New Guardians

the New Guardians are a group of humans and Digimon unique to the RPG canon.


Out of Character

The idea came from months of planning since the introductions of both Sasami Masaki Jurai and Victor Von Doom. Having been immersed in the W.I.T.C.H. canon, Ash Blaze suggested a possible creation of Guardians for a climatic battle against Doom. To this date, the official name for the team has not been decided, though Ash Blaze is holding on to "Team T.H.C.K.S." (pronounced 'Thicks')

The name "New Guardians" also refers to a storyline in the original W.I.T.C.H. comic series, where the team train a new set of girls in using their powers.

RPG Canon


In the blink of an eye, Team W.I.T.C.H. had fallen. Defeated by Doctor Doom, the mad tyrant made short work of Will Vandom, Hay Lin, Irma Lair, and Matt Olsen. Having captured the Heart of Kandrakar, he attempted to kill Karin Jurai-Lin, only to have Hay Lin take the hit. Prompted by the attack, Sasami used the Heart of Jurai for the first time, transforming herself and four others into Guardians. The five drove the tyrant away, but he escaped with the Heart of Kandrakar.

In the span of a week, Sasami fretted over having to face Doom again after nearly losing to him and nearly losing Hay Lin. Bolstered by her teammates, Sasami and the others were able to take on Doom, mostly thanks to Xanatos' plans.

Soon after, Hay Lin recovered from her injuries, only to have lost her memories. Sasami would stay with Hay Lin and Terra would talk to Hay Lin during this time. The girls were overjoyed, though, when Hay Lin was returned to normal thanks to an idea Irma had.

Soon after, a virus triggering different versions of the Seven Sins struck, leaving Terra and Hitomi alone as Sasami and Karin were affected. During this time, Sasami admitted her feelings towards Hitomi, but was told to wait until the virus was over before they did anything. Once the virus ended, things weren't as peachy as they were before as Terra raced off to get away from everything and Sasami almost ran off to Royal Base, though she ended up taking up a cooking position that was left open by Cooking Mama leaving. Also during this time, Sasami also admitted that the feelings she had for Hitomi were genuine and the two started dating.

October and November proved to be trying times for the team as Terra was kidnapped by Meltdown and the other girls disappeared, with the exception of Colette who was frozen, returning much older.


- The Guardians' look here are based off of the main characters from the anime "Sasami - Magical Girls Club", meaning Karin, Colette, Terra and Hitomi's hair and eye color shift when the group Guardian Up. For the record:

  • Colette = Misao Shinohara
  • Terra = Anri Misugi
  • Karin = Makoto Hazumi
  • Hitomi = Tsukasa Takemine
  • Sasami = Sasami Iwakura

This plot is still on-going.

Sasami's Guardians
Formed August 15th, 2008
IC Origin 'D is for Doomsday' event
Headquarters Silver Dragon Apartments
Sasami Masaki Jurai-Lin and "Tenshi" (DORUmon)
Terra and Gotsumon
Colette Brunell and "Labby" (Labramon)
Karin Hanazono and "Shi-chan" (Black Tailmon)
Hitomi Takaishi and Hawkmon
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