Ruki Makino


Cynical, Rude, and an all-around general smartass. But since she's being played post-series, she's also got a side to her (rarely shown) that really does care.


Powers? Hah, she can physically kick your ass if you cross her the wrong way. Though, that's just her anger talking. She's very emotionally and physically strong, but the ass-kicking really depends on her opponent.




Renamon is, without a doubt, Ruki's best friend. Renamon has seen more sides of Ruki than anybody, and was there for her when nobody else was. Whereas Ruki didn't show how much she cared about Renamon often toward the beginning of the series, the ice about her begins to slowly melt in the duration of it. The two work well together, and they look out for each other as only best friends can. Though Ruki doesn't show it, during the time that Renamon is missing, she's exceedingly worried.

Pre-Roleplay History

Ruki, the 'Digimon Queen', is the tomboyish main female of Digimon Tamers. At the beginning of the series she sees digimon only as Data, and only focuses on becoming stronger with Renamon by absorbing the data of any digimon defeated. With the help of Takato and the other tamers, however, she soon sees that Digimon are more than what she originally thought, and opens her eyes to the fact that she's part of the few who can save both the human and digital worlds. While Ruki is still cynical and rude at times, she now values her friendships and personal relationships, despite not exactly showing it all the time.


  • D-Comm
  • Sunglasses

Activity in the Digital World


Ruki Makino
Series Digimon Tamers
Name Ruki Makino
Alias The Digimon Queen, The Ice Queen, Princess, Wildcat, Pumpkin (the latter three given to her by Ryo R. Akiyama)
Journal digitalicequeen
Role-Player Liz
Age 13
Digimon Partner Renamon
Affiliations Team Gogglehead/Goggleface
Demon Seal None
Dating Takato Matsuda
D-Comm Colors Royal Blue, Silver, White
D-Comm Symbol None/Undecided
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