Tear Grants


Tear, though only sixteen years old, is very patient and mature. Raised as a soldier, she was taught to be respectful to everyone who deserves her respect, and even those who don’t. She was also taught not to show any weakness, which is why she’s hardly ever seen as ‘emotional,’ and is often described as ‘Cold’ (mainly by Luke, toward the beginning of the game). When Tear does show emotion, she has a tendency to try and hide it, as she was raised to do.

In the duration of the game, she doesn’t make any immediate changes in her personality, but she does soften up a lot around certain people (again, namely Luke), and forms a close bond with her teammates; as a result, she begins to show a little more of her hidden personality.

Tear has a secret love of ‘cute’ things, and begins to show it a little more later on in the game as well. She can be compassionate, and cares a lot about the people closest to her.


Tear can sing fonic hymns which have powers all their own; she can put people to sleep, and she can attack and harm them physically with these hymns. Of course, her power has been severely reduced since coming to the digital world.


Her Staff was left behind when she came to the digital world, so none.


Lunamon hasn't shown much potential yet, to be honest. She's a sweet digimon, who at first didn't know if Tear was her partner or not, and continued asking Tear is she was, or if she would find her partner. Lunamon is shy, and so far? She's the cutest thing in this world, next to Nanami's Wormmon, of course. :P

Pre-Roleplay History

This history contains butchered spoilers for Tales of the Abyss. Read at your own discretion.

It started with a song …

The above quote, taken from the first subject of Luke’s diary, best describes how the story of Tales of the Abyss began; indeed, one of Tear’s fonic hymns (hymns she sings to physically effect whoever she uses it on; uses the seventh fonon, the fonon of sound) put the guards which guarded the castle of Baticul to sleep, giving her the opportunity to sneak in and attempt to ‘kill’ Van, Luke’s master. Luke, however, got in the way, and the two seventh fonists (though Luke didn’t know of it at the time) created a hyperressonance between them, transporting them from Baticul Castle into the next country over, Malkuth; to be more specific, Tattaroo Valley.

After they realized that they weren’t quite in Baticul anymore, Tear and Luke set to work in trying to get Luke back home. Tear apologized several times, telling Luke that she would take full responsibility for his transport away from the castle, and that she didn’t mean for him to get involved. After hitching a ride on the cart of a passing merchant, Luke and Tear realized that they weren’t in Kimlasca anymore. They were in Malkuth. With that, they decide to go to Engeve and figure out how to get back to Baticul from there.

On their way to Engeve, however, a group known as the Dark Wings supposedly caused an explosion that took out the bridge between Malkuth and Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, causing more problems for the hero and heroine. Oh, Joy.

While in Engeve, Luke, having no knowledge of how people in the outside world operated and only knew of how things were inside of Baticul Castle (hey, he HAD been confined to the castle for only his entire life), ended up stealing an apple, and is then accused of stealing the food supply for Engeve; a problem that had been happening as of late within the city. Knowing he was innocent, but thinking his arrest would do him some good (“It’ll knock some sense into his head”), Tear allowed him to be arrested by the citizens of Engeve. Luke continued to proclaim his innocence, and was soon backed by Fon Master Ion, who had done some investigation into the matter on his own and found Cheagle Fur in the area of the missing food supply. After realizing that Luke couldn’t possibly have stolen the food, he was apologized to and set free. Even though his innocence had been proven, however, Luke couldn’t stand being blamed for something someone else did; so, he and Tear went into the Cheagle Woods to find the Cheagles responsible and ‘turn them in’ for the crime.

Upon entering the Cheagle woods, they found Fon Master Ion defending himself against a monster of the Cheagle woods; after he used a Daathic Fonic Arte, he had defeated the monster, but was weakened due to the amount of energy used to perform the arte. Tear and Luke helped him, and with a small amount of reluctance from Luke, allowed him to follow along with them. Ion had explained to them that Cheagles were peaceful, sacred creatures, and herbivores at that. It was unusual for Cheagles to steal food. Ion had a bad feeling about the current state of the Cheagles, and had gone into the Cheagle woods in order to find out what the problem was.

In Cheagle woods, they found the problem. There was a small Cheagle, Mieu, who had burned the lands in which Ligers made their home; this caused the Ligers to move into the Cheagle woods as a new home. If the Cheagles didn’t give them food, the Ligers would resort to eating the Cheagles themselves. After hearing this, Ion was determined to negotiate with the Ligers. Using the sorcerer’s ring around Mieu, the cheagle who had caused the fires, Mieu was able to speak in the same language as Luke, Tear and Ion, and thus, become their translator for the negotiations.

Unfortunately, the negotiations didn’t end well.

The Liger Queen was about to lay eggs, and wished to be left in peace; she did not agree to the negotiation standards set by Fon Master Ion, and became hostile when Tear, Luke, Ion and Luke didn’t leave. It was then necessary to battle and kill the Liger Queen; Tear and Luke couldn’t do it on their own, though. With help from Jade, a Colonel in the Malkuth Military and friend of the Fon Master, they were able to kill the liger queen and restore peace to Engeve and Cheagle Woods. After giving a report to the Elder Cheagle concerning the matter, Mieu was banished from Cheagle Woods; not forever, but only for a year, in which that year was to be spent being Luke’s servant.

Upon exiting Cheagle Woods with Ion and Jade, however, they meet up with Anise, and are placed under arrest; for what? They don’t know. It’s revealed to them aboard the Tartarus, though. They wanted Luke’s aid in talking to the King of Baticul, who happens to be his uncle.

Let’s skip ahead, shall we? Seeing as her history’s going to make a novel if I keep at this pace … :3;; The mun would also like to take this time to apologize if she doesn’t remember everything in order. Mkay, onward!

The next notable event concerning Tear would have to be Akzeriuth. After putting up with one of the most conceited, selfish people in the entire game (also known as Luke fon Fabre), Tear and company (which at this point consisted of Luke, Anise, Jade, Natalia, Guy and of course, herself) headed toward Akzeriuth upon hearing a thick miasma had covered the entire city. After witnessing what, exactly, had been going on there, the group proceeded to head to the underground mines to see what the cause of the miasma could have been, and to see if it could be neutralized. Tear was called away to see about something that could have been the seventh fonstone, or the stone which contained the score of destruction. Things happened, Luke was deceived by Van, AND the town of Akzeriuth went bye-bye! And guess who did it? Yep. Luke fon Fabre. Afterward, most of the group decided they didn’t trust Luke anymore … and decided to head off without Luke after they made a stop at Yulia City; Asch came and took over being the ‘fearless leader’ for a while, and maintained a mind connection with an otherwise unconscious Luke, to update him on everything that happened when he, along with Anise, Jade, Guy and Natalia, visited Ortion Cavern to see about Van’s potential use of fomicry, a forbidden act.

After Asch had finally had enough of keeping the mind link with Luke, he let it go, and Luke awoke. Through Asch, Luke had learned that St. Binah, another city, was doomed to fall just as Akzeriuth had (only, Luke wasn’t going to be the one to destroy it). With this knowledge, he went to find Tear, who had stayed behind in Yulia City with him while everyone else went off with Asch. He found her in the garden of Selenias outside her room. They talked, he tried to convince her that he wanted to change, and this led to the infamous haircut scene, in which Luke cut his hair, saying that with that, he was letting go of who he used to be. Luke then asked Tear to watch him, that he was going to change. Tear agreed; even so, she warned him that she could also change her mind at any time. He understood, and the two of them went to see what could be done about St. Binah’s eventual collapse.

It wasn’t long before the group realized that not only St. Binah was in danger of falling into the Qliphoth … but the entirety of Auldrant was in danger of the same fate.

There was nothing that could have been done to save the lands and keep them above the Qliphoth, but there was a way of lowering the lands gently; and so, after realizing this, the group set out to find the sephiroths, the trees which would aid greatly in lowering the land so that everyone would remain safe.

Skipping ahead once more … keep in mind, this is the abridged version! I’m leaving out a lot of detaily crap!

During their adventures of lowering the land using the aid of the sephiroths, the group had begun to notice that Tear kept getting seemingly weaker/more tired, dizzy, etc. It was only once she’d collapsed at the site of one of the sephiroths after releasing it and having Lorelei (the ‘god’ of Auldrant) speak through use of her body that she was demanded to get checked out by the doctor in Belkend. After negotiations with scientists and the mayor of Belkend, Tear was able to be checked out by the doctor. It was here that she was told that there was a massive amount of miasma build-up in her body, likely from living in Yulia City for her entire life (which was covered in miasma from being located in the Qliphoth), and from releasing the sephiroth gates. She was told that if she continued to open the sephiroths, there was a high chance that she would kill herself; there was medication to help ease the pain and weariness of her current state, but it could only do so much. Luke went to her side after everyone found out, and told her how he wanted to say not to release the sephiroths anymore, but that would put thousands of lives in danger. She told him that if he had told her not to do it anymore, she would have lost all respect for him, and at seeing how careless she seemed about the news she received, he told her it was okay to cry. She began to cry, and told him to leave her alone, that she didn’t want anyone to see her like that. He told her he wasn’t leaving her, and that he’d turn around if he needed to, to which she responded with the most common word used to describe Luke: “Idiot.”

To sum up the rest of the first part … they found out that there wasn’t enough time to release the sephiroths of both the Absorption and Radiation gates, the start and end of the planet storm; therefore, they decided to do everything at the Absorption gate, and after a few boss battles and the first final battle against Van (Tear’s older brother, as mentioned before), the end of the first part of the game ends happily; all lands were safely lowered into the Qliphoth, the miasma had been dissipated, and everyone went their separate ways.

At the beginning of the second part of the game, a month has passed. Tear returned to Yulia City, researching something for Fon Master Ion. After that month, Luke decided it was time to go see his old friends, and with that, he went to see Tear first. The two talked, yadda yadda, and then she came with him to see Anise and Ion in Daath.

I’m probably going to butcher the second part more. Okay. I’m going to end this EXTREMELY abridged, because as much as I love this character, her history is EXTENSIVE. And has lots of detail. Which I’ve done a good job of butchering already. The main idea of the second part is that the Miasma returns, the lands are in danger again, and Hod is being resurrected as Eldrant. One of the major baddies of the game, known as Grand Maestro Mohs (who I so conveniently forgot to mention in the first part), has escaped from prison, and he’s clinging to the Score (which is basically the big prophecy thing of the game), and he wants to make damn sure that the score’s going to be followed!

Tear’s miasma buildup is cured by Ion, when he dies. D:

In any case, the super-abridged version: They find a way to dissipate the miasma again, this time by sacrificing several Replicas. Luke and Asch both fought over who was going to be sacrificed; Luke was having emo-issues and was all ‘I’m a replica, I shouldn’t be here, you’re my original, you should free Lorelei, yadda yadda.’ So he tried to dissipate the miama using his hyperressonance, and it was supposed to kill him … however, even though Asch stepped in, both of them miraculously survived. Luke was told soon after that he was going to die.

Did I mention Van is back? Oh. Oops. Yeah, that butthead’s back. And he’s trapped Lorelei within him. The rest of the game, after the miasma, is spent trying to track down Van, several boss battles are fought, and then the final boss battle is against Van; in which they kill him for good and release Lorelei, causing the world to live on.

Of course, this also caused Luke to disappear. They all knew it was going to happen, and they all said a few things to him before he freed Lorelei using the merged key and jewel of Lorelei. This is where Tear told him to come home, and where she also softly confessed his love to him … though it’s really uncertain if he heard it or not. Yeah. It was so soft, it didn’t even have a speech bubble.


  • D-Comm

Activity in the Digital World


Tear Grants
Series Tales of the Abyss
Name Mystearica Aura Fende (Full Name)
Alias Tear Grants, Van's Sister, 'Cold,' Grand Fonic Hymn Master
Journal with_a_song
Role-Player Taco
Age 16
Digimon Partner Lunamon
Affiliations Luke fon Fabre, Fon Master Ion, Anise Tatlin, Sync the Tempest, Takeru Takaishi, Chika Daimon
Demon Seal None
Dating Luke fon Fabre
D-Comm Colors Black, gold, silver
D-Comm Symbol None/Undecided
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