The Titans are a group of Tamers and Digimon unique to the RPG canon.

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Duela Dent, the founder of the Titans, named the group after the Teen Titans of her hometown, Jump City.


The Titans are a group of superpowered Tamers fighting crime in Neon/Junk City.


The Titans formed in the sewers of Neon and Junk City after a recruitment post by Duela. The very day they moved into their headquarters, Jack Spicer's Jackbots attacked the city as a test run to see how they could handle them.

This plot is still on-going.

Formed Late May 2008
Headquarters Neon City
Sponsors Wizardmon and Sorcermon
Batman: Terry McGinnis and Noir Patamon: Tsukaimon
Cyborg and Kokuwamon
Danny Phantom: Danny Fenton and Bakumon
Harlequin: Duela Dent and Phascomon
Masamune Breeze: Ivan Hammet and Fairymon
Shrinking Violet and Hagurumon
Silverwing: Katherine "Kat" Simmons and Leormon
Spider-Man: Peter Parker and (Web) Wormmon
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