Tiamat is a reploid from the original Mega Man universe canon, and the Megaman Zero series.

Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This and the following section mixes material from the series canon as well as from personal canon, and also contains spoilers for Megaman Zero 4.

After the Ragnarok incident, which caused the destruction of Neo Arcadia and the death of the Devas, it was tough for the humans to rebuild their beloved city. The former Resistance members helped the Neo Arcadians to rebuild, even though they had chosen to remain in what was previously known as Area Zero. However, once the city was rebuilt and a formal government had been re-established, the humans ran into a problem. Many Reploids had chosen to leave the city after Wile's reign, and with the destruction of the Devas, they had nobody to lead their army. There were few scientists that had in-depth knowledge of specialized Reploids, since Reploids had been mainly mass-produced during Copy X's rule.

So the leaders of the government asked Ciel, the former leader of the Resistance, to help them to build new Reploids to replace the Devas. After much bartering, Ciel agreed, and traveled to Neo Arcadia to begin construction of the new Devas. When she arrived at Neo Arcadia's lab, she was shocked to find the Cyber-Elves of the former Devas, who had been traveling through the Cyberspace of Neo Arcadia and heard the plans to rebuild them. Instead, they had a better idea. They convinced Ciel to build completely new Reploids, based off of their DNA data and blueprints. Ciel agreed, and the government leaders decided to go along with it out of respect for the sacrifice of the former Devas.

Leviathan and Fefnir, having been lovers before their deaths, wanted to have a Reploid built as their child as they had never had the chance before they were killed. They decided on a name, how their child would look, gender, and how old he/she would look. But there was one thing they couldn't decide on. The reason for Tiamat's dual elemental nature is easier to explain than most people think. Leviathan and Fefnir argued fiercely about who's element she would take, then finally decided that she'd have both. Thus, dual element and dual colors.

When she came online the first time, Leviathan and Fefnir spent as much time as they could with their daughter. However, the limitations of their Cyber-Elf bodies made it hard for Tiamat to really get to know how to interact with other people. As Ciel was busy building the other two Devas, Tiamat picked up on the way Leviathan and Fefnir acted, more so on how Fefnir acted than Leviathan. Once Zephyros (made from Harpuia's plans) and Erebos (made from Phantom's plans) were made, the roles of the Devas were thrust upon them, with Tiamat being made the leader due to her dual elements. As much as the former Devas wanted to stay, they left with Ciel, who was planning to form them into the Biometals to ensure the safety of humanity in the future should Mavericks appear again.

Tiamat and her fellow Devas were not forced to perform all the duties the former Devas had, since they were still rather young for Reploids. It was harder for Tiamat to fit into the role of a Deva, especially the role of their leader of the now-named Neoteros Devas, as she was brash and hard to deal with. The human leaders eventually decided to replace her as leader with Zephyros, who was calmer and more level-headed. Tiamat readily agreed to give up her responsibilities as the leader, and instead decided to follow in her mother's hacker footsteps. Having been taught the basic before Leviathan had left, Tiamat started causing trouble by pulling technological pranks on Zephyros and Erebos. It was frustrating for the other two Neoteros Devas, having to deal with Tiamat's mood swings and hard-to-control temper.

But soon enough, her technological pranks soon backfired. She snuck into the Control Room and messed with the teleporter, making it so the next person to use it would be automatically routed to Area Zero. However, she did not account on being the next one sent through it. Before she could come back and fix her work, she was sent through. She could tell something was wrong the moment she heard Zephyros shout something before she teleported away…

Only to rematerlize in a wintery land she had never seen before.

Activity in the Digital World

When Tiamat appeared in the Digital World, she completely denied everything as a joke or a hallucination due to the prescence of the previous Devas. However, X managed to calm her down and got her to see things rationally. She eventually accepted her place in the Digital World, and when the Seven Sins virus hit, Tiamat invited Rock out to Meria to get away from the craziness.

This plot is still on-going.


Series Canon Megaman Zero (OC)
Journal blaze_blizzard
Role-Player Wolf
Age 5, physically 16
Affiliations Neo Arcadia Neoteros Devas
Digimon Partner YukiAgumon
D-Comm Colors Red and blue
D-Comm Symbol Neo Arcadia's symbol
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