Sasami Masaki Jurai

Sasami Masaki Jurai is a human being/alien/goddess from the Tenchi Muyo! OVA canon.


Unlike her sister, Ayeka, Sasami's cheerful, sweet and caring, though she can be mischievious at times. Despite being the youngest of the Masaki "family", she tends to be the most mature of the group, not getting into fights with anyone and being an all-around sweetheart. This, along with her cooking and cleaning skills, have made many believe she'd be a great housewife.

Beyond that, though, Sasami is still a (mentally) eight-year-old kid, with the added weight of being bonded to a goddess, thus tends to be insecure about stuff, such as her need to have friends

Pre-Roleplay History

Activity in the Digital World


Upon arriving at the Digital World along with her cabbit companion Ryo-Ohki, Sasami instantly went into panic mode, getting the attention of some people, including Yoshino and Deisuke. With Yoshino's help, she was able to learn that her arrival point, Draco Island, wasn't a bad place to be, and gave her the data to get to Tetha. However, she almost blew her secret about Tsunami when talking to Deisuke.

Upon arriving at Tetha, Sasami almost immediately went to work when Ryo-Ohki ran to the Silver Dragon and ate the entire supply of carrots there. Hoping to make up for what Ryo-Ohki did, she aided Sam in fixing the meals there, surprising the other workers there and ended up landing a cooking position at the Silver Dragon.

In hoping to make friends, Sasami quickly let her presence be known, aiding the arriving Nanoha in getting to Tetha, then trying to help Takeru with some emotional problems.

When Sasami began panicking over the Murmuxmon incident, scared about what to she might have to do, she was comforted by a number of people, including her co-worker Matt, the recently arrived Optimus Primal and Takeru, the last of which seem to have struck up a friendship after reassuring her that he was going to watch out after her when she promised the same to Takeru.

To the Dark Area Invasion

Soon after the Murmuxmon incident, Sasami had a horrifying nightmare, watching what appeared to be a Sealed Adventures Taichi gutting Guy Shishioh before being attacked by Dagomon. When Optimus Primal came to check on her, he was brought into the realm of the goddess Tsunami, who warned him of the coming evil. Soon after, Sasami told Team W.I.T.C.H. of what had happened that night and was contacted by Dagomon himself, forcing Matt to challenge him (to the utter regret of the rest of his friends). When Optimus was wounded and left behind by the Team W.I.T.C.H members, Sasami, Samwise and Grif rescued him and brought him back.

After Optimus left, Sasami vowed to get stronger. First, she attempted to resuce newcomer Tatum O'Neil from the Dark Area's Graveyard, not knowing two members of DATS, Osamu and Molly, were there to help her as well. The end result had DORUmon evolve into DORUgamon, but earned their her the irratation of Molly, who was most likely going through puberty, thus explaining her annoyance.

Next, she got help from Kazune, who particularly didn't enjoy Sasami's presence, despite the princess trying to make him feel welcome. This bit of interaction let to Sasami to develop some sort of feelings for him, most likely because the two are God-like, though Kazune didn't seem to return any sort of feelings.

This became someone strained when Sasami, completely apologetic for mixing up two resturants to Kazune, took a sarcastic remark completely the wrong way and broke down into tears, writing into her D-Comm and apologizing to those she met, thinking that she was nothing more than an annoyance. She was encountered by a young girl named Nellie, who convinced her to not give up, then by Kazune, who told her to calm down and that they were friends. Unbeknowest to Sasami, Nellie was actually the sorceress Nerissa, who's seeking to find out if she holds a Heart of a World for her and her partner, Doctor Doom, to use in ruling the Digital World.

When Kat decides to invite people to Piemon's Carnival, Sasami takes the opportunity to go, dragging Grif with her.

After a drunken rant by Kazune caught Sasami's attention, she ended up finding out that the strange emotions she was going through was that of a crush towards Kazune. A little help from Hay Lin and Sasami became prepared to see if she did like Kazune.

Soon after, the war against the Dark Area occured and Sasami, aided by Samwise, Karin and Kazune, joined Meta Knight in taking over the flying battle fortress Dreadwing. In the process, Sasami was bitten by a weakened Parasimon, but no long-lasting damage occured.

Following the War…

Following the war, Sasami's curisoity got the better of her as she wandered into a voicepost of Ryo Akiyama and Koushiro Izumi having sex. This bit forced Hay Lin to explain to Sasami the bird and the bees, was well as Hay Lin revealing her own little secret.

In one day, Sasami's life came crumbling down. When she had learned that Karin and Kazune had not recovered from the Dreadwing attack, she had agreed to watch over them, if anything than to be with Kazune himself. Soon after, a woman named Nephry arrived in the Digital World along with a child name Suzune and Sasami agreed to get them to the Silver Dragon. Arriving at the Tetha Lightpost, Sasami became shocked seeing Suzune's face resembling Kazune's and was even shocked learning that Kazune was Suzune's father in the future. After leading the two to their room, Sasami broke down into tears, realizing that she had truely liked Kazune, but he could never return the feelings, lest she threaten Suzune's own life.

Unlike Anise, who bottled up her feelings for Ion and tried to push everyone away when they tried to help, Sasami broke down and revealed what happened. Though slightly comforted by Hay Lin, Firestar, and Peter Parker, Sasami found the most comfort in Nellie who finally revealed herself to Sasami. In the process of comforting her, Nellie used the opportunity to take control of Sasami, using her as an unwitting spy for herself and Doom.

When the god Yggdrasil made his apperance, it prompted Tsunami to make her appearance in the Digital World, both Daisuke and Hay Lin being the only ones to take notice, before speaking with Primal over its activation. When Naruto and Haru complained over the lack of decent ramen in the Digital World, Sasami offered to cook some for them, her ramen given their seal of approval.

Not too long after, Suzune's messages to Sasami prompted the young princess to confront Karin and Kazune over their whole argument problems. The resulting argument left Karin even more upset than before and Sasami utterly heartbroken when Kazune turned down Sasami when she revealed her true feelings for him.

When Sasami broke down after the rejection, Hay Lin comforted the young girl, letting her know everything would be alright. For a few days, Sasami would stay in her room, recovering from this incident, with Will and Hay Lin being the only ones who know of what happened. Despite still recovering, Sasami came to the aid of Molly after learning of how upset she was when Koushiro and Ryo broke up. With Rose, Yuka and Aelita's help, they were able to calm down the broken girl and Sasami came to realize that there was much more than her own heartbrokenness.

Soon after finally deciding to break out of her own slump, she quickly tried to make amends with everyone, though is unable to do so with Kazune, due to him being unconsious when he went to battle Asakura Ryoko when she seemingly killed Firestar. She also tried to warn everyone about the mysterious Brain Rupture device she and the other Dreadwing assaulters gained, though this was after Silver warned everyone… after using it on HIMSELF.

Happiness and Heartbreaks

After a shopping trip, Hay Lin presented Sasami with a gift she promised during Sasami's breakdown: a pair of goggles which she proudly wears on her head now. The following day, Kazune finally woke up with Sasami finally seeing him awake. Breaking down, she asked if they could still be friends, Kazune letting her know that they could.

Once the problem between herself and Kazune had been solved, she, Firestar and Kazusa began a series of plots to get Kazune and Karin to start liking each other, starting with trying to get them in the new hot springs of the revamped Hinata Inn. At the same time, Sasami recieved a number of gifts from the others from the Silver Dragon: a Strabimon scarf and Tsukaimon plushie from Tatum, Mikemon's Gloves from Matt, Kudamon's Earring from Will, and a Culumon plushie and the position of head chef from Samwise.

This bit of happiness came to an abrupt halt as Nellie's true form as Nerissa was revealed, thanks to Matt and Shagon, whom Sasami had invited to join Nellie on a day out. Even though Matt and Sasami drove Nerissa away, the princess was still hurt by the deceit and was reassured by the rest of Team W.I.T.C.H soon after.

During a shopping trip with Hay Lin, Sasami was reunited with Ryoko, who had just arrived in the Digital World. Her initial appearance nearly killed the happy mood the two were in, but quickly rebounded on the idea of Hay Lin trying to be sisters with her through Witchmon. Unfortuantly, the plan backfired as Witchmon wasn't like the two before her, forcing the two to go through the normal channels to become sisters.

When Aveline rediscovered her missing father, Ryo, Sasami joined in on his retrieval, pushed by the thoughts of not wanting Molly being hurt again, not knowing of the strange series of events going on in the Hinata Inn hot springs with Ryoko and Hay Lin.

During a strange time of flailing for the Tamers, Sasami finally learned, to an extent, the truth about Karin and Kazune, her brain boggling over their connection. She also dealt with Saga Keiji, a man she initially held in contempt for frightening her friends. After realizing he meant no harm, she quickly apologized for her actions.

When the mysterious "Angelic Diva" Sasha appeared and made residence at the Silver Dragon, Sasami was one of the few to answer her Kudamon's call to spend some time with her. The two ended up having dinner and discussing a few things about each other.

After finding the place they needed to, Sasami and Hay Lin finally became sisters, Sasami taking the name "Sasami Masaki Jurai-Lin", going out for ice cream and getting presents for some of the other Tamers later on, but their happy time ended when Hay Lin was shaken by the arrival of Laura O'Neil-Winters, the daughter of Tatum O'Neil, Hay Lin's lover. This action lead to Sasami and Sarge comforting the distraught Guardian.

Sasami would later on announce to others about being sisters with Hay Lin, then blow up at the "Brainbreakers", angry at the pain they had caused, though a few of the other Tamers tried to get through to Sasami to get her to understand that they weren't that bad.

Wanting answers from Nerissa, the two seemingly former friends reunited and had a talk, Sasami learning about how special she truely was with the so-called Heart of a World within her. It was that time that she learned Nerissa had some feelings for her, the young princess returning them with a brief kiss.

Soon after, prior to the Kurata incident, Doctor Doom made his appearance to Sasami, taunting the girl by telling her that her friendships in the Digital World were meaningless, in an attempt to get at her Heart of a World. Instead the plan backfired as Team W.I.T.C.H., Spider-Man, Daisuke, Terra, Braniac 5 and even Asakura Ryoko stood up for the girl, making Sasami realize how important she was there. It also caused Nerissa to finally change sides, though when Team W.I.T.C.H was ready to kick her out, Sasami stood up for her, though they weren't too thrilled over this.

When Anei Yagami revealed to the good-natured Tamers her secret following the Brainbreakers' terrifying encounter with the Bio-Hybrided Masami Izumi and Jeremy Baines, Sasami confided in her her own secret of being bonded with Tsunami.

When it became apparent that a confrontation against Kurata was inevitable with the kidnapping of Yoshino Fujieda and the suicide bombing at Royal Base, Sasami wanted to be in the thick of things, unwilling to back down anymore. Hay Lin caught notice of this and warned her that what she might see would be horrifying, Sasami understood. To keep themselves calm (especially after Doom made his announcment that he'd wish to help against Kurata), Hay Lin invited Sasami for some ice cream, though it turned into an emotional moment when the two finally broke down, scared about what may happen.

When Tatum announced she was with DATS as a primary and asked the others to watch out over Laura, especially after the Bio-Hybrid incident, Sasami made it known to her that she regretted what she said about the Brainbreakers.

When Kurata showed everyone the video of Yoshino's torture and transformation process, Caleb made a remark about it not really affecting him because of what he saw in the past, Sasami put in her two cents, though was reassured that everything would be good in the end. Realizing that Sasami would never stay back and let others be harmed, Caleb and Hay Lin decided to make a talisman for Sasami to use to utilize her own Heart's powers, Hay Lin suggesting that it should resemble the Heart of Kandrakar to serve as a reminder of the team.

When Masaru finally broke out of his funk and vowed to crush Kurata once and for all, Sasami tried to get everyone in the apartments to make their own voices heard to support Masaru. A number of them made their voices heard, though Sarge used the opportunity to ask Sasami if she would be willing to pilot the Dire Pig's mecha form.

Powers Unlocked

With her worrying about being brought into fighting Kurata, Sasami asked Nerissa to help her unlock and use her Heart's powers. It wasn't until a disastrous training session in the Graveyard that Sasami was able to fully realize these powers as Quintessence, as well as evolving DORUmon into Grademon. When Doom decided to taunt Kimiko Norstein, the Digimon-fearing alternate universe daughter of Touma and Nanami, Tsunami berated Doom, reminding him that he was alone while Kimiko had her parents AND the backing of DATS.

Soon after, Sasami revealed what had happened with Nerissa after realizing that Will was part of the training group and she saw her use her new powers. The others understood, though Will made it clear that she wouldn't of been happy had she been with just Nerissa and not with Cassidy and Ryoko at the time.

During a moment of uncertainty with her happy-go-lucky nature and her unluckiness with love, Hay Lin asked Sasami for her advice. After telling her what she thought, Sasami let loose her own bombshell: that she may have a crush on Nerissa, which absolutely floored the Guardian of Air. At that point, Sasami agreed to what Hay Lin suggested she do: make sure she talked to Cassidy about the whole thing.

When Terry McGinnis dropped by the Silver Dragon, he, Sasami and Terry ended up spending some quality time together… and hoping a creep like the Joker didn't show up in the Digital World.


When DATS Unit 2 began its assault on Kurata's base, Tetha found itself under attack. Despite worries from Hay Lin, Sasami joined the battle. In the process, Sasami shoulder was injured, then rendered broken, in battle. In the heat of battle, she watched as Optimus Primal fell, then returned, only to watch in horror as Primal drew his last breath, breaking Sasami's heart completely. About a week later, after he was caught in a battle with Megatron on an astral plane, Primal was revived, though it was Tsunami who finally brought him out to the land of the living.

Countdown to Doomsday

Again, Sasami was plagued by a horrific nightmare, of Doctor Doom wielding the Omega Sword and the Heart of Kandrakar, striking down the Silver Dragon residents before killing her. Worried that Doom was ready to make his move, the group prepared for the worse, not knowing that an evil version of Belldandy had infiltrated the Silver Dragon and that Doom himself had captured Caleb.

As problems began to mount, Sasami came to Cassidy to unload her worries, as well as talk to her about her bond with Nerissa. Though understanding, the two decided that the one who should choose between the two would be Nerissa herself.

That plan nearly backfired when Karin, a Brainbreaker Tamer, showed up, claiming to be the child of Sasami and Nerissa. Her arrival pretty much fried everyone's minds, especially Sasami's as she, the youngest of the mothers, still couldn't wrap her mind around it.

The next day, she joined many other Tamers in celebrating Yuka Noguchi's birthday, running into Hitomi, the Brainbreaker Tamer child of Takeru and Chika. Soon after, Sasami joined the other members of DATS in the wedding of Masaru Daimon and Yoshino Fujieda. During that time, Sasami decided to abandon any type of relationship with Nerissa, knowing it would hurt Cassidy.

D Is For Doomsday

In a spectacular show of force, Doctor Doom attacked the Silver Dragon, quickly overpowering the Tamers there. When Team W.I.T.C.H came to face Doom, the tyrant tore the team apart, stole the Heart of Kandrakar and tried to kill Karin. When Hay Lin took the blow meant for Karin, it was enough to for Sasami to activate her own team of Guardians, the Heart of Jurai choosing Hitomi, the elder Karin, Colette and Terra. The five drove Doom away, but he escaped with the Heart.


Though Hay Lin barely survived, Sasami took it hard, even more so when she learned that another friend, Nanoha Takamachi, had perished the following day. After hearing a message that Nanoha left behind before the incident, Sasami decided to prove that she could move on and be stronger

R is for Retribution

Utilizing a plan thought up by David Xanatos, a number of Silver Dragon-based Tamers, as well as the Pirate Lords, initialized a massive attack on Doom. In the process, Sasami finally abandoned her pursuit of Nerissa, leaving her to Cassidy. When Doom was struck down, Sasami took Doom's items before the tyrant attacked her. Though wanting to continue the battle, when given the word to abandon the battleground, she decided otherwise and left with the others, taking Doom's Omega Sword with him.


Soon after this, Hay Lin finally woke up, but suffered from amnesia. Though upset that her sister couldn't remember her, she still came to her side, sleeping with her as she tried to recover. When Ryoko ended up spending time with Hay Lin, leading into something more, Sasami blew up at her after hearing about it through Tatum, not knowing the true story behind it, kicking the pirate out, then regretting it afterwards, asking Belldandy to help out in the search.

A couple of days later, Sasami was greeted with good news: Hay Lin had been restored to normal, thanks in part to the Heart of Kandrakar. After learning about the truth of what had happened that day, Sasami agreed in helping Team W.I.T.C.H in finding and bringing back Ryoko, whom they found back in Tetha, drunk off her rocker and being helped by the Beast Wars-era Megatron, in his disguise as Joe Convoy.

The Seven Sins Virus

Sometime later, the Digital World was struck with another virus: The Seven Deadly Sins Virus. Unfortunately for Sasami, she was hit with the Lust portion of it, making her fall head over heels for her friend and teammate, Hitomi. This was met by confusion on Hitomi's part and displeasure from her grandfather, Suguru Daimon, who was vocal on Sasami not wanting to be around her… then changed his mind, telling her to not to do anything improper.

The next day came Will Vandom's birthday and though Sasami could fix the cake, it was left up to the unaffected Jason to finish decorating it, as she kept putting the wrong name on it.

A few days later, Sasami asked Hitomi to join her to finish off some of the cake. With the virus still in full effect, Sasami revealed her feelings to Hitomi, but was met with reluctance from Hitomi, fearing that it was the virus still speaking and not Sasami's true voice. They agreed, however, that if after the virus ran its course and Sasami still felt the same way, they could be together.

Soon after the virus finished it's rounds, Sasami went on the offensive chewing out Hay Lin, Ryoko and the Silver Dragon abandoners for what they did, vowing to quit the Dragon, walk out and start living at the Royal Base. The others got to her first, telling her she should stop and think about what she was going to do (with Sasami finally admitting to Hitomi that she did feel the same way after the virus), it was Xanatos who finally tipped the scales for Sasami, revealing why Caleb ran in the first place. After talking to Caleb, then Hay Lin, Sasami decided to stay after all, but she was also going to help at the Royal Base.

Not too long after, Koushiro made his return, striking down Ryo. With Aveline taking charge, Sasami volunteered the New Guardians to help, only to have Ave tell her to be put on back up as she had the help of Unit 2 and 3, most of which were friends of Koushiro.

The next day, Sasami decided to go for a walk by herself, only to end up getting captured by Dinobot, used as bait to lure Optimus Primal into battle. The battle over, Sasami came home, only to be chewed out and punished by Hay Lin for her move, both learning soon after that Terra was captured by a Kimeramon around that same time.

The next day, another person from her universe, Tenchi Masaki, arrived in the Digital World. Though initially thrilled to see him, she holds back, keeping true to her punishment. When Tenchi arrives in the Silver Dragon, she attempts to run up to see him, only to hold back again until Hay Lin told her it was alright, but even still, she made her reunion brief. When Ryoko appeared and began her usual flirting towards Tenchi, it was both Sasami and Elyon who stopped Hay Lin from tearing the place apart in anger.

Sasami soon understood the goings-on of her punishment after learning from Fate about the Shademan attack on Vivio, Karin, Adelle and Rhea, and wondered why Karin never told her when something should have been done right then and there.

Five days passed with no sign of Terra… only for the Digital World to learn that Kurata Akihiro was alive and well. Fearing for Terra's own safety, Sasami decides to find Terra, even if it meant that she was to be punished further. To her surprise, she gained the backing of both teams of Guardians (Hay Lin lifting her punishment), Sakura Kinomoto, Tomoyo Daidouji and Unit 3. Spider-Man aided them further by giving her a set of Spider-Tracers, as well as a tracking device. When their search proved fruitless two days later, Sasami ends up passing out after being told to go back home, Hitomi helping her back.

While during a brief lull, Sasami ended up getting a call from Hitomi, learning that someone was attacking Tetha, she quickly joined the battle, helping Jack Fenton, the Scarlet Spider, Will, Aelita, Jason and Hitomi subdue Abel and watching Jack, Jason and Hitomi's partners reach Perfect. Sasami later showed how proud she was of Hitomi reaching that far, but worried that she would be defenseless should she not be around, Sasami gave Hitomi a number of her scans to help protect her.

Soon after, with the Creation Day ceremonies going on, Sasami decided to take that time to go on a date with Hitomi, the two enjoying their time. Sadly, the next day, she was hit with horrible news: Kazune had disappeared, presumably killed by Doom in battle. Bolstered by Hay Lin, Sasami was later able to bring Karin Hanazono out of her own funk just in time to greet a slightly older Kazune, meet an angrier, older Suzune… and watch as Karin would disappear.

The Heartless Wind Takes My Sister…!

Following Halloween, things started going horribly wrong for Sasami. Karin would first disappear, followed by Hitomi. Soon Colette, Kazune and Kazusa would be frozen by the Data Freeze "virus". Trying to help her sister, Hay Lin invited Sasami back to her room. As Hay Lin told Sasami about Trucy and reminded her about how much she was loved, Sasami told Hay Lin that she loved her…

…and disappeared from the Digital World.

Many Happy Returns

About two days later, Sasami returned to the Digital World, almost eight years older than she was when she left, appearing just minutes after the arrival of the last unaccounted member of W.I.T.C.H., Taranee Cook. Overjoyed at her return and saddened by the fact she missed out on watching her grow up, Hay Lin nevertheless welcomed her little sister back… just in time to deal with the monstrous ADR-01. The three Guardians attacked the beast and, in a stunning moment, Hay Lin and Sasami's partners jogressed into HolyAngemon, defeating ADR-01… though not knowing that Beezlebumon later sealed her.

Soon after, Sasami FINALLY had her date with Hitomi, nearly ruining it after asking Hitomi about how were things in her world. During this time, machines employed by Jail Scalgetti appeared and attacked the girls. Going Guardian, they fought back against and destroyed his machines. As the battle ended, Hitomi celebrated by kissing Sasami, sealing the deal on their relationship.

Soon after, Sasami would learn about the Seeds of Chaos from the awoken Kazune, who revealed a number of things about what he saw in the future. Some time later, Karin would reappear, restoring the New Guardians again. A few days later, Sasami would end up dealing with the Seed itself when one trapped the tenants of the Dragon and Inn from going in and out, the same time that everyone would learn that Terra had attacked Noir. Together with Hitomi, Mario, Tiffany, Mokona, Karin and Kazune, the Seed was destroyed, but it worried the two "gods".

During Thanksgiving, Sasami would meet Hitomi's "family" and, thankfully, would not have have anything happen to her during this.

Christmas Pains

Sometime after, the Digital World was hit with the latest virus: sentient mistletoe with a knack for speaking their mind on relationships. For Sasami, trying to ignore them the best she could could only go so far until one accidental post revealed what Sasami wanted to do with Hitomi, which took her girlfriend by surprise slightly.

A few days later, Terra would appear and attack again. When Terra spoke, Sasami realized that speaking to her was futile and issued a challenge: if you want to kill us? We're waiting. As the two teams of Guardians prepared to deal with this problem, Sasami realized that dealing with Terra would put the New Guardians at a disadvantage as she would gain her powers again if they transformed. Sasami also issued an idea somewhat familiar to Team W.I.T.C.H.: calling for the help of Dr. Doom, the only person who would have no qualms attacking Terra.

Soon after, Christmas came and the Digital World was greeted with something "special": learning that Sasami and Hitomi had their first sexual experience. The action lead to Sasami and Hay Lin having their second argument, which was thankfully resolved.


January proved to be a disastrous month for Sasami. From the word go, the rest of the New Guardians began falling. First Colette was taken out, damaging her Rune Crest protecting Darth Vader from the villain Eon and Karin Hanazono getting amnesia when she was attacked by an AU version of Suzune. Wracked with grief, Sasami found herself confronted by Wisemon, who showed her another world where she controlled everything, leading her to understand that she cannot handle everything by herself. She would later talk to Primal about her troubles, leading him to start training her in a new style.

Sometime later, after the arrival of Sasami's adopted grandmother Yan Lin, Sasami found herself attacked by Metal Sonic, who had arrived in the Digital World and was seeking Sonic. Thanks to the arrival of Primal, Hay Lin, Kazusa and Other-Matt, Sasami's life was spared, but the event left Hay Lin in grief, leading her to attempt a Terra rescue of her own, though thanks to Yan Lin's words, Hay Lin's pretty much resolved to start training the New Guardians alongside Team W.I.T.C.H. as a team and not individually.

This plot is still on-going.


- Ryo-Ohki (Not TECHNICALLY an item, but she came with her when Sasami arrived in the Digital World)
- hair-bead staff (the hair beads that hold up her pigtails can be converted into battle staffs, of which Sasami is an adept fighter with)
- D-Comm
- D-Reader
- Berserk Sword x 7 (three taken from Doom) (4 given to Hitomi)
- Psycho Blaster x 6 (two taken from Doom) (4 given to Hitomi)
- White Wings x 7 (three taken from Doom) (4 given to Hitomi)
- Omega Sword x ??? (taken from Doom(
- Brain Rupture Device (MP Type)
- Planet Destroyer (MP Type)
- Angemon's Holy Rod
- Heart of Jurai
- Winning Knuckle (MP Type) (taken from Doom)
- Mach Booster (MP Type) (taken from Doom)
- Spider-Tracers and Tracking Device


- Bonded to the goddess Tsunami, Sasami has a plethora of abilities she could command, but, thanks to Yggdrasil and her own developing body, the best she can do is her horrific prophetic dreams.
- Skilled with staffs
- Thanks to the Heart of Jurai, Sasami has control over Quintessence, essentially electricity and energy, like Guardian leaders Nerissa and Will Vandom. Like Will, she also has the ability to use Flare, something Matt Olsen taught her. With the Heart, Sasami can also transform herself and four others into Guardians, though, unlike her teammates, Sasami DOESN'T go through a hair/eye change.


- Sasami might be a sweet little girl, but she knows how to put her foot down if need be. And if forced to attack, her left hair braid beads can morph into a combat staff.
- Sasami had a bad habit of spelling Nellie's name as "Nelly"
- Sasami's luck with love hasn't been a great one. Her first crush was with Kazune, but that fell apart as he had feelings for future New Guardians member Karin. Her second crush was with the sorceress Nerissa, but that, too, fell apart due to Cassidy having those same feelings for Nerissa. After realizing how much pain Karin had brought to the former Guardian, she realized she couldn't be with her and walked away.

Princess Sasami Masaki Jurai (Sasami Masaki Jurai-Lin)
Series Canon Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
Name Sasami Masaki Jurai
Alias None
Journal [
Role-Player Ash Blaze
Age 8 (actually 708)
Digimon Partner DORUmon
Affiliations Silver Dragon Cooking Staff, DATS - Secondary Member
D-Comm Colors Blue
D-Comm Symbol Twin triangles (same as on her forehead)
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