Sadie Cameron

Sadie Cameron is a human being from the Digimon canon for the duration of one second during the Digimon World Tour.


(work in progress)


(work in progress)


  • Underwater hockey stick and puck
  • Swimsuit
  • Fireworks left over from Guy Fawke's Day 2008


  • Jet Silphymon's windmill from Creation Day 2008

Relationships and Affiliations

Pre-Roleplay History

Early Life

Born Anzac Day 1997 to a part-Maori mother, Leah, and a Pakeha (New Zealand European) father, Luca, Sadie Kyah Cameron grew up with the family's fledgling winery just outside Napier, New Zealand. Around the middle of her vast extended family, she moved on from being an only child to being an older sister when her brother Justin Dale, or JD was born in August 1999. Though at first she was often distracted by the monsters she thought she saw on the TV news, Sadie quickly grew close to JD, and the two spent many a sunny Hawke's Bay day chasing one another or the workers through the vineyards. They both found joy in the water and splashed their way through many swimming holes on the family property, but it took Sadie almost drowning in a river before Leah finally drove them into town for swimming lessons.

By the time Sadie started school at the age of five, the family winery was starting to make a name for itself at least locally (in an area known for wine and agriculture this was quite a feat). The Cameron family had enough money by Christmas to go on a vacation to Townsville, Australia.

Chosen Child

Right before this first overseas trip, the family went to visit Leah's side of the family in Gisborne. Sadie and JD went along with their cousins and grandmother to gather shellfish along the beach as per usual, but one day Sadie had a fight with JD and wandered off from the group. Having been taught by her grandmother Huia how to tell her paua from her pipis, Sadie at first thought that the oddly colored Shakomon that had washed up on shore was a particularly oversized paua. And then it, or rather, she opened up and spoke to her, offering Sadie her digivice. Sadie scooped up her prize find and brought it back to her family, making Shakomon the worst kept secret on her mother's side of the family ever. There was a consensus that Sadie's odd new pet needed a name, and Paikea was chosen from Witi Ihimaera's The Whale Rider, which had just been released as a movie that Sadie had adored. Paikea, or Pai, the story's heroine, had similarly grown up in a Maori family on the eastern coast of New Zealand.

Sadie immediately loved Paikea, and the Shakomon was smuggled along on the family trip to Australia, blatantly flouting several biosecurity laws. She was utterly oblivious to the fact that the black tower on the beach should not have been there until Pai pointed it out. Luckily the Australasian representative Gennai clone Eucalyptus soon happened upon Sadie, Pai, and JD playing on the beach and explained properly (things sound more convincing coming from an adult than from a shellfish you found on the beach) that Sadie was a Chosen Child. Ignoring the generally wise advice to never go off with strangers, Sadie followed him to meet the other Australian and New Zealand Chosen. Some of them had followed e-mails and herded confused digimon to Townsville to be returned to the digital world by the Japanese Chosen. Some of them, like Sadie, seemed to have ended up there by accident.

When some of the more experienced or just determined Chosen left to round up some more wild digimon, Sadie, in her desire to help, evolved Paikea to her adult level, Whamon, for the first time. However, an Australian boy looked at Sadie and, declaring her too young to go charging into danger (she reminded him of his own little sisters), took it upon himself to babysit her on the ferry that Eucalyptus had acquired for the Chosen. Sadie was unimpressed, but let Pai follow the older children and act as a ferry for the digimon, as Pai had a reasonable sense of direction. By the time Sadie and Pai got back, her parents were frantically looking for her.

Days later, the earth was plunged into darkness by Belial Vamdemon. Sadie did not notice the faint light of her digivice and instead developed a fear of the dark that remained with her even on her return to Napier. The following year, with the rise of a new threat in the digital world, Sadie once again thought she saw monsters on the news, but the invasion was in Japan and, living in New Zealand, a now six-year-old Sadie could do nothing.

Teenage Years

The second decade of the twenty-first century is when everything changes, and Sadie was too busy starting high school and adjusting to school without boys to see it coming. Pretty and outgoing, Sadie found it easy to make friends at Napier Girls' High, especially once she joined underwater hockey, originally simply for the ridiculous-sounding premise. She had always been a bit of a dolphin so she took to the sport quickly, beginning to represent her town and then her region and later her nation in the sport as early as her second year of high school. Through hockey and later her brother's involvement in the sport, she began meeting boys again and dating, but never seemed to get too attached to boys as anything more than friends.

As Sadie grew up, the barrier between the digital and real worlds began to break down. Though Paikea was never a secret within Sadie's family, she had always been hidden from friends and outsiders for fear she would be taken away. More and more people began receiving their own partner digimon in the early 2010's, making this no longer an issue. Sadie's potential boyfriends had to meet Paikea as well as her human friends for approval. In the summer of 2013-14, JD, Sadie's little brother, met his own partner when a Gazimon began helping himself to the grapes in the family vineyard.

December 2014 saw Sadie finish high school. She had been representing the Hawke's Bay region in UWH for four seasons and the nation for one, as well as captaining her school's premier team in her final year there. Though she was a stellar sportswoman she had always been a rather average student, and showed a marked preference for 'pass or fail' rather than graded courses while under NCEA (New Zealand's high school qualification system). At least one of her classes, psychology, as well as an English class she otherwise struggled in, did set her on a path for university, to her vast surprise. A novel studied in Year 13 as well as JD's growing interest in CSI-style shows got Sadie interested in what motivates people to commit crimes. Scholarships for Maori students and for being the first in her immediate family to attend university provided extra motivation whenever Sadie had second thoughts about university, which, given her high school career had been more focused on sport than study, was often.

University Life

After yet another summer helping out on the winery, Sadie and Paikea packed up and moved to Wellington for university, where Sadie began a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and criminology. Having Paikea with her entitled Sadie to a room of her own at her hall of residence, as digimon partners may have been becoming more widespread but this by no means meant everyone had them yet (it being New Zealand and all); Sadie was in fact the only one in her hall who had a partner. Though Sadie had experienced the city before on hockey trips, city life didn't suit her and she was often homesick her first semester. That is, when she wasn't having the sadly typical first year experience of being one of the silly country kids going to town for the first time. This got her kicked out of more than a few bars in Wellington, given Sadie didn't turn eighteen (New Zealand's legal drinking age) until April.

Aside from the drinking sprees, Sadie continued to be be Sadie: Doing averagely in classes (not for want of trying, given she was more interested now), playing underwater hockey on the varsity squad and for the nation and her old region, and finding time to date a string of boys. She grew closest to two girls in her hall, Melanie and Camille, whose daily races to the bathroom amused her every morning. Both Sadie and Paikea enjoyed the proximity to a beach that may have been cold but was at least prone to rip tides than Napier's.

Sadie was more settled in Wellington by her second semester, but in the midst of study leave for her end of year exams, she prepared to go out for hockey training one day and simply vanished from her room, along with Paikea.

Activity in the Digital World

This plot is still on-going.


  • Both Sadie and her brother's middle names are in tribute to Kyah Dale Milne, 2005-2008.
  • Sadie is five feet tall exactly.
  • Even now, Sadie sleeps with a nightlight.
  • Camille, one of Sadie's hall friends, is a ballerina.

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Sadie Cameron
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Name Sadie Kyah Cameron
PB Cagalli Yula Athha of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
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Digimon Partner Paikea (Shakomon)
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