Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans is a human being from the High School Musical canon.


Domineering and arrogant, Sharpay always gets her way. She sticks rigidly to 'the rules' of high school social life and when she feels those rules are being threatened, attempts to "get things back where they belong". Only the best is good enough for Sharpay, and money and morals are no object. However, she has never had to work for anything material, and has her poor twin brother Ryan and a group of 'friends' and backup singers called the Sharpettes to cater to her every whim.

Sharpay does have her insecure side: She is keenly aware that she was named after a dog, and relies on theatre to make her special, as on the stage, she can be anyone she wants to be, but without theatre, she feels she's just Sharpay. She is also very conscious of being an alto in a world that favors sopranos (she usually manages to get around this with a mean belt), and her brother's complicated choreography is another source of annoyance for her because she is somewhat lousy at jazz squares.


Sharpay can project her voice to a surprisingly large area, though this may cause temporary hearing problems for those who hear her. She sings in the contralto range, but can belt a lot higher. Oddly enough, she has a blue belt in karate.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from film and theatre canon as well as personal fanon, and contains spoilers for both High School Musical films.

Daughter of a University of Alberquerque board member and star of seventeen school musicals, Sharpay has lived a life of privelige. Her life was largely uneventful, with her time taken up by singing, dancing, and acting rehearsals with her fraternal twin brother Ryan and a crush on the local basketball star Troy Bolton, until halfway through her junior year, when her near perfect little world was shattered by the arrival of one Gabriella Montez. Gabriella broke all the social rules of East High School by successfully auditioning for the winter musical Juliet and Romeo (a neofeminist adapation of the Shakespeare classic where the lovers both lived and moved to Albuquerque) with Troy despite neither of them being in the thespians' clique.

Furious, Sharpay told the teacher in charge of the musical, Mrs. Darbus, that Troy and Gabriella were out to ruin the musical, and convinced her to move the callbacks to clash with Troy's championship basketball game and Gabriella's science decathlon. Unfortunately for Sharpay, Troy and Gabriella's friends had their own schemes up their lab coat sleeves, and they both made it to the callbacks, where their emotional rendition of the musical's finale, Breaking Free, moved the audience far beyond Sharpay and Ryan's flashy but ultimately soulless performance of Bop to the Top. In the end, Gabriella won both the role of Juliet (opposite Troy, no less) and the man himself. Despite her wishing Gabriella good luck with the role in theatre speak ("break a leg"), Sharpay was not impressed with being her understudy.

The next summer, Sharpay attempted to break up Gabriella and Troy by getting Troy hired at her family's country club, Lava Springs. When Troy managed to get all of his friends - including Gabriella - hired as well, Sharpay resorted to spoiling him and dangling a college basketball scholarship in front of him, playing on his worries about college. Thanks to her efforts, Gabriella dumped Troy and left the country club, but unfortunately this only made Troy realize what he was doing and break things off with Sharpay. To add insult to injury, her own brother became a Wildcat (part of Troy and Gabriella's collective friends) or in Sharpay's words, "one of them", and tricked her into allowing Troy and Gabriella to sing together at the club talent show. Coming to her senses, Sharpay forgave Ryan and has for the most part left Troy and Gabriella alone since that summer. She still carries a torch for Troy, but has decided to concentrate on theatre as she prepares for her move to New York City after graduating from East High.

Activity in the Digital World

Upon her arrival in the Dokako Jungle, Sharpay initially believed that Ryan and his Wildcat friends had dumped her in the middle of nowhere as a practical joke. Her partner Flamon's appearance repulsed her, and, telling him to stay away from her, she stormed off to try and find either her brother or a way out of the jungle. Instead she only found Koushirou Izumi, who after taking offence to her attitude explained the basics of the digital world to her. They spent about a day together before Koushirou was needed elsewhere.

This day was long enough for Koushirou to explain the basics of the D-Communicator to her (off-camera), and Sharpay soon began using the journal system on them. While Princess Azula of the Fire Nation scared her badly with the suggestion that she melt her face off with firebending, Katrina Daniels was a lot friendlier to her. Eventually Katrina found Sharpay in the Jungle to take her to Tetha and find some new clothes. Sharpay is still in Tetha, trusting in Ryo Akiyama and Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation to help her if needed on Koushirou's recommendation. She found a job singing at a restaurant, though she must now rely only on her voice instead of on duets, her brother's choreography, or flashy special effects.

Upon meeting Ryo in person at a meeting Flamon dragged her to, she immediately took a shine to him (mostly because he reminded her of Troy) and got him a job as a waiter at the same restaurant. Sharpay mistakenly deduced from Koushirou's shouting at Molly over the D-Comm that Ryo is single, and has been trying in vain to get him interested in her.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Back home, Sharpay has a very small terrier named Boi. She is allergic to cats.

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Sharpay Evans
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