The TARDIS is a place and the group of Tamers and Digimon and a cat associated with it unique to the RPG canon.


Out of Character

POT, player of Koushirou and Sokka, originally named Koushirou and Ryo's room the TARDIS, with Caryl, player of Ryo and Molly, agreeing on the condition that Monodramon was inside the room at the time. However, the name soon came to mean the entire apartment, regardless of Monodramon's presence or lack thereof, and is also used to refer to its tenants.

The name originates from the Doctor's time machine cum spacecraft on the British scifi program Doctor Who, and was applied to the apartment on the basis that like its namesake, the apartment is bigger on the inside (thanks to Koushirou's hacking). Unlike the original TARDIS, however, the apartment does not travel through time and space.

(Yet. Who knows, Milleniumon may break out.)

In Character

The TARDIS is often referred to as such in canon, having started as a joke by Koushirou.

RPG Canon

The TARDIS was an apartment owned by Penguinmon and originally rented out by Koushirou Izumi and Sokka. However, with the Dokugumon swarm, Sokka spent little time at the studio apartment (for some reason digimon apartments only have one room), allowing Koushirou to invite Ryo R. Akiyama and by extension Molly Hale to stay with him while they looked for a place of their own. When Sokka moved out to live with his girlfriend Azula, Ryo and Molly moved in permanently. Hotaru Tomoe soon joined them on the suggestion of Shego, and for a time the four Tamers (and their partners) were crammed in the one room. This forced them to creative measures in quests for privacy, with the boys resorting to the roof.

Upon receiving a laptop from the Shinigami Ryuk, one of the first things Koushirou did was hack some bedrooms into the apartment. This ability came in handy, as Ken Ichijouji soon found himself in this digital world, and, being a close friend of both Koushirou and Ryo, moved in with them. Mackenzie also moved in with them, as she is Koushirou's roommate in her universe and insists on making Koushirou's life hell wherever she goes. Upon Ken's brother Osamu Ichijouji's arrival in the digital world, Koushirou invited him to stay with them also.

Unfortunately, when Yggdrasil came online, the digital god soon blocked all access to the digital world's code and stripped all outside alterations to it, reverting the TARDIS to its original state - a studio apartment. The TARDIS crew thus moved to the Silver Dragon, where they occupy most of the third floor of the apartment complex. Upon Aveline Izumi's arrival in the digital world, Koushirou took her home there, and she soon invited Anei Yagami to live with them also so she wouldn't be alone. Ryo later moved into the new TARDIS on his return from his three weeks of self-imposed isolation.

Masami was later kidnapped and turned into a Bio-Hybrid by Kurata. In an attempt to help bring her back, Molly joined DATS full-time and left the TARDIS, moving into the Royal Base. She still keeps in close contact with the TARDIS crew, particularly with her brothers and her niece. Upon her return to sanity, Masami did the same.

Finding himself with a free plus one for Masaru Daimon and Yoshino Fujieda's wedding, Ryo in a spur of the moment phenomenally bad decision invited The Doctor along, and the Time Lord spent the next week and a half sleeping on the TARDIS couch before becoming data frozen in the TARDIS kitchen for two weeks. During his stay there, the Doctor irritated Koushirou and Ryo in their hungover states after the wedding reception and was later subjected to a Fight Club moment with Ryo, who had been busily flirting with him.

The TARDIS was surprisingly unharmed during the battle with Doom. A week later, Jenny appeared in the digital world, or, more precisely, dead on the TARDIS living room floor. Both Ken and Hotaru checked on her while Ryo went uselessly flailing to the hospital, and she spent the night there before taking off on her own to explore the digital world with the digitama containing her partner.

Ken also decided to join DATS full-time, leaving like Molly and Masami before him for the Royal Base. When the data freeze virus lifted, the Doctor left to find his daughter, and Koushirou, still upset over Ryo's flirting despite a heartfelt apology letter, turned his attempted storm out into a walk to think things over. Unfortunately Vadermon took this as an opportunity to kidnap him.

Brewfest hit the Hinata Inn and Silver Dragon complex two weeks later. Exasperated with the drunken children roaming the premises, Ryo finally snapped and declared that they were moving until Brewfest was over, and the TARDIS crew - or what was left of it - relocated to the Royal Base. With the early ending of Brewfest, the TARDIS crew slowly moved back to the Silver Dragon, with the exception of Mackenzie, who was still in hospital, and Anei, who decided to stay in the Royal Base.

Room Assignments

It is unknown where the digimon sleep, although Monodramon definitely has a room to himself.

  • Ryo and Koushirou's old room
  • Hotaru and Meng
  • Osamu and Ken's old room
  • Mackenzie
  • Aveline and Anei's old room

There is now one free room (Masami's) and two free beds (Molly's and Ken's) in the TARDIS, though as the oldest Tamer remaining there and thus in charge by default, Ryo refuses to give away either Molly or Ken's beds (though he did allow Jenny to sleep one night in Molly's).

The TARDIS floor of the Silver Dragon also houses the Future Brainbreakers' clubhouse.

House Guests

Previous house guests of the TARDIS have included The Doctor for a week and a half and his later two week data freeze following Masaru and Yoshino's wedding, and his daughter Jenny for one night after she appeared dead on the living room floor. Tora also stayed with the TARDIS while they were relocated to the Royal Base until she accidentally walked in on Ryo and the Doctor having sex and was invited by the latter to join in. Appalled, she ran away to the Matsuda Bakery.

Formed January 2008
IC Origin Tetha
Headquarters Third floor, the Silver Dragon apartments, Tetha
Meng and Alraumon
Ryo R. Akiyama and Monodramon (away with the pirates)
Mackenzie Alexander and Ryuudamon (in hospital)
Aveline Izumi and Otamamon (with Masami)
Koushirou Izumi and Tentomon (DATS)
Hotaru Tomoe and Lunamon
Former Members
Tora Akiyama and Pi (temporary)
Molly Hale Akiyama-Izumi and Kumamon (DATS)
Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon (DATS)
Osamu Ichijouji and Keramon (off-world)
Masami Izumi and Kunemon (DATS)
Anei Yagami and Pawmon (DATS)
House Guests
The Doctor and Alonzo
Jenny and Donna
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