Sync The Tempest


Being born and almost thrown into a volcano, Sync doesn't like people in general, not even himself. He's cold around everyone, and doesn't even thinks about letting people into his feelings and life. It's mainly because he was lonely for his whole first life, and considered himself useless and 'weak'. When people tries to get him to reconsider his feelings about life and people, Sync goes stubborn and refuses to believe anything; his mind will continue to believe that he was nothing, not even a replacement, while Ion was chosen to be the Fon Master.

He will speak to others, even though he would rather not do so. He would rather be alone more than half of the time, and will not ask for help very often. His ideals of the world has his mind into a state of rejection, and he himself doesn't have the power to bring himself out of there. Its the main reason for his attitude to everyone and himself, and why he's so stubborn about certain things.

However, he doesn't know many things, so there is space for him to learn and perhaps even thing differently.


Sync can use Daathic Artes (to an extend, they aren't near as powerful as Ion's, but they don't wear him down as much.) and some Fonic Artes. Thanks to the Digital World, it's hard to use them without weakening.


N/A, he uses martial arts for combat.


Sync's digimon, Black Guilmon, is a polar opposite of him. Black Guilmon is a nice digimon, that loves the world and acts as Sync's 'therapist' to try to make him understand. However, he mainly fails, as he reminds him somewhat of Ion. Black Guilmon is also quite hyper and sometimes sound like he isn't too smart, but he really quite is. Only thing that he isn't too smart with is pronouncing names. To Black Guilmon, Sync is called 'Psyche', and most places are named from foods. (ex. Chesedonia = Cheeseonia. D'Ango Forest = Dango Forest )

Right now, Black Guilmon is possessed by the Demon Seal of Wrath, so he's currently mean, like Sync, and actually pronounces things correctly. :(

Pre-Roleplay History

Sync was one of the seven replicas that two people names Van and Mohs made of the Original Fon Master. Unlike the seventh replica, Ion, he was weak, thus thrown into the mouth of Mt. Zaleho. However, Van has rescued him from the volcano, which is how he survived.

During the two years of this life, Sync learned to despise living, hating the Score because it was the reason why he was in the world. The only reason he has followed Van was because he was going to erase Lorelei, and the Score along with it. To keep his identity from being found out by others, Sync has a mask on, hiding his facial expression; the key to finding out who he really is. Only Van really know who he was in the beginning.

As an underling of Van, Sync was on of the God Generals, being known as 'Sync the Tempest'. The first time Luke's Posse encountered Sync was when he was in St. Binah, speaking with the other God Generals about their location. They didn't know that they were in St. Binah, so they all left, heading to Kaitzur as it was the only place Luke's group would be able to go.

Later on, Sync encounters the group at Choral Castle. Dist and Sync were conducting an experiment on Luke, messing with some of his seventh fonon. They were found by the rest of the group that was there, and Guy attacked Sync. Sync was able to counter, but his mask flew off. Guy got a look at his face, but he put it back on and fled. He knew that Guy noticed the facial expression that he had, but he had to leave that until later.

When Luke's group got to Chesedonia, Sync tried to get the files that they have taken from Choral Castle. In order to do this, he attacked the person that was holding it: Guy. Hitting Guy in the shoulder, he placed a Daathic Cursed Mark Seal. When Guy dropped the files, Sync picked up the disc, but did not managed to get the actual files themselves. Knowing that he shouldn't do much more, he fled. When Dist and him spoke at the bay after not being able to get on, Sync told Dist that he put a cursed slot on the one who knew what he looked like (Guy) so he would be able to control him at any time.

At Baticul, Sync ordered the Dark Wings to kidnap Fon Master Ion, so they can use him to open a Sephiroth at Zao Ruins. Once they got Fon Master Ion, Sync, Largo, and Asch brought him to the ruins. After they had Ion open the door, Luke's Group came. Sync and Largo fought, but did not manage to defeat them. In order to stop the battle, he agreed to let the Fon Master go. Once they let him go, Largo spoke Natalia's name, who was now with Luke's group. Asch ask him if he knew, and Largo said no, that it was nothing but his dead past. Sync then told Asch that they did not need to know each other, saying that Asch himself should know that the most. After they spoke, they all left the Zao Ruins.

Later on, when Luke's group went to Chesedonia, Sync attempted to use the Cursed Slot seal on Guy. He learned that he was resisting it more than he thought he would, and let them be until later on, when they were going through the Theor Forest.

When Luke's group got through most of the Theor Forest, Sync once again attempted to use Guy as a weapon while Largo distracted them and told them to make sure they watched their back. Using the Daathic Arte to control the seal, Guy then attacked Luke. An earthquake then shook, revealing where he was to Tear. Natalia then shot an arrow at him, causing him to fall from the tree. Malkuth knights then started to come, so Sync told Largo that they should retreated and left Theor Forest and the group.

The next time that Sync encounters the group is on the Tartaros, when Luke's group attempts to seal the Miasma into the Core. He stowed away on the Tartaros, and erased the glyph that the group needed. When they went onto the dock and noticed that it was gone. Sync tell him what he did and then told the m to die, leading them all into battle.

During the battle, Sync's mask flies off once more, leaving his face revealed to everyone there, including Ion. The Fon Master then mentions that he too was also a replica of the original Fon Master. After telling them what happened, Sync speaks up, telling them that unlike Ion, he was trash and was thrown into the mouth of the volcano. He also mentions that he was garbage, something that couldn't even have been served as an replacement. If it wasn't for the Score and Van, he wouldn't have been alive. Ion then tries to tell him that he should come with them because he's the same and hold out his hand. Sync pushes it aside and backs up to the edge of the Tartaros, refusing and saying that there is no reason for him to do so, and that he's nothing but worthless. He then falls off the edge of the Tartaros, sinking into the core.

In the core, he was really about to die, until he Van grabbed him and told him that he will used some of Lorelei's power to bring him back up for just a little bit longer. Sync told him that he never expected him to be there, and then was went back up to Auldrant.

When he reached Auldrant, Sync, along with the other God Generals, went into Mohs side for their own reasons. While he was allied with Mohs, Sync traveled around the world and started to read out the score, also taking in people's readings to they can be extracted and made into Replicas, which was the reason for siding with 'Fon Master Mohs' and the New Order of Lorelei.

While reading the score out in Chesedonia, he was met up by Luke's group. After a bit of a conversation, he told the people that whoever wanted to read the score will follow him. As Anise tried to tell the people that they shouldn't follow him, Sync mimicked Ion, and then laughed saying that fighting him was also fighting Ion.

Sync then goes to Eldrant when he gets arisen, and watches as Mohs starts to go out of control. He mentions to the God Generals (that were there) that it looks like Mohs can't handle it. Largo, Legretta, Dist, and himself (those are the ones who were there.) Then left, heading out to go to the Absorption Gate.

At the Absorption Gate, Sync is there with new clothing on with Mohs, Largo, and Legretta. Van then comes, and they all go back to the beginning of the place, brining along a replica of Fon Master Ion. When they reach the top, Asch has followed them, so Sync goes and fends him off. Once Luke's group reached the beginning of the Absorption Gate, they attacked Sync, but Sync dodged both Tear's and Jade's attack, and then ran off.

Sync goes to Eldrant and waits until they approach. When they do,\Sync noticed that they use second-order Hyperessonance. When they see him, they have a conversation, giving him a lecture and asking why he was following Van is he is a replica. Sync tells them that there is no reason for him to be alive, that if it wasn't for the score, he wouldn't have been living with the pathetic like that he had. The not a thing has been gained, and that he was empty.

Anise then asked him if he really didn't gain anything at all, and Sync told her that he gained nothing. But it didn't matter to him, and that he didn't care who it was he was being used for, as long as that they would erase the score, the Seventh Fonon itself. The group then runs towards him, and he jumped back. Punching his fists together, the group started to shake. Before the battle, he tells them that he may be inferior, but his power of the Seventh Fonon is that of the Fon master, and that they will know if he unleashed his true power.

After the battle, he kneels down in his torn clothing, saying that van must destroy Lorelei before he disperses into fonons.


Clothing & Mask that Daemon has given him to disguise himselve a little.

Activity in the Digital World

Right when Sync came into the Digital World, he hated it. At first he wanted to dehydrate himself in the Desert, but no thanks to Black Guilmon, he was 'saved' and brought to Tetha. When Tetha was attacked, they somehow managed to bring themselves to D'Ango Forest, where they surprisingly met up with the TotA crew.

He didn't stay with them for long. As soon as he had the chance, he left them and went on his own way, the 'stupid lizard' following him. Eventually, he was met up by Daemon, who then placed the Seal of Wrath on him.

About a few months later, he had met up with Daemon again, his seal growing to level two. Not too long after that has occured, Sync and Black Guilmon attacked Taichi and Yamato. During that battle, Black Guilmon has evolved, the seal taking control of the digimon, and the seal on Sync growing to level three.

Sync the Tempest
Series Tales of the Abyss
Name Sync the Tempest
Alias Synch the Gale, Sync, "Meanie Face"
Journal reaperstoll
Role-Player DigiPeachFruit
Age 2 14
Digimon Partner Giru (Black Guilmon)
Affiliations Daemon
Demon Seal Wrath
Dating N/A
D-Comm Colors White, Green, and Black
D-Comm Symbol Symbol that is on his chest
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