Toph Bei Fong

Toph Bei Fong is a human being from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Most of the time Toph acts brash and cocky, although when necessary she can slip back into the role of "meek, defenseless little blind girl". Toph acts like she doesn't care about her disability, especially since she can "see" via Earthbending, but there are times when she wishes she could actually see things like colors or people's faces. Because she needs to be in contact with the ground to see, Toph is not a big fan of heights, water or ice. She also doesn't like sand, because it moves around too much and blurs her "vision".

Toph doesn't like asking for help or being helped by others because she believes people do it because they feel sorry for her or think she can't do anything because of her blindness. In the beginning it made her a poor team player, but time (and a chat with Iroh) have made her better able to work with others. She's more apt now to worry about others rather than just herself.

Pre-Roleplay History

Toph - The Early Years

Note: This page contains spoilers for seasons 2 and 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Toph Bei Fong was born the only daughter of Lao and Poppy Bei Fong, one of the more affluent noble families of the Earth Kingdom and definitely the most influential of their home city of Gaoling. She was born blind, leading her parents to believe that their daughter was fragile and helpless and needed to be protected against the world. They were overprotective to such an extent that no one outside of the walls of the Bei Fong estate knew that Toph even existed. The only exception was Toph's Earthbending teacher, Master Yu, who at her parents' instructions kept Toph at the most basic level of Earthbending to keep her from hurting herself.

In truth, Toph was much more capable and independant than her parents believed. When she was five or six years old she ran away from home, only to become trapped in a cave. It was in this cave that Toph encountered a pair of badgermoles. Badgermoles, according to legend, were the first Earthbenders and they were just as blind as Toph was. From the badgermoles Toph learned to use her Earthbending to detect the vibrations in the earth to determine where things were at. From this Toph was not only able to develop a kind of "sight", but she also perfected her own style of Earthbending. All of this was kept secret from her parents and from Master Yu.

Thirsting for more of a challenge than she was getting from her Earthbending lessons, Toph began sneaking out of her home on a regular basis. Taking the ring-name "The Blind Bandit", she entered Earth Rumble, an underground Earthbending tournament. By the time she was twelve years old, Toph was the regining champion.

Toph - The Sifu

Her life changed when the Avatar and his friends paid a visit to Gaoling and were spectators at Earth Rumble VI. It was here that Toph faced her one and only defeat after Aang challenged her, as his Airbending gave him an advantage over her Earthbending. To add insult to injury Aang didn't want to fight her, but asked Toph to be his Earthbending teacher. She returned home only for Aang, Katara and Sokka to follow her there and gain an audience with her parents. Although Toph later called a truce with Aang, she still seemed reluctant to agree to be his teacher.

Toph's secret life was outed to her parents when she and Aang were kidnapped and ransomed by other competitors from Earth Rumble, and Toph took out all of their captors in front of her father and Master Yu. However, after discovering Toph's strength, instead of loosening the reigns her parents tightened her restrictions by placing a 24-hour guard on her. Upset and angry that her parents didn't understand, Toph ran away again and joined the Avatar.

At first relations between Toph and the rest of the Avatar team weren't that great, as Toph was used to doing things for herself and harbored a belief that anyone who offered to help her only did it because they thought she couldn't do anything. This led to Toph's temporary absence from the group, but she returned when she realized that her new friends only offered assistance because they wanted to. After these problems were ironed out Toph began to teach Aang the art of Earthbending.

Toph traveled with the Avatar and his friends to Ba Sing Se, where they attempted to convince the Earth King to gather an army to attack the Fire Nation during a crucial eclipse. However the group met with resistance from the Dai Li, whose job it was to keep the citizens of Ba Sing Se lulled into a false sense of security, so that they were easier to control. After finally gaining an audience with the Earth King Toph received a letter allegedly from her mother, who was in Ba Sing Se and wanted to see her daughter. Toph went to the meeting place only to be captured by Master Yu and Xin Fu, who had been hired by her father to bring her back by any means necessary. While imprisoned by the two of them Toph discovered that she could also bend metal, using her unique "sight" to detect the impurities of earth that still remained, and used this newfound talent to escape and reunite with Aang and the others.

Once back in Ba Sing Se, Toph remained with Sokka to help him rescue the Earth King. She, along with her friends and the Earth King (and his pet bear Bosco) were forced to flee Ba Sing Se when it fell to Princess Azula. The group met up with the army from the Southern Water Tribe and remained with them for three weeks while waiting for Aang to heal from his injuries.

Activity in the Digital World

As they waited for Aang to awaken, Toph aided the warriors of the Southern Water Tribe in hijacking a Fire Nation ship, planning on using it to sneak into the Fire Nation. After successfully taking the ship for themselves Toph went to sleep in her new quarters. She awoke the next morning in the middle of the D'Ango Forest, and met up with her partner Palmon a few moments later.

For the most part Toph has kept to D'Ango, running into Sokka and Azula. It was after meeting the two of them that she first discovered the Digital World's quirk of taking people from different points on the timeline, as Sokka and Azula had both come from after the defeat of the Fire Lord. Even more disquieting was Azula's claim that she was no longer an enemy of Toph's, a statement that was backed up by Sokka.

Recently Toph has been reunited with Aang, and the two of them have decided to take their friendship to the next level.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Toph is the only metalbender in all of the Four Nations. Her unique "sight" allows her to detect where impurities of earth still remain in refined metal in order to bend them.
  • Before leaving home, Toph was the six-time champion of the Earth Rumble tournament.
  • Despite the fact that her father paid her Earthbending teacher and the head of Earth Rumble to hunt her down, Toph feels badly that she left them without a decent explanation. If she ever gets back from the Digital World she wishes to send them a letter letting them know she's okay.
  • Although Toph uses her Earthbending to distinguish objects she still cannot make out facial features.
  • Though most Earthbenders prefer to go barefoot, Toph is particularly sensitive about her feet because they are how she "sees". A serious injury to her feet could completely blind her.
  • Because of her blindness, Toph cannot read or write.
Toph Bei Fong
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