Shaun Garin

Crazy. Mad. Completely off the Wall. Three Fries Short of a Happy Meal. GONZO! All these and more can be attributed to the author known as Shaun Garin, or just Shaun to people.

One of Dive's One-Year Members since February 6, 2009, Shaun's characters often range between the most esoteric and often odd characters, ranging from talking pandas to giant robots, to his most recent acquisition of another Magical Boy. Often has to be brought in line by Ari and Akino for the most part, and the rest of dive find his madness compelling.

"There is a fine line between madness and fanfiction that is just nonsense. I tread that line every day." - Shaun Garin


Characters: Canon

Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs (Koemon) Journal
Filia Ul Copt and Ryuudamon Journal
Kira Ford
Samwise Gamgee
Optimus Primal
Zelos Wilder
Optimus Prime 07 Movie
Kurogane and Mokona Modoki
Asuna Kagurazaka
Vash the Stampede
Jack Fenton
Jack Spicer
Major Alex Louis Armstrong
Megatron - Beast Wars
David Xanatos
Yzma - Note: Will Never Be Dropped
Gwen Tennyson - Note: From Gwen 10 Canon AU
Matt Olsen - Note: From W.I.T.C.H. Comicverse
Cornelius Fillmore
Arika Yumemiya
Rena Sayers/Yumemiya
Cliff Fittir
Phantom Thief Dark
Edward Elric - FMA Anime
Ling Yao - FMA Manga
Darth Vader
Rita Mordio
Natsuki Kreuger - Mai Otome
Puss in Boots
Martin Tubbs - W.I.T.C.H. Cartoon
Shou Marufuji
Negi Springfield - Negima Manga
Susan Vandom - W.I.T.C.H. Cartoon
Miranda - W.I.T.C.H. Cartoon
Batman - The Brave and the Bold
The Doctor - ST:V
Charlie O'Neill - AU Stargate Universe
Mike the TV
Pamela Isley - The Batman

Characters: Inherited
Prowl TFA
Sentinel Prime

Characters: OC

Jarrod Carter - Warcraft
Raine Hart - Digimon 02
Chien Barrelpusher - Warcraft

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