Tablet is a demon from the Graffiti Kingdom canon.


Tablet at a glance seems to be one of those typical detached, morally-ambiguous, assist-or-attack mysterious loners, and not only does he know it, he's pleased by filling that role. He's always keeping to himself, sneaking around, taking care of whatever business he has to, that or entertaining himelf, though those can go hand in hand. The gears in his head are always turning whether he's plotting something trivial or something vital, and their workings are unbeknownst to everyone around him. He's very, very unreadable, though if he has something to say to someone, he'll say it straight up - it's just that there are several ways to interpret what he's saying. He's deadpan and never wipes the smirk off his face. You can't tell by tone or expression whether he's giving advice or a warning, joking or being serious, being sarcastic or being honest, or what he's thinking.

His opinions on the people around him are similarly hard to figure out. He usually seems to avoid people he dislikes, but people he doesn't feel so negatively toward hardly see him either - he's more likely to be observing them from just out of sight. It's unsure whether or not there are many people he actually likes per se, but if he finds someone interesting or fun, they'll probably find themselves subject to his love of toying with others - he enjoys mind games and playing tricks. He isn't particularly used to spending time with others, not that he's had much of an opportunity to hang around anyone besides his bratty sister or demons who consider themselves his family's servants. He's actually a bit lonely, something he himself doesn't realize.

Tablet is very cool-headed and patient - again with his lack of visible changes in mood. He's also calculating and manipulative. If he decides he wants something, he'll pull out all the stops to get it, usually in a more behind the scenes, puppet master fashion than an aggressive one, with few regrets for any trouble he might have caused others, a problem with that being that there are times he doesn't even know what he really wants. He doesn't often feel particularly bonded to anyone and tends not to understand people, though he can certainly be curious about the thoughts and feelings of others, and not only is he logical, he's creative, also a trait that's just as well seeing as he's from a world where creativity spawns life. He's dignified (leading to extra annoyance with the whiny, bratty Palette) and speaks quite formally, probably reflecting both his noble upbringing and domineering personality, and sort of gives off a feminine air.

Pre-Roleplay History

Early Life

To start with, Tablet and his older sister Palette are literally the spawn of Satan, making them respectively the Prince and Princess of demons. The world they come from is one where art is an all-powerful demonic power - the creative hold power provided they have something called a Graffiti Wand, a drawing tool that works in empty space and can have what it has drawn brought to life. This is apparently where demons come from in their world, and Tablet and Palette were raised spoiled rotten surrounded by their father's creations, the most notable of which are Niss, a sort of palace guard; Acryla, basically a nanny; Telepin; Carleton; and the Demon Bosses, the more elite servants entrusted with more important jobs and holders of the keys to main palace whenever outside forces needed to be kept away. Said Demon Bosses are Palette herself and two minions called Deskel and Easel, the latter of which later joins Tablet in the Digital World as a partner in the form of an Impmon.

And of course, because a Graffiti Wand can make anything drawn real by someone who knows how to use it, Tablet and Palette had easy access to anything they wanted. This only added to the spoiling-rotten process.

Palette shaped up to be an insufferable Veruca Salt-brat who enjoyed the ridiculously easy life of Satan's daughter. She spent all her time in her castle creating her own little graffiti demons, ordering the minions to play with her, demanding pastry after pastry to snack on, and inviting a human friend of hers, a graffiti artist named Pastel, over for tea parties, sleepovers, and other such girly-girl female bonding events.

Tablet, on the other hand, found staying inside the palace and trying to live like his sister unsatisfying. He was always sneaking about, perfecting his own graffiti creations or coming up with some kind of way to relieve his boredom. Nothing ever lasted, keeping him always out and about, not telling anyone what he was doing or what he wanted, the latter being something that was always changing anyway. He became very detached, enigmatic to his own family and servants, even by their standards.

It occured to him that his father was the one having all the fun. As the Devil, the king of demons, he must have plenty to do. Maybe that kind of power would be just what he needed. As Prince, it'd only make sense that he'd be able to attain it…

But, nah. Not a good stream of consciousness to follow.

Eventually, the Devil pushed his luck and attempted to completely take over the kingdom governing the (game's) world only to be stopped and sealed away in a drawing on a wall by his daughter's best friend, his palace and all his creations included along with his children.

All Hell Breaks Loose

When a thousand years later the kingdom's new eleven-year-old prince Pixel happened to stumble upon the wall and Pastel's Graffiti Wand, he found himself accidentally breaking the seal allowing the Devil, his children, and his minions all to return, their influence immediately covering the castle turning it into the world that they'd created before.

Tablet found himself a bit curious about Pixel - a bored and adventurous prince like himself, only with an entirely different personality. It might make him fun to mess around with, wouldn't it? So he introduced himself. After that, he frequently popped up in Pixel's path to sealing the Devil away yet again whether to help or to challenge him to a duel of graffiti creatures.

That curiosity grew into something else. Tablet actually started to feel a bit attached to Pixel to the point where he found unfamiliar feelings forming towards him. Those feelings were ones of friendship. And what do friends do? They help each other whenever they can.

Pixel had been fighting through the Demon Bosses for their keys, the only way to reach the Devil, and after he'd defeated Palette, just before she vanished and floated away as a ghost, she fired a beam at him, which Tablet leaped in the way of to save his first real friend.

He recovered without Pixel knowing.

After Pixel made his way to the palace and fought the Devil, Tablet decided to make the most of the situation - he stepped in and killed his father himself, becoming the new Devil. Before he could give his previous plans to see how much fun the powers of a king of demons would bring him a try, Pixel challenged him to a fight and won… and proceeded right afterwards to draw him a new body and say that he would redraw Tablet as many times as he needed as long as he would be good.

Tablet protested to begin with, saying that it was the way of demons not to be good, but he then realized - it's not necessarily in their nature to be evil, either. Selfish, uncaring, or willing to do anything to keep themselves entertained, maybe, but they'd all been acting on influence up to this point.

And maybe now that he actually had a friend, he might not find a peaceful life quite so boring anymore.

Pixel let the demons stay in the kingdom where a big happily-ever-after ended up underway. Even the minions of the Devil found places in the town among humans, everything perfectly harmonized aside from the occasional Tablet prank or Palette drawing a monster as her own exaggerated form of tantrum.

Here, Tablet finds himself in what clearly isn't his world with only a Demon Boss in the form of no graffiti creature he's ever drawn for company, interrupting his new happy, laid-back life.

Activity in the Digital World

Tablet and Easel are still newcomers to the Digital World, arriving in mid-April in D'Ango Forest, at first at different locations. Just before they met in the woods, Tablet set his sights upon what he would learn to be the floating city of Tetha as an interesting spot to travel to. When they found each other and Easel gave his new "Tamer" his D-Comm, Tablet immediately sent out a message, received by Jinx, who both gave the pair an explanation of their new situation and roles and ended up encouraging Tablet to head to Tetha after all, both to drop by Jinx's shop for a few lessons on Digital World technology and for a place to stay. For the time being, Tablet and Easel reside at the Hinata Inn.

Series Canon Graffiti Kingdom
Journal scarfdevil
Role-Player Blue
Age Unknown, appears to be physically/equivalent to 10 years old
Affiliations N/A
Digimon Partner Easel (Impmon)
D-Comm Colors Green and purple
D-Comm Symbol The symbol of the demons, seen on his shirt
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