Sumiko Fujieda

Sumiko Fujieda is a human being from the Digimon Savers canon.


Sumiko is probably the most well-adjusted of the Fujieda sisters, more relaxed than the constantly on edge Takara and more confident in herself and her abilities than Yoshino. (Usually. She's been beating herself up recently for being so stupid as to not be good enough for the man she loved and not notice he was seeing someone else.) She loves a challenge and often gets bored quite easily, thriving on change and willing to take chances. At the same time she does not cope well with things outside her weirdness threshold and tends to try and ignore that which is too weird for her. Though she loves people she's not fantastic with kids and relates best to people in her age range.


Sumiko's mind is the kind that soaks up information like a sponge. While her memory is by no means photographic, she does learn and retain information very easily, with attention to detail.

Sumiko also has a certain gift with language that mostly comes out in her professional capacity. Working in public relations, she's very good at making a client sound awesome and has had to cover up her share of sticky situations. So alas, Sumiko is a very good liar. It's a pity she wasn't the type to sneak out or smoke on school grounds growing up; her excuses would have been believed.

Like her sisters, Sumiko reached some obscenely high grade on the piano and can still play very well. She favors music of the Romantic era.

She also makes a mean coffee.


None; this may change.


None; this may change.

Relationships and Affiliations

  • Yoshino Daimon

Pre-Roleplay History

The middle of three sisters, Sumiko was close to her older sister Takara growing up, despite their differences, and their proximity in age and ability meant they often played duets on the piano together. The two were embarrassed by their little sister Yoshino and tended to exclude her from their activities. Though Sumiko tried to understand Yoshino's partnership with Lalamon, even attempting at one stage to water the little plant, her sister's involvement with digimon was something out of the ordinary that she couldn't get her head around, and she soon returned to leaving Yoshino to her own devices. Sumiko, after all, had Takara and her own friends.

Sumiko had the brains of the family, and coped well with her parents' push for success, cruising through school and flying through the university entrance exam without much effort while still maintaining good relationships with her friends. Her academic strengths, however, were in language, particularly writing and public speaking. Academia bored her, but in her odd jobs during college Sumiko finally found her calling: Public relations. Here she was adequately challenged by the fast pace and constant change of the work, as well as the opportunity to work with people.

Upon graduation Sumiko moved to Odaiba, Tokyo and became a publicist working with various record companies, including at one stage Hitoshi Hanamura, stage name Neon's company. Though she never worked with the star personally, she was most bemused by her little sister's involvement with the star. It was also a reminder of her shortcomings as an older sister: After Yoshino had moved out at age sixteen (while Sumiko was in college) Sumiko had made little effort to keep in contact with her beyond birthday and Christmas cards and presents. Though she wanted to remedy this, the pressures of work made this little more than a nagging feeling in the back of her mind.

Sumiko had kept in much better contact with Takara, however, as well as a young man she met in the final year of her degree, Kazuki Goda. After a year of friendship they began seeing each other, and they moved in together a few months later. When the Royal Knights' attacks on Yokohama forced Takara and her fiance Soichiro Aragaki to evacuate the city, they made a temporary move to Odaiba where Sumiko and Kazuki took them in. Having survived four people, one of them Sumiko's older sister at that, living in an apartment built for at most two for a month as the attacks went on and then Yokohama began to rebuild, engagement was naturally the next step for the couple.

When Yoshino went missing (read: into the Dive digital world), Sumiko took time off work and returned to Yokohama to try and comfort their parents, as well as a worried Takara. She could only, however, take a month off in the high pressure world of public relations, and returned to work a little more stressed than before: She'd meant to reach out to her little sister, and now she might never get a chance to. Yoshino was eventually presumed dead as other important members of DATS' disappearances sparked conspiracy theories, theories which Sumiko began to read into in her spare time.

Eventually, however, Takara and Soichiro decided to press ahead with the wedding, marrying in the summer a year after the events of Digimon Savers. Sumiko was Takara's maid of honor, as her older sister had opted for a more Western-style wedding. Sumiko's relationship with Kazuki had been getting somewhat strained for some time before this, before Kazuki supposedly began spending a bit more time with his friends in response to Sumiko's increasing workload and therefore stress. Five months after Takara's wedding, Kazuki broke off the engagement and left Sumiko for another woman who he had been seeing for four months. Shocked and hurt, she became a little distrustful of men and her work suffered from her slight depression.

Activity in the Digital World

Sumiko arrived in Flower Paradise soon after her twenty-fourth birthday, quickly finding herself allergic to her surroundings.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Sumiko has very bad hay fever.
Sumiko Fujieda
Series Canon Digimon Savers
Name Sumiko Fujieda
Played By Mizuki Ashiya of Hana Kimi
Journal middle_flower
Role-Player Caryl
Age 24
Digimon Partner Floramon
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