Shiuchon Lee

Shiuchon Lee is a human being from the Digimon canon from the Digimon Tamers series.


A happy, yet somewhat stubborn little girl. While her age makes her one of the youngest Tamers, it also makes her one of the most powerful due to her childlike nature and energy. She didn't get many chances to show her true power because of Jenrya's overprotectiveness, a quality which she mirrored in her relationship with Lopmon. For example, during the final battle Lopmon had to practically beg Shiuchon to allow her to go and protect Hirokazu and Kenta. Shiuchon relented because she realized Jenrya was fighting to protect his friends, and decided to be strong like her brother.

Now that she's gotten a little bit older, Shiuchon's personality has begun to change from being so close to Jenrya's. She still wishes to be strong and protect her friends, but she's started to be more assertive and take risks. This is mainly because she's trying to be viewed as a formidable Tamer in her own right, and not have to depend on Jenrya or one of the other older Tamers to bail her out.

Pre-Roleplay History

Before the Digital World

Note: This page contains spoilers for Digimon Tamers

Shiuchon was the youngest daughter of computer programer Janyuu Lee, one of the members of the "Wild Bunch" responsible for the creation of Digimon and the Digital World. She lived with her parents, older brothers and older sister in an apartment in West Shinjuku. Her homelife was fairly simple, and one of her favorite pasttimes was to play "dress up" with her brother's stuffed Terriermon toy.

Despite the fact that her brother Jenrya Lee was a Tamer, Shiuchon was for the most part unaware of the growing amount of Digimon activity in West Shinjuku. She wasn't let in on the secret of the Digimon Tamers until Jenrya and Terriermon had to go into the Digital World to save Culumon, and Jenrya told her that Terriermon was alive. This did not faze Shiuchon, since she didn't know that stuffed animals couldn't talk.

Shiuchon the Digimon Tamer

After Jenrya and Terriermon left for the Digital World, Shiuchon became depressed because of their absences. In an effort to cheer her up her father took her to the playground. While Janyuu spoke with Yamaki, Shiuchon became caught up in a digital field that had manifested in the park and was taken to the Digital World. She wound up in the Land of the Four Holy Beasts. Shiuchon's exploration of the area took her to the Southern Gate, which was being guarded by the Deva Antylamon. The little girl managed to convince the Deva to leave her post and help her search for her brother and Terriermon. After running all over the Land of the Holy Beasts the pair stopped to rest; Shiuchon got up to go find some water, and Antylamon decided to return to her post.

Unfortunately Shiuchon had the misfortune of crossing paths with Makuramon, who was sulking about losing Culumon. Spying Shiuchon the monkey Deva thought that bringing a human to Zhuqiaomon would keep him in his master's favor, so he set out to capture her. Antylamon heard Shiuchon's cries for help and went to her rescue, protecting her against Makuramon. Despite Antylamon's greater size, Makuramon proved to be the better combatant and he succeeded in wounding her. Shiuchon's strong feelings for Antylamon proved her worthy enough to be Antylamon's Tamer. At the same time Jenrya, Terriermon and their friend Takato Matsuda also heard Shiuchon's cries for help and went to aid her, arriving on the scene just as Shiuchon received her D-Arc. Antylamon was then struck by Zhuqiaomon's power and stripped of her rank and level as a Deva, reducing her to her Child stage of Lopmon.

After returning to the real world with the rest of the Tamers, Shiuchon and Lopmon spent most of their time on the sidelines as the older Tamers battled the D-Reaper. It was only after Lopmon begged Shiuchon to allow her to protect Hirokazu and Kenta that Shiuchon actively took part in the fight. At the end of the battle, Shiuchon was devestated when Lopmon had to return to the Digital World along with the partners of the other Tamers.

Shiuchon and Lopmon were reunited a month later. Like the other Tamers, they were involved with the battle against Locomon and Parasimon, although they were separated for a time. After the battle Shiuchon and Lopmon attended Ruki Makino's birthday party, where they sang karaoke with Terriermon and Ruki's mother.

Activity in the Digital World

Shiuchon continued her career as a Digimon Tamer for the next couple of years, growing not only in age and maturity but experience as well. Much to her consternation the older Tamers still tended to leave her, as well as twins Ai and Mako, out of battles because of their age.

She was nine years old when the older Tamers started disappearing one by one, and although she put on a brave face Shiuchon constantly feared that she was either going to be next or else would wind up the only Tamer protecting West Shinjuku. Then one night Shiuchon and Lopmon went to bed - and woke up in the Dokakko Jungle of the new Digital World.

Following the advice of Takato and Ruki, who promised to come and get her, Shiuchon and Lopmon remained in Dokakko over a period of two and a half months. The only traveling they did was further into the jungle to avoid the team of Shego and Azula, who had gotten it into their heads to take over the Digital World.

Shiuchon and Lopmon remained in Dokakko, waiting for the members of "Team Gogglehead" to come and get them after they found Jen and Terriermon. After learning that a new Tamer, Aelita, had arrived in Dokakko, Shiuchon decided to try and find her so that she wouldn't be alone and so that Takato and the others could find them together. Unfortunately this was around the same time that all of the mainland areas of the Digital World were suddenly overrun by hoardes of Dokugumon, leaving Shiuchon and Lopmon to fight their way to Aelita's location. Along the way Lopmon was able to evolve to her adult form of Turuiemon, surprising Shiuchon as Lopmon had always evolved straight to Antylamon before.

When Shiuchon arrived at Aelita's location it was to find the Dokugumon being torn apart by a Devidramon - the dark-evolved form of Aelita's partner Labramon. Along with Takato, Shiuchon was able to calm Aelita down enough that Devidramon devolved to Paomon. With all of their friends found, Team Gogglehead then retreated to the safety of Tetha.

Shiuchon moved into the Matsuda Bakery (Mark II) with Takato and Aelita. She took part in the fight against Archnemon as a member of one of the distraction teams. Later on she was affected by the Truth virus, during which she admitted her doubt in her abilities as well as her anger at being sidelined due to her age. Shiuchon also admitted being a closet fanfiction author, after which she half-jokingly asked to be buried in a hole.

A few months into their stay in the Digital World, Jenrya and Terriermon disappeared. Shiuchon was saddened, but was soon adopted as Takato's unofficial little sister. She also busied herself in helping Team W.I.T.C.H. get the Silver Draon established.

Shiuchon was one of the Tamers fortunate enough to remain in Tetha during the riots and not get captured. She helped Takato defend the Matsuda Bakery, providing cover for him after he was injured via his link to Growmon. During the aftermath she let slip to Ryo about Takato being injured, which prompted Hotaru Tomoe being sent to the Bakery to heal him. Shiuchon also ended up joining DATS as a secondary member as a result of the riots.

Life proceeded as-normal for Shiuchon over the next few months. Jenrya and Terriermon returned to the Digital World, but it soon turned out that they were from a different universe than the first Jenrya and Terriermon. Even so, Shiuchon was glad to have her brother again.

In early June things took a turn for the proverbial worse when ADR-01 made her presence known in the Digital World. Like many of the other Tamers from her world Shiuchon was surprised and angry, and made her displeasure known on the comm system. Things only got weirder when Miss Asaji, her teacher and the former teacher of a majority of the Tamers!Tamers, wound up in the Digital World. While her initial reaction was to laugh at what she viewed as Yggdrasil's sense of humor, Shiuchon became one of the loudest voices in favor of getting Miss Asaji to safety before ADR-01 found her.

A month later Shiuchon fought in the Tetha battle against Vile's Gizmon helping the rest of her friends defend the bakery.

In October the Tamers were affected by the Seven Sins virus. Shiuchon was one of the fortunate not to be a victim, even though her brother was affected by Wrath.

As 2008 drew to a close Shiuchon was in for one last surprise as her classmate Mishio Kozu was summoned to the Digital World. Shiuchon was surprised to learn that Mishio had been activated as a Tamer before Yggdrasil had taken her.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Shiuchon's name has two alternate spellings: Shaochung and Xiaochung.
  • Shiuchon is quite possibly one of the most powerful Tamers on the team, after Takato, Ruki, Jen and Ryo. This is based on the fact that she Tamed one of the twelve Deva Digimon and that Lopmon's Ultimate level (should she ever reach it) is one of the three Angels.
  • Currently Shiuchon is taking tai chi lessons, learning from the same sensei that Jenrya studied under.
  • Although she has grown out of dressing Terriermon up like a doll, Shiuchon's imagination is still as strong as ever. She's a closet fanfiction writer for the Digimon Adventure series.
Shiuchon Lee
Series Canon Digimon Tamers
Journal lixiaochun
Role-Player Ladyiap
Age 9
Digimon Partner Lopmon
Affiliations Team Gogglehead/Goggleface
D-Comm Colors Pink, white and yellow
D-Comm Symbol A rabbit
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