Sister Anita Dalton


24/7 happy and cheerful. She's 22 years old, but she doesn't act like it at all. Not that she's immature, she's just the kind of girl who lives life to the fullest, and she shows it. She also randomly breaks out into Tai Chi at the most oppertune moments (haha, not); it's a way of clearing her head and calming herself down, she claims.


As a monk, Anita has healing and smiting powers; she also has a secondary profession of a mesmer, so in addition to being able to heal and brutally attack, she has powers akin to those of Gwen. Like Gwen, however, her powers have been significantly weakened; this also includes her aura sight. So, she provides quite a bit of comical relief with just trying to get herself around without running into trees and anything she can't 'see.'


  • Feathered Monk Staff


Patamon is much like a mother hen. He worries over Anita's safety, especially considering his tamer is blind. Anita immediately took to Patamon, despite not knowing what he looks like, and sees him as a good friend … who happens to worry about her a lot and warn her to watch out for trees. Patamon, despite only knowing Anita for a short amount of time, loves and cares for Anita as if she were his best friend since childhood .. despite how annoyed he sometimes gets at her carefree attitude.

Pre-Roleplay History

Anita was born into a family who served as monks in a Monestary. She was also expected to become a monk … there was only one problem. Anita was born blind. Despite her blindness, however, Anita learned how to move around well on her own using the monk's ability to sense auras from living things; this led to her being trained as a monk just as she was supposed to. Her sense of hearing, as a result of her blindness, is greatly enhanced, so she tends to react strongly to loud sounds and get headaches quite a bit.

On her 22nd birthday, however, she was given a mission: one of the monestary's members, Sister Nina Lastran, had been missing for several months, and there was no way to get in touch with her. Worried, the monestary's leaders sent Sister Anita to find Sister Nina and see that she was okay. Upon hearing a rumor that Nina had been traveling with 'The White Monk,' a man known by the name Napu Raptor, she set out to find both Nina and Napu.

While still trying to find Sister Nina, Sister Anita was asked to investigate a crevice that had suddenly appeared on Kaineng Island. She found that there was an underground tunnel to the northern shiverpeaks, and, along the way, the Eye of the North. There, she met Gwen, and agreed to help Gwen find the Ebon Vanguard … as well as agreeing to help two others, Vekk and Ogden Stonehealer, gain allies with a race called the Norn and ask the Asuran people for their wisdom.

Of course, Sister Anita doesn't mind that she's momentarily strayed from the task she'd been given. She just enjoys helping people.


  • D-Comm
  • Feathered Staff

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Devin Daniels: Devin was the first person Anita and Patamon met in the digital world. After learning about her monk powers, he became excited to see them; unfortunately, Anita fears using her powers in the digital world because of how much her aura senses are affected.
  • Gwen: Gwen worked alongside Anita for a short while; Anita was concerned when Gwen suddenly disappeared without a word to anyone, and she maintains this worry for her friend and comrade despite how cheerful she appears all the time.

Activity in the Digital World


Sister Anita Dalton
Series Original Character: From the Guild Wars Universe
Name Anita Dalton
Alias Sister, Sister Anita, Blind Monk
Journal tai_chi_time
Role-Player Taco
Age 22
Digimon Partner Patamon
Affiliations Devin Daniels, Gwen
Demon Seal None
Dating None
D-Comm Colors Sage Green, Silver, Brown
D-Comm Symbol Ankh
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