History / Story so far…

Pre-Roleplay History

Century after century, the Belmont clan continued to fight Vlad Tepes, the notorious count Dracula, using the holy whip Vampire Killer. However, the Belmont clan eventually disappears without a trace, and the holy whip is lost. Realizing that the world would be destroyed without a method to counter Dracula when he resurrected again, several orders were formed to find a new method to counter him. The Order of Ecclesia was one such order.

Shanoa was orphaned at a young age, and was forced to wander the streets until Barlowe of the Order of Ecclesia noticed her peculiar power with glyphs, magic symbols that contained focused magical power. He quickly took the girl in and raised her alongside boy named Albus. Albus quickly adopts Shanoa as his younger sister despite there being no blood ties between them.

Several years later, Shanoa is now twenty. Albus has been raised as a researcher for Ecclesia, while Shanoa has been trained as a warrior for the order. Albus, along with Barlowe, soon discover a powerful set of glyphs called Dominus. Albus makes Barlowe promise that when the time comes, that he will be the one to bare Dominus, and not Shanoa.

Shortly after the discovery, Shanoa has been called by Barlowe to the main chamber. On her way there, Albus attempts to playfully scare Shanoa. However, she catches him before he can jump out at her. Shanoa asks Albus why he was present at Ecclesia at this time. Albus had been assigned a mission by Barlowe and was suppose to be far away at this time. Albus says that he was just stopping by quickly to check on things. He then asks Shanoa where she was off to. She then explains that Barlowe had summoned her so that she could be the bearer of Dominus. This sets off Albus, who States that Barlowe had promised him to be the bearer. Shanoa shakes this off as Albus trying to be a glory hound, and proceeds to the camber where Dominus is held.

When Shanoa enters the room, Barlowe explains to her that she is the only one who can bare Dominus. As Barlowe and Shanoa start the ritual, Albus busts in stealing the books containing Dominus. This also botches the ritual causing Shanoa to lose consciousness, her memories, and her emotions. Albus then flees Ecclesia with Dominus.

A few weeks pass and Shanoa has had to be retrained by Barlowe in order to be able to find and deal with Albus. After Shanoa completes her final trial, Barlowe starts to explain the situation to Shanoa, what her mission is. Barlowe explains that Albus was jealous of Shanoa receiving Dominus and wanted the power for himself. Barlowe also explains that Albus was the one responsible for her losing her memories and emotions. Shanoa then leaves for the first lead they have, the monastery.

When Shanoa arrives she finds the place filled with monsters. After Progressing through the haunted interior Shanoa soon finds herself face to face with Arthroverta. A fierce battle ensues, and Shanoa eventually comes out victorious. She then moved on to the next room where Albus was waiting. After a quick exchange between the two, Albus gives a pretty clear message that he is not going to go back to Ecclesia without a fight. The rouge agent of Ecclesia then leaves before Shanoa can come after him. However, Albus accidentally (or was it an accident?) left a map behind marking the village of Wygol.

Shanoa travels to the village and discovers a man trapped by a torpor glyph. Shanoa absorbs the glyph and frees father Nikolai. Nikolai explains that the other villagers had been kidnapped by Albus. He then pleads to Shanoa to rescue them. She agrees, and asks where Albus had headed off to. Nikolai tells Shanoa that before he was imprisoned, Albus had spoken of heading off to Minera Prison Island.

In order to reach Minera, Shanoa had to cross through Ruvas Forest, and then Kalidus Channel. Upon reaching the entrance to Minera Prison, Shanoa was immediately introduced to a giant skeleton that tried to stomp her into the ground. After infiltrating the prison further, Shanoa comes across Albus in an abandoned laboratory. Albus willingly parts with one of the Dominus triad, Dominus Hatred. Shanoa asked Albus why he gave her the Glyph. His answer was cryptic, "Figured… With that much power, it's impossible to conceal its source." Albus then teleports away.

Shanoa purses Albus to the nearby lighthouse where she faces off against Brachyura, a giant enemy crab (Oh, come on, you know you wanna say it). After Shanoa dropped an elevator on it's weak point (if that is not massive damage, I don't know what is), Shanoa proceeded to the lower levels of the light house where she found a serpent scale that would allow her to breath underwater.

The serpent scale would prove very useful considering her next stop, the lower half of Kalidus Channel. The path she had to take was literally on the floor of the channel. After leaving the channel again, Shanoa climbed through the Tymeo Mountains and eventually reached Skeleton Cave.

In Skeleton Cave our heroine was confronted by Maneater. Luckily for Shanoa, she was able to destroy the monster before it could figure out what it was suppose to do with it's tentacles. In the room past the Maneater awaited Albus who had just freshly sealed the composer named George with a glyph like he had done with Nikolai and many of the other villagers. Shanoa demands that the man be freed, and Albus relinquishes him with out putting up any kind of a fight. Shanoa then asked Albus what his intentions with the villagers where. Albus answered saying that she would find out all in due time.

After freeing George from the glyph, Shanoa asked him what Albus had done to him before he was trapped by the glyph. George answered saying that Albus had just drawn some of his blood, and was about to head back to Wygol. Shanoa then heads back to the village to find out from Nikolai that Albus had just passed through and had taken similar blood samples from all the village members. Nikolai also reveals that Albus has left for the Giant's Dwelling.

After passing through Somnus Reef, and facing off against Rusalka, a powerful water demon, she finds herself at Giant's Dwelling. Making her way through another monster infested area, Shanoa comes across Frankenstein's monster's big brother, Goliath. After sending the behemoth to the afterlife, Shanoa finds Albus waiting for her yet again. Albus acknowledges that he let Shanoa find him, saying, "Just like when we were children playing tag. Once you started to cry,
I'd feel terrible and let you win." Albus gives Shanoa another piece of the Dominus triad, Dominus Anger. Albus then asks Shanoa if she knows what Dominus is. Shanoa replies saying that it is the ultimate power to destroy Dracula. Albus then corrects her. He states that Dominus was created from Dracula's remains — that Dominus is Dracula's power. Albus then leaves once again.

Shanoa makes a quick detour back to Ecclesia to talk with Barlowe about this revelation. Barlowe acknowledges what Albus had told Shanoa, but also goes further in explaining the reasons for such a drastic measure. Barlowe explains about the Belmont clan's disappearance and how if Dominus had not been created, the Ecclesia would have been disbanded. Barlowe then reveals to Shanoa that a statue containing Dracula's very essence was within Ecclesia. The plan was to use Dominus to destroy Dracula before he even got a chance revive. Shanoa then left Ecclesia to once again pursue Albus.

Shanoa made her way through Tristis Pass to Oblivion Ridge. She once again found a monster there waiting to try to make a meal out of her. Gravedrcus, A giant fish that swims through sand, attacked Shanoa but was quickly dealt with. Shanoa then continued through out Oblivion Ridge until the found Albus hiding in a Church. Upon entering, she finds Dominus Agony floating freely and approaches it, only to spring a trap set by Albus. Albus then marches onto the scene and absorbs the glyph in front of Shanoa. Shanoa was suppose to be the only one capable of this power, but as Albus explains he had let Shanoa Absorb the other two Dominus glyphs to see how it is done. However, almost immediately Albus starts to succumb to madness from the glyph and retreats.

Shanoa once again returns to Ecclesia to speak with Barlowe. The leader of Ecclesia is troubled to find out that Albus has learned to absorb glyphs, and has even absorbed Dominus. Barlowe then explains to Shanoa that Dominus will consume the soul of those that bear it, in other words, Albus is being driven mad by Dominus as Dracula's will slowly takes over. Barlowe tells Shanoa that there is now no hope for Albus, and that she must put him out of his misery.

Shanoa returns to her pursuit of Albus and passes through Argila Swamp to Mystery Manor. She soon confronts Albus in a hidden cave below the building. Shanoa asks Albus if all he really wanted was the power of Dominus, and that he was willing to trade his home and family for the darkness. Albus instead of answering coherently, fights through a fit of insanity to tell Shanoa to flee from him before it is to late. Albus finally completely loses his mind and lets loose a wild laugh while saying that it would be hopeless for her to try to escape from him. Dracula is now in control. A fight breaks out, and Shanoa is forced to kill Albus.

While Albus lies still on the floor of the cave, the glyph for Dominus Agony floats above him. Shanoa absorbs the glyph, but also something extra. Dominus Agony now also carried Albus' spirit. Albus' memories start to flow into her as she remembers the first time they met, an accident where Albus was servery injured trying to protect Shanoa, and the promise Barlowe made to Albus. Albus knew the risks that Dominus possessed, and had wanted to protect Shanoa from it. Albus' spirit then made an appearance to Shanoa explaining that the villager's were decedents of the Belmont bloodline, and thanks to them Albus' soul was pulled to into Shanoa along side of Dominus. Also thanks to Shanoa's connection to the villagers, she is able to resist Dominus now. This connection was forged when Shanoa absorbed the glyphs that Albus had used to imprison them. He then explains that her emotions had not been sealed by himself, but had instead been used a a sacrifice for Dominus. Albus begs Shanoa to promise to him that she never will use dominus, because it will kill her if she does. Shanoa promises.

Shanoa returns to Ecclesia to face Barlowe who has been lying to her all this time. Keeping her promise to Albus, Shanoa refuses to use Dominus on the statue holding Dracula's essence. She then calls Barlowe out on his lies. Barlowe reveals his true nature. He attempts to kill Shanoa so he can take Dominus from her. Shanoa fights back and defeats her old master. Barlowe then explains his plans in a little more detail. Barlowe didn't want to kill Dracula, he wanted to awaken him. The dream of all mankind as he put it. It turned out Ecclesia's true motive was to awaken Dracula. As he continued to profess his desire to awake Dracula, darkness from the statue come and lands on him giving him the power to undo the seal. However, it kills him just like it would have killed Shanoa.

With Dracula's essence freed, Castlevania rebuilds itself. Shanoa feels a moment of despair (She is suppose to be emotionless damn it!) as she realizes just how much as she has lost. Shanoa manages to pick herself up and head towards Castlevania. Once there she realizes that there is one thing left that she needs to do, destroy Dracula. "Hear me, Dracula! I am the morning sun, come to vanquish this horrible night!"

Shanoa charges into Castlevania and starts laying waste to every monster she sees. She confronts and defeats Wallman, Blackmore, Eligor, and Death in succession all the while collecting pieces of the Cerberus triad of glyphs. Once Shanoa finally collected the final piece, she frees up the path to Dracula's chamber, and proceeds on to Dracula's throne room.

Dracula, noticing Shanoa barging in asks what is her reason for invading his domain (as if he didn't already know). He even invites her to join him. Shanoa rejects his offers without a second thought. Dracula makes light of the fact that Shanoa plans to kill him, and the pair engage in battle. Shanoa quickly discovers that nothing she has in her arsenal really could harm Dracula, that is other then Dominus. Shanoa is forced to use it when Dracula is about to make his final move. It works, Dominus completely consumes the count with his own power and destroys him.

However, Dominus still had it's price to pay. Shanoa collapsed as she slowly faded away. As she drifted, memories started playing for her. She figures that these are Albus' memories considering that she had lost her own. However, Albus' spirit returns and explains the memories are Shanoa's. He had searched through Dominus for her emotions and memories, and found them when she had used it's power. Shanoa was happy that she now could die with her fond memories of Albus. That was when Albus gave her one more surprise: He was going to take her place a as the soul Dominus needed. Albus made one last request of Shanoa, that she would smile one last time before he slipped away. She granted that request, and gave him a tearful smile as he disappeared.

Soon Castlevania started to collapse, and Shanoa made her escape. In the distance Shanoa watched as Castlevania return to the dust is was constructed from. She left the sight and never told a soul about the event. Soon the world would even forget about Ecclesia.

Activity in the Digital World

This plot is still on-going.


Shanoa was raised and trained as a warrior for the Order of Ecclesia, and as a result she is specially adept at combat magic. She is in particular superbly skilled in glyph magic, a unique form of magic created by the order to fight Dracula.




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