Tatsuki Arisawa

Tatsuki Arisawa is a human being from the anime series Bleach.

Pre-Roleplay History

Tatsuki is a student at the Karakura High School, in the same classroom as Ichigo Kurosaki, her childhood friend and karate partner. When they were children, Tatsuki regularly saved Ichigo when he was getting beaten up, as well as cheering him up when he was upset.

Tatsuki is best friends with Orihime Inoue and is constantly protecting her from men looking for a date, to say nothing of Chizuru Honshō, the school lesbian, who often approaches and grabs Orihime's breasts. Tatsuki has done this since middle school, when she beat up some bullies that were trying to cut Orihime's hair, and had already done so once before her brother died. After that, Tatsuki promised to protect her from anyone who dared to make her cry, and she and Orihime became best friends.

One night Tatsuki was with Orihime at her apartment when they are both attacked by a Hollow, which turned out to be Orihime’s own dead brother, though Tatsuki herself never found out. At this point Tatsuki knew nothing at all about Hollows. Yet even as she was thrown against the room by some force and sees herself bleeding she knows there was something else in the room, even though she couldn’t see it. Eventually, the Hollow grabbed her by the throat, and eventually she fainted. When she came too however her memories of the incident had been altered by Rukia, wiping the incident from her mind.

However it was completely wiped out as eventually she had flashes of that day, though they seemed more like a lingering dream. It happened as she now could actually see ghosts, a sign that her own spiritual powers were starting to develop.

When the school was attacked by a Hollow, her classmates fell victim to its powers, becoming its puppets as it tried eat Orihime. Tatsuki tried to fight it but ended up being controlled and then later near death. It was because of her own actions that Orihime’s own powers emerged, which she used to save her life.

Orihime and Tatsuki are both looking at the door to see who or what is coming. Suddenly, blood falls on the floor and Orihime looks down at her hand and sees that it is covered in blood. Orhime asks if it's blood and then her brother stabs her through the heart. Orihime falls to the ground and Tatsuki looks at her. Soon after that, Tatsuki begins to see hollows clearly, but never mentions it to Orihime.

On the night of a fighter works show, Tatsuki and Orihime sat together under the night sky watching them. Tatsuki made Orihime promise that she will come back alive from wherever she plans to go, knowing she’s going somewhere she can’t go but wants to know she’ll come back alive. She’s very much relieved to see her in class when school starts again.

Not long after that is when the Espada Yammy and Ulquiorra arrive in the human world. Yammy makes his presence known by using Gonzui, a hollow technique that will suck up human souls within a certain range. Only those with spiritual powers have managed to survive dying at the hands of this technique. Tatsuki was one of those very few, though she was so terrified by the action and she couldn’t even move. It was only due to the fact of Orihime and Chad that saved her from Yammy crushing her skull with his foot. Yet she also watches in horror as they, and then Ichigo, are beaten, and only when Yoruichi and Urahara arrive are they safe. After being healed by Inoue, she still retains her memories of that event as they are not mind wiped from her. She also witnesses the battle Ichigo has against Grimmjow a few nights later.

Her frustration reaches it limits once she can no longer sense Orihime (who had been taken to Hueco Mundo by Ulquiorra) , whom she has always been able to sense, even when she went to Soul Society. She confronts Ichigo, who tells her its none of her business. In response, she punches his head through a window, shouting at him and letting loose all of her anger and frustration, telling him that she’s not as clueless as he thinks. She wants to help, she wants him to tell her what he knows, because are they not friends. Instead, Ichigo picks himself up and tells Keigo and Mizuiro to take care of her and he leaves.

Not taking no for an answer, she follows Ichigo, which Keigo and Mizuiro tagging along, to the Urahara Shoten, and watches him, Ishida and Chad leave for Hueco Mundo. It’s only after they’ve gone that Urahara announces that he’s been aware of their being there the entire time.

It is as Tatsuki is standing there, wondering what will happen now that she is pulled into the digital world…

Activity in the Digital World

When she first arrives in the digital world she ends up face to face with her partner Gaomon, who dislikes her pink fur color, while Tatsuki is reminded of Inoue by it and she'd probably hug the digimon to death if she ever saw it. The two have a rather… volitile relationship right from the start as the two seem to have very similar personaltiies, which make them clash with each other.

Upon using her D-comm for the first time, she's unexpectedly contacted by Ichigo, who has also found himself in this world. Upon receiving the Lightpost data to Tetha, she arrives there to meet him, and the first thing she does is give him a punch to the face. After that, its business as usual… sorta. As Ichigo tells her about all of the secrets that he has kept from her, Tatsuki's own depression grows until she slams her fist into the ground, creating a small crater and seeing her hand now covered for a moment in a white digital glow.

Tatsuki Arisawa
Series Canon Bleach
Journal 2ndbestinjapan
Role-Player SethAvalon
Age 16
Digimon Partner Gaomon
Affiliations Ichigo Kurosaki
D-Comm Colors Red/Pink
D-Comm Symbol N/A
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