Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad are a group of Tamers and Digimon unique to the RPG canon.

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It started as a joke between Kelsey and other Rangers about the Rangers back home who seemed to be almost suicidal in the insane risks they took in battle. Originally a nickname for the JLAC Lightspeed Rescue, Kelsey adopted it for her new group. The term "Suicide" was later added to their specialized weapon, their gestalt BFS (big frakking sword).


To run into danger DATS may be hesitant to jump head-first into. To explore the Digital World. And most of all, to have fun with it.

And maybe they'll figure out some kind of legitimate thing to do with this other than beating the crap out of things.


During Rose's shock over being erased from her world, Kira decided to shanghai her and several other interested parties into joining Jack Sparrow on his mission to retrieve one of the Jijimon's necklace fragments. This was the Squad's first mission, formed of Kelsey, Kira, Conner McKnight, Ethan James, Rose, Sam and Max, and Trip. The Yellow Rangers decided they needed a BFS, so the Black Pearl crew put one together for them, the Suicide Sword, a gestalt weapon powered by Digisoul. The Sword first saw action in Vamdemon's siege on Royal Base, where the Squad teamed up with the other Rangers and Sarge and Grif.

Soon after, Conner and Ethan returned to their world, leaving their Sword pieces in Kelsey's care (a safety mechanism built-in just in case this should happen). Things were fairly quiet for the Squad after—Sam and Max went to look for Yggdrasil (and flee Tommy Oliver and Kira), they tried to hide Lopez 2.0 from Sarge (without success), they joined in Grifball, and they met up for Rose's birthday.

When Kurata posted the video of his torture/brainwashing session with Yoshino, a pissed Kelsey put in an open recruitment for any and all people interested in joining the Squad and commissioned a mini-Zord to be constructed from Sarge's Dire Pig, a project to be built by Akira Kazama and funded by the mysterious Barber Taros.

As D is for Doomsday approached, Ryoko noticed a bizarre tendency for Belldandy to ask extremely specific questions: a habit that prompted Rose to seek help from David Xanatos. After it ended, Deadpool mentioned that he'd been hired to rough up Belldandy's sister Skuld, and the Squad confessed their suspicions. Liking his style (and since Tommy and Leanbow had returned home), Kelsey invited him to the Squad and gave him the red Suicide Sword fragment. She later also gave him the blue Suicide Sword.

When Ravemon instituted a military police state in Tetha, Commander Anubis "Doggy" Cruger came to Kelsey asking if she was willing to reorganize the Squad into a new SPD to help defend the people of the city.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Suicide Sword (only seven fragments, so given sparingly)
  • Grotto Hammer DX (customized for Grifball)
  • Licht Sieger DX (customized for Grifball)
  • Warthog mini-Zord
Suicide Squad
Formed April 10, 2008
Headquarters Tetha, as that's where most of them live
Sponsors Jack Sparrow, Sarge, "Barber Taros" (formerly), David Xanatos
Kelsey Winslow and Renamon
Kira Ford and Armadimon
Sam and Max
Rose and V-mon
Trip Regis and Kokuwamon
Ryoko and Lopmon
Tatum O'Neil and Tsukaimon
Ben Tennyson and Coronamon
Sarge and Guilmon
Deadpool and Chuumon
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