Tora Akiyama

Tora Akiyama is a human being from an original Digimon Tamers epilogue.


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Pre-Roleplay History

Note: This page mixes material from series and game canon as well as personal fanon, and is an alternate universe epilogue for Digimon Tamers.

In an alternate universe to both Tatsuo Matsuda's and Aveline Izumi's, Tora was born to Ruki Makino, by then a successful prosecutor, and Ryo R. Akiyama after what was almost unmistakably a shotgun wedding capping a long-standing on-again, off-again relationship. The marriage itself lasted only four years, given her father's inherent inability to settle down, and Tora remained with her mother when Ryo finally stuck around Tokyo long enough to settle the divorce. She grew close to her grandparents on both sides of the family, as well as to the children of the other Tamers and to her partner Pico Devimon, who appeared to her when Tora was seven.

However, Ruki was still drawn to Ryo on his increasingly rare reappearances, and it was during one of these encounters that Ruki unwittingly contracted HIV from the Legendary Tamer. Her infection was not recognized until several years later when a ten-year-old Tora, bothered by her mother's more frequent illnesses and arbitrary weight loss, urged her to go to the doctor. By now, Ruki had AIDS.

Tora watched for three years as Ruki's condition worsened even with medication, unable to do anything about it. She began to withdraw from other people, afraid of catching so much as a cold that she might infect her mother with. Tora's performance at school also suffered as she became more and more isolated from others, but she refused to leave her mother's side except when necessary (such as for school).

As Ruki's health deteriorated, the next generation of Monster Makers attempted a risky experiment. After the successful implementation of Shaggai within Terriermon's data during the D-Reaper days, Renamon's data was altered to try and strengthen Ruki's immune system upon a Matrix evolution. This evolution only exposed Renamon to the virus, and while Renamon was easily healed (essentially hacked better), Ruki died four months later.

Ruki had, unfortunately, never rewritten her will upon her diagnosis, meaning that Ryo would still receive custody of Tora. Ryo was never informed of Ruki's illness, and Tora blamed him for it, as well as being resentful of how he'd hurt Ruki emotionally by constantly wandering off. She stayed with her grandmother Rumiko Makino during the lead-up to Ruki's funeral, which in a stroke of rather awful timing was on Tora's thirteenth birthday (August 2nd). Due to live with her father after the funeral, Tora instead ran away from the memorial service, escaping, ironically, into the digital world. Though she and Pico Devimon initially landed in the desert level of the digital world, the two were soon swept up by a data stream into the Digital Dive universe.


  • Funeral kimono
  • Mp3 player

Activity in the Digital World

Ironically, Tora landed, like her sort-of sister Aveline, in the D'Ango Forest. Her first thought upon finding the map feature of her new digivice was that it was broken; it was Pico Devimon who realized they were no longer in their own digital world when she couldn't find the real world in the sky. In another ironic coincidence, Tora herself rationalized that this couldn't be the digital world her father hailed from as the trees were not blue. After the mandatory accidental voicepost, Koushirou Izumi was the first to work out whose daughter she was, and she also made friends with Adelle fon Fabre and Nadie Morrington. She was downright hostile to her father, but this didn't stop him from coming to get her. Though she initially ran from him, Ryo tracked her down and forced her to explain why she hated him, before getting her set up with new clothes, food money, and a room at the Hinata Inn.

She tried to keep to herself out of habit. Aveline made repeated attempts to invite her as her guest to the Fujieda-Daimon wedding, but this only ended in disaster and the end of their argument being posted on the journal system for all to see. Because of Tora's self-imposed seclusion, she was not aware of the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn's escape routes, leaving her vulnerable when Doom attacked the apartment complex in an attempt to win the Heart of Kandrakar. She froze up seeing Raine Hart's uncanny resemblance to her mother, prompting Pico Devimon to evolve to the adult level for the first time. However, as Pico Devimon evolved into a Kyuubimon with her mother's voice, Tora again froze up, and Kyuubimon had to nudge her into letting her bring her to safety.

Though she had been avoiding her father, Ryo deliberately sought her out to try and make amends with her after his Wisemon-induced Crest epiphany.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Tora's name means "tiger", the mun's nod to Ryo's partner in the Digital Dive universe.
Tora Akiyama
Series Canon Digimon Tamers AU OC
Name Tora Akiyama
Alias none (it's worth noting she prefers using her mother's surname, Makino)
Icon Model Komaki Sakurai of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou
Journal disroyalty
Role-Player Caryl
Age 13
Digimon Partner Pico Devimon
Affiliations Future Brainbreakers, Nadie Morrington
D-Comm Colors Blue and white
D-Comm Symbol Rose gold broken heart
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