Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is a hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe canon, just the video game series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Heroes/Shadow the Hedgehog.

56 years ago the United Federation, the Sonicverse's equivalent to the United States, build a large space colony for the greatest scientific minds to live in and work on. That colony is called ARK, and was one of the many creations of one Professor Gerald Robotnik, the greatest scientific mind of the time.

While on the ARK Gerald worked on various projects that were funded by the United Federation, like the Eclipse Cannon, which was built into the ARK itself. The robot that would be known as Emerl at a later date, which had been found in ancient ruins. Even being the head of the darkly named Project Shadow, named solely because Gerald believed it'd be impossible and the fact that you cannot create a shadow. A project that was supposed to create an immortal, or "ultimate", lifeform. He also had his own reasons for this project, as his young granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, was diagnosed with NIDS which was considered untreatable and incurable at the time. He had some small hope that maybe his research could cure her.

Of course that was not to be, as the prototype created using lizard DNA, Biolizard, was classed as a failure and was locked up. And it wasn't until, exactly six years after the ARK was built that Gerald managed to get the one thing to help him actually finish Project Shadow. That was a comet that only came by earth every 50 years, the Black Comet, and the aliens that resided on it… Black Doom and the Black Arms. It was with Black Doom's blood and the basis of a smaller creature then the large lizard-like form used for the prototype, a hedgehog, that Project Shadow was "finished". Thus Shadow the Hedgehog had been given life.

Shadow was unaware of the involvement of Black Doom in his creation though, and was not aware of the promise made between Gerald and the alien leader. Of course his life with the Professor and Maria wouldn't last long enough for that to ever come up, as Shadow lived with and assisted Gerald, and Maria, on the ARK for only one week before… Everything went to hell.

Quite a few of the more weapon based projects had supposedly gone wrong, causing a shut down of the space station. This was a cover up, as GUN, the Guardian Unit of Nations, a NATO-like, with CIA-like parts as well, organization, had decided that everyone and everything on the ARK had to either be contained or eliminated. When this started many people were killed by GUN, some were taken into custody, and others, like Maria and Shadow, had attempted to escape.

And, just as Shadow and Maria had made it to the escape pod, Maria was shot by a GUN solider. When that had happened Shadow had already made it into the pod, and thus only saw as, with her last bit of strength, Maria made it so he could get to Earth safely. And her last words to Shadow were "Give them hope" (or something along those lines), before the pod was launched… And was then found by GUN and Shadow was put into, essentially, cold storage.

For fifty years Shadow had stayed like that, on Prison Island, until one day… Dr. Eggman, also known as Ivo Robotnik, grandson of Gerald, broke into the facility on the Island in search of GUNs "ultimate" weapon. He instead found, and woke up Shadow, who had only vague memories of his life before and had told the Doctor he would grant him any wish he wanted. And well, Eggman wanted a way to rule the world, and Shadow would give him that in the Space Colony ARK and the Eclipse cannon.

This is what started of the events that are in Sonic Adventure 2, and lead to Shadow being mistaken for Sonic when he stole a Chaos Emerald to power the Eclipsa cannon, as it needed all seven for it to work. And Shadow and Sonic clashed many times during this time, both claiming the other to be a faker, but neither actually hindering the other to badly. Of course, by the end it was too late, all seven emeralds were collected and placed in the power core of the cannon and thus… Shadow and Gerald's revenge had started.

A message was broad casted to the world, it was the now long dead Professor Gerald Robotnik, in his last days on Prison Island, addressing the world about his gran plan to get revenge. Revenge for his granddaughter Maria, who had been killed for no reason, the plan was simple. Crash Space Colony ARK into the Earth, and Shadow was the way that Gerald could have this plan go into action. By collecting the Emerald and placing them in the core of the Eclipse cannon the sealed Biolizard was also released, which would prevent anyone from stopping the colony from crashing.

This did not factor into it… Sonic and his friends, who were also on the ARK as well. As everyone else was working on a way to get Knuckles, with the Master Emerald, to the power core to stop the seven chaos emeralds, Shadow was just watching the earth from a viewing area on the ARK. Claiming that anything they tried would not work, that was until Amy Rose had found him and made a plea to him… A plea that everyone on Earth should have a choice to live life and have hope for themselves. This triggered something in Shadow, causing him to say to Amy as he ran off "I have to keep my promise, to her and you". This lead to Shadow helping, by fighting and defeating Biolizard which lead to it merging with the ARK and the cannon as a backup to any attempts to stop the crash.

But like that would stop Sonic, or Shadow, from trying something else. And with the power of the seven chaos emeralds both Sonic and Shadow took on their Super Forms, finally stopping the crash by using Chaos Control. (A skill that Shadow is only able to use when aided by a chaos emerald that allows a being to teleport/stop time temporarily.) Thus the ARK was returned to it's orbit around the Earth except… Shadow had been drained, having never gone Super or done anything on that scale before, and thus he fell to the Earth and was believed to be dead.

This seemed to have been the end of Shadow, as life went on as normal for all involved in the ARK incident, except for the fact that Dr. Eggman had found the fallen Shadow… And had started to use the poor Hedgehog as a base for robotic clones called Shadow Androids, and had Shadow locked in an old abandoned base of his. Along with the last of the E-series robots, E-123 Omega. This did not last long, as Rouge the Bat, another major player during the ARK events, had broke into the base seeking Eggman's treasure. Instead she had found Shadow and had awoken Omega, and the first meeting of what would be known as Team dark was quite explosive. Until Rouge got in the way and had them explain things, thus revealing that Shadow had no memory of who he was or why he was in the base, and Omega of having been discarded.

Rouge's logic was then to have all three of the work together, since they all had a reason to hunt down Eggman, Rouge for treasure, Omega for revenge and Shadow for the Truth. This lead to the trio going through various areas, fighting against other trios, which also included Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and then eventually them ending up fighting a fake Eggman and… Finding a destroyed Shadow Android, which bothered Shadow but he hid it well. In the end they never got what they wanted, Rouge did not find a treasure, but an entire army of Shadow Androids, and Shadow was never made aware of this fact.

Before any of the four teams, who had all ended up on Eggman's airship, could leave… Metal Sonic had shown himself, as he had been the fake Eggman and had been collecting battle data on all the teams and their fighting methods. Believing this would allow him to take over the world, which knowing Sonic just would not do. As Sonic's team used the seven chaos emeralds, which were collected by the various teams during their own adventures, to take Metal Sonic head on, Shadow's team served as a distraction. Once Metal Sonic was taken down the various teams had gone off on their own, all of them pretty much splitting up.

Shadow was with Omega, until he had gone off to find out just who he was. And then he quite suddenly found himself in the digital world.

Activity in the Digital World

Shadow has yet to make himself known to other Tamers.

This plot is still on-going.


Shadow the Hedgehog
Series Canon Sonic the Hedgehog (Video Games)
Journal rasus_umbra
Role-Player Ash
Other Names The Ultimate Lifeform
Age Ageless (Appears to be fifteen)
Digimon Partner Impmon
Affiliations N/A
D-Comm Colors Black, Red and White
D-Comm Symbol Power Ring
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