Ryo R. Akiyama

Ryo Akiyama is a human being from the Digimon canon, spanning from Digimon Adventure 02 through the WonderSwan Color games Anode and Cathode Tamer, Tag Tamers, D-1 Tamers, and Brave Tamer to the Digimon Tamers series.


All appearances suggest Ryo is nothing more than a confident and charming young man with no sense of modesty and a nickname for everyone he meets. However, this is nothing more than a front for the bitterness of childhood betrayal and bullying. He is a mess of contradictions, yearning for a normal life yet feeling trapped in the real world, trusting few yet almost unable to say no to anyone, sick of saving the world yet harboring something of a hero complex.


Ryo is somewhat immortal in that he is composed of data even in the real world and linked to Milleniumon, who is, despite the mockery he faces at the hands of Monodramon and Ryo, a god. He cannot properly die unless he kills Milleniumon, though in this digital world of rebirth via digitama, he theorizes that should Monodramon be killed, he would also die only to wake when Monodramon hatches.


Ryo dislikes travelling with anything more than he can fit in his pockets, but now carries a lot more in his D-Reader.

  • Digimon trading cards (the bulk of his deck is with Molly)
  • Cellphone
  • Swiss army knife
  • Dokugumon silk whip
  • Apartment and bedroom keys
  • The Tenth Doctor costume (blue suit with red pinstripes, shirt and tie, light brown duster, maroon Converse sneakers)
  • Scale model Lobomon's Licht Seiger (primarily used to mimic a sonic screwdriver as part of his Doctor costume, does not actually work)
  • 3D glasses (also part of said costume, but can detect particles from the Void)
  • Rectangular, dark tortoise-shell framed glasses (also part of said costume and purely for show)
  • King Device


After idolizing Indiana Jones as a child, Ryo's weapon of choice is a whip, and he is utterly bemused by how kinky everyone seems to find this. His current whip is made of Dokugumon silk, the second strongest natural fiber in the digital world and extremely cheap thanks to the Dokugumon swarm, and was given to him by Molly (though he doesn't know this). He also has a Swiss Army knife as a last resort in close combat.

Ryo also wears armor out of habit from his last digital world. He has a digizoid shield over his right shoulder, and after his last gauntlet was destroyed by the D-Reaper, he had it replaced with one made of chrome digizoid (the strongest metal in the digital world). He only has armor on his right arm because he once broke it in the digital world and felt the need to protect it (this was before he discovered that his D-Arc could heal his injuries).

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Molly Hale: Molly is Ryo's little sister on this digital world, after she asked Sorcermon to change the world's registries. He is also her legal guardian. What with the way they met and Molly's subsequent tagging along with Ryo without asking, Ryo first regarded her as something of a pest, and only tolerated her presence out of guilt over Ken. While she did eventually worm her way into his affections, Ryo reacted badly to her first attempts at calling him 'Ryo-niisan' (older brother), as this also reminded him of Ken. Koushirou and by extension Ryo's stay in hospital gave Molly the opportunity to look after Ryo the way he looked after her, and though he was too distracted to care about her calling him 'oniisan', he did appreciate her care. He soon stopped resisting the title 'oniisan' and has instead embraced the role, taking responsibility for Molly and confessing his love for her under the effects of the love virus. In turn, Molly relishes chances to embarrass and/or help her 'oniisan'.
  • Ken Ichijouji: Ryo has always regarded Ken as the little brother he never had, and, since their adventure in the digital world, his jogress partner. His uprootal from his original universe did not change this, though he was wracked with guilt upon seeing what had become of Ken after getting hit by Milleniumon's Dark Seed by way of the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series. Under the effects of the love virus, he confessed that Ken was the one person from his original universe that he missed. Now that they're in the same dimension again, Ryo is eager to make amends and make up for lost time, though he has difficulty with the fact that Ken barely remembers him. He is also somewhat awkward with the possibility of a shift in Ken and Daisuke's friendship, and prefers to simply not think about it.
  • Koushirou Izumi: Koushirou is Ryo's roommate, best friend, and boyfriend, but Ryo's feelings for him are largely based on his reason catching up to his actions and trying to come up with an explanation. Despite his initial distrust of Koushirou after being fooled by him in the D-1 Tournament, with further communication Ryo came to trust Koushirou and see him as his best friend on this digital world, as well as some friendly competition in what came to be known as the FAQ Squad. Ryo being completely oblivious for anyone's feelings for him, Koushirou's confession of his growing feelings for him came as a shock. He had only a few days to dwell on it, as Shego soon decided the two should meet in person. This meeting was interrupted if not almost perpetuated by the attack of Arachnemon's Dokugumon swarm, which saw Koushirou get bitten by one of the spiders. Ryo found himself unwilling to leave Koushirou's bedside throughout his stay in hospital. Though he was still unsure of his feelings for the younger Chosen, Ryo suspected himself of feeling something more than guilt and also didn't want their friendship to become awkward, and so he offered to take a relationship slowly. Ryo's uncertainty over moving in with him aside, Koushirou has become someone that Ryo doesn't want to lose.
  • Takato Matsuda: Though he often has disagreements with the younger Tamer, Ryo sees Takato as a friend and a capable leader. (If asked about it, Ryo would probably blame the goggles.) However, Ryo does not consider Takato a close friend, and is still annoyed that Takato used the truth virus to delve into his past with the digital world.
  • Ruki Makino: Ruki was Ryo's only real rival in the Digimon trading card game, but he didn't remember this immediately when she became the first human he saw in the Tamers digital world. For Ryo, this meeting sparked infatuation at first sight (and a welcome sign that he wasn't gay), and somehow, in between saving the world, he always found time to flirt with her. (Under the effects of the truth virus, Ruki confessed that she once had feelings for him as well.) Though his feelings for her subsided as Ryo lost contact with the Shinjuku Tamers, Ryo still feels a certain attachment to Ruki, and continues to tease her out of habit. However, it's worth noting that Ryo has started to call her Ruki more often, instead of using one of his three pet names for her (Princess, Wildcat, and Pumpkin).
  • Jenrya Lee: Ryo sees Jenrya as his best friend from the Tamers universe, even though they've spent little time together on this digital world. As the biggest computer user of the Shinjuku Tamers, Jenrya was the only one Ryo kept in contact with, albeit only online. Jenrya was also the only person in the Tamers universe to work out that the five WonderSwan games starring Ryo did in fact chronicle his life, and Ryo not only trusted him enough to confirm his theories, but was somewhat surprised that he hadn't worked it out sooner. Despite the age gap between them, Ryo sees Jenrya as an equal rather than another surrogate little brother.
  • Daisuke Motomiya: Ryo's relationship with Daisuke is similar to his relationship with Takato in that he sees Daisuke as a friend (though not a close one) and a leader (though having never been under Daisuke's leadership, Ryo would listen to Koushirou or Takato first). He would have been ready to trust Daisuke faster than Koushirou, as he'd had only one personal encounter with Daisuke and that was while time travelling (thus Daisuke does not remember this meeting), except that Monodramon forced Ryo to tell Daisuke about his previous involvement with the digital world after Ryo let a few pieces slip in their 'first' meeting. While Ryo has been coming to trust Daisuke more as he's had the courtesy to not talk about Ryo's life story, he still somewhat resents Daisuke for ending up with 'his' D3, 'his' jogress partner, the digimon he had the strongest bond with, and the Crest of Miracles, which he also regarded as his rightful crest. (He regards his Crest of Desire and how both of his own digivices have had the inverse color schemes to Daisuke's D3 as a cruel practical joke on the part of the digital world.) As previously stated, he is also awkward with the idea of Daisuke dating Ken.
  • Sharpay Evans: Up until her handicap in the first Velgmon attack, Sharpay was Ryo's co-worker at Burgemon's restaurant. Their relationship started over the D-Comm journal system, when Koushirou turned over care of her to Ryo and Zuko during his trip to the Dead Zone and they soon found a common interest in the pirates vs. ninjas argument (both support pirates thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise). Though Ryo was somewhat disturbed that she glomped him upon their first physical meeting (Sharpay had mistaken him for Troy Bolton), he was soon grateful to her for getting him a job at Burgemon's restaurant. This gratitude is what keeps Ryo on her side despite her overbearing personality. Naturally, Ryo had no idea she was interested in him until she confessed it to him at the hospital under the effects of the truth virus. However, Sharpay amuses him enough that he continues to be friendly to her.

Pre-Roleplay History

Chosen Child

Note: This page mixes material from series and video game canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for the above video games and Digimon Tamers.

The only child of a Quebecoise government translator (his mother) and a Japanese engineer (his father), Ryo was quite content to be an asthmatic computer nerd with a penchant for chatrooms and RPGs. Unfortunately destiny had other ideas, partnering him with the evil, self-styled digimon god Milleniumon. On New Year's Eve 1999, a digivice came out of the computer Ryo had received for Christmas and brought him to the digital world. Despite his thinking he'd "been playing too many video games", in reality Milleniumon had kidnapped the eight original Chosen Children, and it was up to him to save them with the help of Taichi Yagami's partner Agumon and Taichi's digivice. Despite the many death threats and the constant reminders that Agumon was not his partner, Taichi's digivice was not his own, and he was not a real Chosen Child, Ryo succeeded in rescuing the Chosen Children and defeating Milleniumon. Or so he thought.

Later moving to Tamachi, Tokyo, Ryo befriended the Ichijouji brothers Osamu and Ken. Osamu was his best friend and, though he didn't realize it at the time, first boyfriend; Ken was the little brother he never had. Ken received a digivice of his own, but the digital world did not come for them again until after Osamu's death in a car crash. Ryo, on a family holiday in Montreal at the time, found out about the death on a news website and was so jetlagged upon his return that he slept in and missed the funeral. He still feels guilty about it to this day.

Ryo and Ken found solace in each other, and they watched the battle against Diablomon on the Internet together, only to get dragged to the digital world to finish the job. This time Ryo was sent the first D3, intended for Daisuke, and teamed up with V-mon (also intended for Daisuke) to defeat Diablomon with Ken and his digimon partner Wormmon. They succeeded, but it turned out Milleniumon had survived Ryo's last attempt on his life and lured Ryo to the digital world for revenge. Again Ryo followed his orders, but this time around, Ryo's prior experience and having a friend at least on the same dimension bolstered his confidence. After rebuilding the fifteen digimentals, Ryo and Ken confronted Milleniumon for what they figured was the last time, and Milleniumon's advances on Ryo went completely over his head. Before Milleniumon's spirit could be sealed in a crystal, Milleniumon released Dark Seeds in a last ditch attempt to bring his partner to the dark side, but Ken pushed him out of the way and took the Dark Seed instead.

Ken fell sick for several weeks, and Ryo's dedication had him at his bedside or close by, until he was summoned to the digital world once again, this time supposedly to take part in the D-1 Tournament. Supported by Ken via e-mail, Ryo sailed through the first few rounds of the Tournament, gaining self-confidence and the interests of Mimi Tachikawa (which he was completely oblivious to at the time and rather disconcerted by later). He was told to clear some dungeons for practice, and later made his way to the Digimon Graveyard. There he had to sacrifice digimon from his party to continue. Though he was naturally anxious about sacrificing his friends, Ryo was told that there was no other way and that it was for the greater good, and he followed his orders.

His battle with Taichi was interrupted for dragging on too long, and Taichi helpfully informed him that the whole tournament was a set-up by the Holy Beasts: It was training for Ryo to take on Milleniumon (now in his new and improved form of Moon=Milleniumon), and rigged so Ryo would win. Feeling betrayed and finally realizing he was nothing but a puppet for the Holy Beasts, Ryo stopped talking as a defense mechanism, but, bound by his perceived sense of duty, went to face Moon=Milleniumon anyway. After losing the battle, Moon=Milleniumon threw Ryo and himself outside of the time-space continuum into another dimension.

While Moon=Milleniumon evolved into Zeed Milleniumon and conquered the future, Ryo was sent to 1946 - the very beginning of the digital world - having forgotten most of his past. There he met the digital embodiment of ENIAC and the first digimon, Monodramon. Naturally Milleniumon wanted to conquer the entire digital world, so in a process that took about two years in real time (affecting Ryo's physical age) the ENIAC sent Ryo through time and space on a quest to regain his memories so he could battle Milleniumon. In their final showdown, Monodramon forced a jogress digivolve with Milleniumon, resulting in a digitama. This was not before Milleniumon revealed to Ryo that they were in fact partners, and moreover he was in love with him.

Legendary Tamer

Unable to send Ryo back home, ENIAC sent him and the digitama (which later hatched into Monodramon) to the Tamers universe, where Ryo found his last four journeys to the digital world had been immortalized in five games for the WonderSwan Color. This and the resulting fame were rather disconcerting, but as long as the royalty checks kept coming in, Ryo wasn’t complaining. He also found that Digimon was a card game in this world, one he found easy thanks to real life experience, and he won several card tournaments, the last of which crowned him the Digimon King (with Ruki Makino as runner up). Unfortunately the first time Monodramon evolved to Cyberdramon, he retained Milleniumon's personality as well as Monodramon's and went berserk in the middle of downtown Tokyo. Ryo decided he was too dangerous to keep in the real world and took off to the digital world.

After ten months in the digital world — this one a harsher place than the world he'd left behind, which he was well-suited to — he met the Tamers, and naturally ended up helping them save the worlds from the D-Reaper, a maintenance program for the digital world gone horribly wrong and manifesting itself as pink jelly. Along the way he developed something of a crush on Ruki, and found out how digivolution to the ultimate level worked in this universe: Matrix evolution involved a Tamer actually becoming one with their digimon partner and sharing their thoughts and body. While this was somewhat disconcerting the first time, Ryo soon got over Milleniumon's dirty mind.

In reality

Upon returning to the real world, Ryo found it difficult to re-adjust to normal life. He was held back a grade in school thanks to his prolonged absence from society, and this combined with his celebrity status made him unpopular with his classmates. Reluctant to trust any of them anyway, Ryo had no friends outside of the other Tamers, who all lived in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Living in Kitakyushu on an entirely different island of Japan, Ryo mostly kept in contact with Jenrya Lee, via e-mail, and Jenrya was the only one to work out that the video games starring Ryo chronicled his actual past. This isolation meant that he was quick to get over his vague interest in Ruki, though he continued to flirt with her for sport at any opportunity.

Without his partner or friends around or any interest in school, Ryo threw himself under a train one day as an experiment, having already discovered by accident that even in the real world, injuring himself only resulted in bleeding data. While he did actually die, his link to Cyberdramon - and therefore, the god Milleniumon - ensured that he woke up a few hours later: Cyberdramon had felt his death but was too stubborn to just let him go, and realized into the real world to help him recover faster. Reunited with his partner, Ryo realized that killing himself was pointless, as he'd just come back. Instead, he made a effort to rebuild his friendships with the Shinjuku Tamers, though this naturally was wasted when Cyberdramon went berserk and they had to return to the digital world. This time, he came back just in time for Ruki's birthday party, and he tried to keep in better contact with the Tamers for the two years after. When the Shinjuku Tamers started disappearing into the new digital world one by one, Ryo heard about it only from Jenrya.

Activity in the Digital World

Ryo never stopped looking for a way back to his home universe. When a portal popped up down the road from his house, Ryo realized from the lack of digital field that it wasn't just this world's digital world, and despite his conversations regarding the disappearing Tamers, immediately assumed it was his way back home as an early Christmas present from the ENIAC. This was, unfortunately, not to be. Instead it was a summons to yet another digital world. He and the newly devolved Monodramon arrived in D'Ango Forest and within minutes of their arrival Ryo was literally run into by a young Pokemon trainer, Molly Hale, who quickly attached herself and her partner to him. Christmas day saw them transported to Tetha by way of their partners playing with the lightpost function on their D-Communicators, and during the festival, they met Takeru Takaishi, who had mysteriously retained most of his memories of Ryo. Milleniumon decided this was an appropriate time to tell Ryo that the Chosen of his past had not forgotten him due to the side effects of time travel, as the Holy Beasts had told him, but their memories had been wiped by the Holy Beasts as a way to cover up their mistakes in trying to rid the world of Milleniumon.

At the end of the festival, Monodramon and Molly's partner Kumamon once again played with the D-Comms, this time transporting them back to D'Ango Forest. Trying to find somewhere to stay for the night, Ryo found his friend Takato Matsuda, the goggled leader of the Shinjuku Tamers. They decided to travel together to find Shuichon Lee, Jenrya's little sister who had also found her way into the digital world, and a few days later while he was out looking for food, Ryo ran into one Daisuke Motomiya, goggled leader of the second generation of Chosen Children from his home universe. Chibimon also remembered who he was, which thoroughly confused Daisuke, so Monodramon urged Ryo to tell Daisuke the truth about his past. Reluctantly, Ryo did so, and then extended an invitation to Daisuke to join their group as a way of keeping an eye on someone who knew the truth about him.

Since then, Jenrya Lee was also called to this digital world, and after a month's disappearance, Ruki Makino was called back to it. On the way through the D'Ango Forest to reunite the Tamers, Ryo helped supervise the teaching of the Digimon trading card game to Molly and Daisuke, and he also unexpectedly enjoyed spamming up the D-Comm journal system with Koushirou Izumi. On the same day the team found Ruki again, Ryo received a message on his D-Comm which shocked him: Shego had forced Koushirou to tell him about his growing feelings for him. Milleniumon, of course, got jealous, which Ryo was rather unimpressed with. Regardless, Ryo continued his journal conversations with Koushirou, and has also continued in his self-assigned duties as welcome wagon and occasionally FAQ over the journal system.

The Dokugumon swarm hit Team Gogglehead/Goggleface while Ryo was in the middle of one of these conversations whilst walking through the D'Ango Forest. Koushirou and Shego came to their aid, only for Koushirou to get bitten by a Dokugumon. Ryo stayed with him all the way to Tetha, sending Strikedramon with Takato and Ruki to reunite the Team instead of going himself, and followed Shego to see him hospitalized. He was at Koushirou's bedside all through his hospital stay, leaving only to go to the bathroom and at one stage to a meeting called by Takato. (Upon seeing he wasn't leaving for food, Monodramon and Molly took it upon themselves to feed him, and used this as an opportunity to try and spy on him and Koushirou.) Before said meeting, however, he confessed to Koushirou, again via the D-Comm journal system, that he wanted to give a relationship with him a go if they took things slowly.

Soon after Takato's meeting, Sharpay Evans, initially mistaking Ryo for Troy then realizing her mistake and that Ryo himself was fairly attractive, got Ryo a job waiting tables at Burgemon's restaurant. After landing the job and being roped into singing with Sharpay, Ryo expressed interest in stopping the Dokugumon swarm. Touma H. Norstein placed him on one of the strike teams targeting their queen Arachnemon. While his team (also including Koushirou, Daisuke, Takato, Takeru, and Hikari Yagami) was one of the first to reach Arachnemon, Ryo got too caught up in the swarm to really help out with the queen. Upon their return home, Ryo and Koushirou shared their first kiss. Unimpressed, Milleniumon started to surface more often, and Wizardmon recommended to Ryo that he either get Milleniumon therapy or sleep with him.

The first virus affected the Tamers about the time that Ken Ichijouji was called to this digital world, forcing them to tell the truth and in some cases deep-rooted secrets. Under its effects, Ryo not only told Ken about their previous experiences together (something he didn't mind too much as Ken barely remembered him), but confessed fandom secrets, his uncertainty over his relationship with Koushirou, and his guilt over various events in his past. He was also a victim of Takato's using the virus to his advantage, and was forced to tell Takato some of his past. Despite this, Ryo dragged Koushirou along to help him bring Ken to Tetha (explaining certain things about his partner along the way), thus missing Captain Jack Sparrow's first recruitment.

Ryo was working during Duskmon's rampage through Tetha, and while this kept him safe (unlike the Captain), he found himself forced to deal with panicked civilians after [[Flamon directed them to Burgemon's as a place of safety. Sharpay was injured in the explosions caused by the Black Pearl's cannons (in trying to stop Duskmon), and Ryo visited her in hospital a couple of days later. Under the effects of the love virus, Ryo confessed his brotherly love for Molly and Ken, that Jen was his best friend from the Tamers universe, and that he always wished V-mon was his partner, then proceeded to spend the next few days putting hearts in all of his comments on the D-Comm journal system.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Thanks to the joys of time travelling, Ryo looks closer to eighteen than to his official age, sixteen.
  • The R. in Ryo's name stands for Rocher, his mother's maiden name. He avoids using it as his classmates at least inevitably tease him about his obvious connections to the book Chocolat.
  • Ryo is a closet Digimon Adventure 02 fanboy, and ships Taiora, despite his misgivings with fandom's attempts at shipping him.
  • Ryo serves as a welcome wagon for the simple reason that in over five years of being called to it, no one ever welcomed him to the digital world: He was only ever told about the current problem and to go and fix it.
  • Due to his dual-world nature, his device from the Wizards Nii to see his home world displayed a blue screen error before exploding.

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