the video game Kingdom Hearts II.


While he can be just as naïve and oblivious at times as his Other, Sora, Roxas is generally far more serious. He can be rather cold and standoffish at times, not to mention handling most things with sarcasm. However, due to some of his time in the virtual Twilight Town he has become a bit friendlier to most people and is usually very nice once you get on his good side.

Pre-Roleplay History

During Organization XIII

Roxas is the Nobody of Sora although he has few memories of his Other due to the short time Sora spent as a Heartless. He was quickly taken in by the Organization as their thirteenth member and proved to be quite useful due to his ability to wield the Keyblade, characteristically he uses two called Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Along with the keyblade as his weapon he has powers over the element of light.

Not much is known about his time as a member of Organization XIII other than the fact that he was used to collect hearts to complete the Kingdom Hearts project. He made quick friends with the eighth member, Axel, and subsequently, the ninth member Demyx.

He didn't stay for long though, not even making it a year before his lack of memories of his Other and questions about the Keyblade (why he had it? how he could use it? etc.) lead to him leaving the Organization to find those answers where he eventually ran into Riku, an old friend of Sora’s, who defeated him and took him to DiZ in order to restore Sora (as Sora had suffered memory loss due to adventures in Castle Oblivion).

Post-Organization XIII

DiZ placed Roxas in a virtual Twilight Town where he was held prisoner and his memories of his days in the Organization erased until he could be reunited with Sora. Here he lived out the life of a normal boy enjoying summer vacation with his friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette (who were based on children in the REAL Twilight Town). Eventually Axel hacked into the program to get Roxas out but by the time Roxas truly realized what was going on it was too late and he had already made up his mind to be back with Sora. Upon rejoining with Sora he became 'whole' again.

Activity in the Digital World

Roxas wakes up on Draco Island and is very confused because Sora is not around and he has no memory of what happened to him (the last he remembers is going to sleep as his Other and waking up here as himself). Patamon is there to greet him and informs the Nobody of the new world he has found himself in. Not one to sit around and wait, and also used to waking up in new worlds, Roxas starts wandering the island in search of others.

He first encounters Katrina Daniels and her digimon from whom he learns Axel is around. He quickly runs into his old friend as well and the two have rarely parted since. Of course he is surprised to find his supposed dead friend alive but he tries not to think about it or question it much.

Axel and Roxas quickly grow bored of the island and decide the best way off will be to get one of their digimon to evolve. Patamon is the chosen candidate and after a fight with a wild digimon evolves into Angemon and carries them over the ocean, it required a lot of energy however and he returned to Tokomon when he had reached his destination.

Roxas eventually meets other tamers (including Yamato Ishida and Takeru Takaishi) but while he is out on one of these meetings he ends up getting his D-Comm stolen by a Ninjamon and contact with him is lost for awhile. This is probably the catalyst to Axel keeping an even closer eye on Roxas but that doesn't stop him from sneaking away occasionally.

When they learn that Demyx is also in the digital world Axel and Roxas set out in search for him only to discover he had been imprisoned by Shego. They go to free him but are apparently too late because they run into Demyx who is accompanied by a badly burned Daisuke Motomiya. Roxas remembers some healing spells from his time as Sora and puts them to use by healing the boy. The four of them travel together for a bit but soon it is back to being just Roxas and Axel.

At the moment those two are working out their new found relationship after Axel revealed to Roxas that he had liked him as more than friends for awhile now.

This plot is still on-going.

Series Canon Kingdom Hearts
Journal twilightxkey
Roleplayer Erbear
Age 16
Digimon Partner Patamon
D-Comm Colors White & Silver
D-Comm Symbol Two Key(blade)s Crossed in an 'X'
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