Shego is very snappy and sarcastic. Usually bored and unmotivated, she has fun messing with other people for her own amusement. When angered, she goes into violent rages and destroys the things (and people) around her. In reality she is one of the smartest and most mature villains, preferring to think things out before just rushing in or half-assing it, which is why she so frequently puts down Dr. Drakken.

She is also fiercely loyal, especially to Kim, and would do anything to help her. As proved with Koushirou, Shego actually is capable of making friendships; though it takes her a long amount of time to trust someone, and even then she won't admit she cares.


Shego was hit by a rainbow-coloured comet along with her four brothers as a child, giving them all special powers, as well as changing the tone of their skin. Shego can generate plasma in her hands; it can be both concussive and thermal. She also has superhuman durability; she was once kicked into an electric tower. She was electricuted, and the tower fell on her, and she came out relatively unharmed.


A small dagger in her leg-pouch.


Shego's partner is DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon is a loud, crude Digimon who enjoys playing jokes and messing with whomever he finds. He especially loves to mess with Shego, and is frequently being targeted with plasma because of it. He loves perching on Shego; especially her head, but he usually settles for her shoulder. He does not feel jealous of Kim Possible, and actually likes her almost as much as he does his partner. His best friend is Kapurimon.

Pre-Roleplay History

Shego appeared in the first episode of Kim Possible as Dr. Drakken’s sarcastic, but admittedly well-skilled sidekick with glowing green plasma hands, pale skin, long black hair, and signature black and green outfit, she was quite the sight. In a plot to use stolen technology to built a massive robot, Shego did everything in her power to ensure Dr. Drakken’s victory. Unfortunately, the plan failed thanks to Kim Possible. It should be noted that during the entire series, Shego responds to Drakken’s plans with disbelief and mocking, and most of the time, indifference. She never thinks a plan will work, and tells Drakken so, making fun of him and angering him in the process. If something does seem to go well, she is surprised.

The next time we see Shego she is working with Dr. Drakken on yet another of his far-fetched plans. This time, within his giant-cheese wheel base in Wisconsin, they plan to go deep in the Earth’s crust to use magma. Shego once again proves her power by capturing Kim Possible, and later Kim’s best friend Ron Stoppable. Thanks to Ron Stoppable’s hairless mole rat Rufus, the plan is destroyed, especially so when Ron and Rufus destroy Drakken’s machine and the cheese dome. Drakken and Shego escape without going to prison.

After a failed body-snatching attempt by Drakken, he once again messed up as a special weapon-bracelet becomes attached to Kim Possible on Halloween. Every time she lies, the bracelet grows, covering Kim in more and more metal. As Shego, Drakken, and Killigan are escorted by the police, Shego comments that she is “disappointed” in Kim Possible for lying.

Not much later he has another failed attempt to make clones of Kim Possible, his idea from the latest ‘trend’- Kim’s misson clothes. Drakken’s newest misson is an attempt to clone a mind-controlling chip to take over the world, but he made a huge mistake by putting one on Shego. Though we only see Shego doing chores and helping Drakken’s ego, it is never said what all happened. Once Kim Possible has the chip in her as well (and is forced to wear a spare of Shego’s outfit), Kim’s twin brothers save the day. Shego becomes extremely violent, admitting she had a “no clone rule” on her contract, and is seen beating Drakken within an inch of his life.

Though betrayed by Drakken, she stays with him anyways, and when he desperately wants to steal an invention from his nemesis Dementor, she suggests stealing from Jack Hench, who supplies the evil community with henchmen. She does steal from him, a large amount of strength-inducing rings for Drakken’s henchmen. At Dementor’s hotel, she is seen in a dress (her signature black/green colors), digging for information. She runs into Kim Possible and the two get into another brawl, ending when they both are stuck in an air-vent trying to grab an invention about to explode. Beaten by Kim Possible and Drakken by Rufus (with the ring), the two are captured by the police once more.

In an attempt to stop Shego and Drakken from using a stolen invention to make Drakken a super genius, “Ron” gets hit with a beam, making him extremely intelligent and talented, though they later find out it was Rufus. Drakken kidnaps Ron, and Kim and the super-genius Rufus rescue him, foiling Drakken’s plans.

Next, Shego was hired by Senor Senior Senior to to teach his evil-illiterate son Senor Senior Junior how to be a proper villain. To her surprise he actually gets better, taking her advice and becoming a proper villain. But on a misson to steal the most guarded thing ever (a cookie recipe), they are intercepted by Team Possible. They were put in a helicopter to be taken to jail but it was piloted by Senor Senior Senior, who told Shego her services were no longer needed. She left, SSJ watching her go and saying “you changed my life”.

Cars that live, microchips swallowed by Ron, weather machines, controlling minds with MP3 players, and using giant poodles to break into Area 51 later, Shego finally succeeds where no villain ever has- taking over the world.Shego teamed up with other supervillains such as Monkey Fist, Killigan, and of course Drakken, to steal the Tempus Simia, AKA Time Monkey, to alter time and rid themselves of Kim Possible for good. But when Kim travels back in time to stop the villains, she leaves her timeline open. Shego takes the opportunity to go back and forth in time, securing the world for herself. She rules in the future as The Supreme One, forcing everyone to wear green and black, changing Middleton to “Shegoton”, and changing Club Banana to “Club Shego”.

Unlike her old self, she is cold-hearted and completely evil. She doesn’t fight herself, leaving her brainwashed slaves to do it. She is eventually defeated by Present Day Kim and Ron, as well as the resistance against her in the future. The timeline is erased, and no one consciously remembers it.

For her Christmas vacation she goes to a tropical island. Drakken calls her but she ignores it, but when she learns he paid for her vacation she returns the call, finding out that Drakken and Ron are lost in a blizzard. After she and Kim save them, oddly, Shego and Dr. Drakken spend Christmas with the possibles, actually having a nice time.

We soon discover Shego’s true past via her brothers, Team Go. Shego and her brothers were normal kids, but when a rainbow colored comet hit their treehouse, it transformed them. Wanting to use their powers for good, they became Team Go. But Shego, who was constantly annoyed by her brothers, began to admire and like the evil she was fighting and eventually left her brothers. She became a mercenary for a while before getting a job with Dr. Drakken. Though she claimed to be purely evil and to hate her brothers, Kim Possible and Dr. Drakken both remarked how easily she gave up, saying she did it for her brothers (which of course enraged her).

Drakken’s next plan involved “embarrassment ninjas”. They sprayed Kim with a toxin that caused her to become more and more invisible, the more embarrassed she became. It didn’t work, and neither did their next encounter, due to them all being sick (ironically, the ray they were all fighting over cured the common cold).

A slew of events occur next; they shoot Kim and Ron with a truth ray, and Shego takes a break on Mother’s Day. Ron becomes a millionaire but Drakken steals all of his money, to Shego’s delight, who immediately gets part of it for herself. Shego’s ancestor was revealed to be evil as well as Shego is, though it is not considered ‘canon’ because it was in a dream of Kim and Ron’s.

Shego shows to not be completely evil and have some sense of justice, as she comments that stealing a kid’s wheelchair is low, even for him. But her emotions are shown to be as dangerous as she is when she and Kim get mood chips placed on themselves. Drakken and Ron both have to scramble to keep them sane, even though the controller is being messed with by someone who does not know what it is. Shego has to deal with a “good” Drakken, when Drakken’s evil and Ron’s good trade places, causing a nice Drakken and an extremely intelligent and evil Ron; Shego even leaves Drakken for Ron at one point, because he is actually good at being evil where Drakken fails.

A midwestern takeover also fails, where Drakken attempts to make the smartest minds in the world idiots so he can be the smartest. Shego, Kim, Ron, and Drakken are accidentally put in the television, where they must act out and deal with various programs, such as a hospital drama, children’s show, and a show like Friends.

To Shego’s extreme distaste Drakken enters a talent show much like American Idol to promote his brain control shampoo. Kim Possible once again messes it up for him by reversing the effects and also winning the talent show.

Drakken actually seems to succeed when he uses Dr. Mr. Possible’s technology and a stolen toy design to get the Lil Diablos sent around the world, where they grow to giant robots and take over the world. They are able to hurt Kim by sending a robot boy to woo her, who takes her to the prom and then shows up to defeat her, aiding Shego and getting both she and Ron taken after an epic battle between Kim and Shego. But Kim destroys the control center, making the toys useless, and remarks to Shego “You know what I really hate? You.” Shego seems shocked as Kim Possible kicks her into the electronic tower, getting her electrified. She survives, showing that she has metahuman durability and not just glowing hands, though her hair seems to have seen better days.

Over the past three seasons Shego has evolved from a snarky sidekick to a mature and intelligent villain, well-rounded and experienced, knowing her way around things. Episode after episode she shows her skills at thieving and infiltrating, but her character continues to grow. Where she would usually sit and sigh at Drakken’s plots, she now responds to him and gives her honest opinions, no matter how mad it makes him, sarcastic as ever.

Season 4 comes, and Shego, as well as Drakken, are still in prison. The second episode sees Shego reunited with Senor Senior Junior as he breaks her out, and the two go on a crime-spree in honor of Senor Senior Senior’s birthday. He shows interest in Shego, which she does not return. They both get arrested.

Motor Ed breaks Shego out of prison, leaving Drakken for the second time, and he fools her into thinking he has a big plan to destroy Middleton. She goes along with it but when it begins to work, he admits that he just wanted a nice ride with a “hot babe”.

Dr. Drakken is finally broken out of prison, by a large alien known as Warmonga, who believes him to be a god known as The Great Blue due to his skin colour. When Shego finds out she has gotten ditched, she shows up angrily and fights Warmonga, and loses. Kim Possible shows up, and is getting beaten as well- until Shego goes into a rage and breaks out, saving Kim Possible and commenting that “no one will kill Kim Possible but ME.” Shego contacts Wade via Kim’s Kimmunicator and the Tweebs, in their school mascot costumes painted blue, make Warmonga believe that they are The Great Blue and are on another planet. She beats Drakken within an inch of his life before leaving, to find The Great Blue.

During Kim’s clothes crisis Shego easily defeats her due to her ridiculous outfits, much to her joy. But when Kim finds a new outfit, she defeats Shego, making her mad.

Stop Team Go is arguably the best episode for Shego when it comes to growth and showing her true feelings. An old enemy of Team Go, Electronique, has a mood changer and gets all of the team together, shooting them and making them opposite of who they are- making Team Go evil, and Shego good. She takes up a teaching job at Kim’s school as a math teacher by the name of Miss Go. She reveals that she did go to college and has a degree in child development. Kim is shocked at the good Shego’s attitude. Because Team Go is after Shego, Kim takes care of her, letting her stay in her home and protecting her. The two talk and hang out and find they have many similar interests. They shop, watch movies, and go eat together. Kim and Ron even go on a double-date with Shego and Mr. Barkin. Kim even admits that Shego is like a big sister to her.

After confronting Electronique and Team Go, they finally get things back to normal, Shego still good. Shego admits to Kim that where was something she always wanted to say but couldn’t because of their rivalry. But before she can finish, Ron slips and accidentally turns Shego evil again, and the mood changer is broken. Shego leaves with Dr. Drakken. As she is back at the base, she looks at the pictures she and Kim took in a photo booth longingly, before burning it with her powers to go answer to Dr. Drakken’s call for help.

Next, while Shego found it ridiculous that Drakken became possessed by a pirate’s spirit, she helped him anyways; in the end, he failed, due to Kim Possible.

Then, Shego and Dr. Drakken wiped Kim Possible’s memories, in the hope that she would become easy to defeat. Unfortunately she regained enough of her memories to remember how to fight, and messed up Drakken’s plans to turn the military into slaves.

In the very last episode of the series, the alien Warmonga returns to earth with a comrade, in hopes of taking it over. Because of Warmonga's previous assessment of Dr. Drakken as "The Great Blue", and because of her anger at being beaten by Kim Possible, she kidnaps the two of them and takes them on her spacecraft.

Shego, aided by Ron Stoppable and Dr. Mr. Possible, use one of Mr. Possible's rockets to go into space to save the pair. After returning to earth, Shego and Drakken end up helping save the world- while they could never conquer it. They were both awarded medals by the government for their help.


Shego has a pouch on her left leg. It contains a dagger, her nail file, a villain magazine, and her MP3 player. She also has a pair of black gloves with green stitching; a Christmas present from Kim Possible.

Alternate Versions

Miss Go (Present)

Shego was hit by the Attitudinator by an old foe of hers from her Team Go days, Electronique. The villain wanted to turn all of Team Go evil- however, she did not know that Shego was ALREADY evil, so she ended up good.
Shego started teaching at Middleton High as 'Miss Go'. She taught Kim and Ron's math class. Once Kim found out of the situation, she helped Shego, letting her stay at her home. They became quick friends, and even Ron became jealous of them.
As the situation was remedied, Ron accidentally made Shego evil again. She left with Dr. Drakken, who had an important mission for her (he could not open a jar of pickles).

Miss Go (Past)

Shego was briefly in Kim and Ron's 'dream' of the past, helping Dr. Drakken to steal something.

Supreme One

Shego united the time monkey, and used it to go back and forth between time to take over the world. In the future she ruled, she was known as the Supreme One, and ruled the world. Middleton became Shegoton, and Club Banana became Club Shego. The Supreme One was extremely cruel, an extreme version of the current Shego. Kim and Ron managed to take her out, and that timeline was erased. No one remembered any of it, not even Shego.

Activity in the Digital World

Shego was transported to the Digital World not from her own world, but from Avoria. Avoria was a world similar to the Digital World, in which people were sucked from their worlds into it. Shego was a victim of such, and came from Avoria to the Digital World.

Shego quickly gained a reputation in the Digital World as a powerful, dangerous woman who was not to be messed with. Shego became bored with antagonizing the Tamers, and soon Kim Possible arrived.

Shego and Kim fought; and Kim upset Shego by saying she "didn't hate her". In Kim's world, Shego had been missing for two years. This made Kim 20 years of age, and kept Shego at 22. They made a bet over the D-Comm that Kim could not handle Shego. They met and went to the hot springs, and had sex. They stayed together for a bit, and during that time Shego went against Princess Azula, someone who had been bugging her for a while.

Shego did not think anything of Azula and toyed with her. However, Azula got the upper hand when Kim arrived, and threatened that if Shego did not give up, Azula would hurt Kim. Shego did give up, and Azula tricked Shego by throwing Kim. Shego was hit with a lightning bolt that went directly through her. Kim doctored Shego, but Shego ended up leaving because of her own insecurities about Kim.

Kim disappeared for a while (she was later discovered to be in the Dead Zone), and during that time Shego paired with her former rival Azula to take over the world. They killed seven Tamers and Digimon, and imprisoned several more. Eventually the both of them became so wrapped up in their significant others that they disbanded, releasing the prisoners and going their separate ways.

Shego went to the Dead Zone and found Kim, taking care of her. Shego was shocked to know that Kim loves Shego, and will not admit she returns the feeling. Shego and Kim live in Tetha together currently, with their Digimon.

Recently, Shego went with her trusted friend and ally Koushirou, as well as Azula and Sokka, to the Dead Zone to investigate. While Shego and Azula would like nothing more than to torch the place, they investigated it to find the threat to warn other Tamers.

Series Kim Possible
Name Samantha Go
Alias Shego, Miss Go, Supreme One
Journal pronetoviolence
Role-Player Bubz B Lion
Age 22
Digimon Partner DemiDevimon
Affiliations Kim Possible, Koushirou Izumi, Azula
Demon Seal None
Dating Kim Possible
D-Comm Colors Green, black
D-Comm Symbol Flame [actually plasma]
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