Shagon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Matt Olsen.

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Evolution Line
Tsukaimon Pidmon
Bad Message Fire Feather
Purple Fog Pid Speed
Friendly Fire Mega Heal
Fuwafuwa Attack (Floating Attack) Apollo Tornado


When Nerissa created her Knights of Destruction, she kidnapped Matt, taking his emotions of hatred and giving them life through Quintessence before forcing them to possess him, creating her Angel of Malice, Shagon. However, Matt's will was strong enough that his personality split in two, with both Matt and Shagon sharing and fighting over the same mind. Matt thought he'd destroyed Shagon's personality, but enough of it lingered for Yggdrassil to separate from him again, and as a bit of karmic retribution, Shagon was stuck in the form of a "flying purple hamster."

For these reasons, Shagon is an utter, unrepetant asshole. He is very condescending toward…just about everybody, and his sense of pride is constantly under attack from Matt. Of course, he attacks Matt mercilessly too, so it's par for the course. Their history makes them snipe at each other even while they know they are far too similar for comfort, and the fact that there is enough personality drift between them to make them whole people in their own right doesn't help. Shagon usually dislikes everyone to some degree, with Will and Nerissa pretty high in his scale from "tolerable" to "hated," but he has proven that he isn't a complete bastard to everybody.

Partner Matt Olsen
Journal whyicouldntfly
Role-Player Akino Ame
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