Siarnaq is a modified reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Mega Man ZX series in particular.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Mega Man ZX.

Siarnaq, like all reploids in his world and era, was created via normal reploid means and then was later given an artificial lifespan. This was all due to laws making reploids and humans equal, of course this lead to allowing one man to set his sinister schemes into motion. That man being Master Albert of the Sage Trinity.

Albert's grand plan was to give various folks a bit of his DNA, thus making them a biomatch for Biometals. Biometals being objects that hold the skill/soul/knowledge of great warriors of the past. And in Siarnaq's case it made him the perfect biomatch for Model P.

Activity in the Digital World

Siarnaq's activity in the Digital World has been… Some what minimal compared to his activity back in his world. He has come in contact with both Aeolus and Atlas and was heading towards Aeolus in hopes of resuming the Game of Destiny. It was during that that Siarnaq started travelling with the Mazoku Priest Xellos.

And then the Dokugumon started showing up so Siarnaq is slightly side-tracked to go and eliminate them.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Siarnaq will always post in caps lock, even if his mun must strain herself by holding the shift key the whole time. (CAPS LOCK KEY IS FOR WUSESS.)
  • The digital world is a horrid influence on Siarnaq, as he has occasionally made posts that are just a single "HA" and has even pulled on terms and sayings from his Hunter Days.
Series Canon Mega Man ZX
Journal capslockninja
Role-Player Ash
Age Late-Twenties to Early Thirties
Digimon Partner Tsukaimon
Affiliations Mega Men
D-Comm Colors Light Purple and Gold
D-Comm Symbol Shuriken
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