Train Heartnet

// Train Heartnet is a human being from the Black Cat anime canon.//


In the past, Train Heartnet was a bitter, emotionless assassin, but thanks to Saya and later Sven and Eve, he became is a lighthearted, courageous man. He is still highly skilled with a gun, on a practically supernatural level.

He has a ‘stray cat’ type personality, doing what he wants when he wants, on his own terms. Despite that, he does have his own code, as even when he was an assassin. It's something he's stuck by all his life. If he finds someone in trouble, he's not the type to simply let it go.

Pre-Roleplay History

Train Heartnet is a complex character. His life was very much a normal one until he was ten, when his parents were murdered by the assassin Zagine. Zagine hadn’t know they had a child, so he asked Train whether he wanted to live or die along with his parents. After Train chose to live, Zagine takes Train under his wing, albeit against Train's will, and pushes him to become powerful, telling him he can only depend on himself. When Zagine is later killed, Train is left to fend for himself, eventually finding his way to the organization called Chronos, which works behind the scenes to not only keep but create peace for the world.

Beginning as an Eraser, he slowly started to kill off his emotions, as well as the will of an individual. By the time he became one of the Numbers, he had become a ruthless assassin hired by He is given the number XIII, as well as the gun Hades, by Chronos because he is the "bringer of bad luck", hence his nickname being the Black Cat.

A bitter, emotionless assassin, who carried out his missions with unbelievable skill and machine like precision, he was talked about and praised within Chronos. His partner, Creed Diskenth was also very fond of Train, the point of being obsessive.

It was when he met Minatsuki Saya, that he began a slow, gradual change, he began to loosen up and was moved by her freedom as a sweeper, rediscovering emotions he had buried so deeply. It was because of this change that made him decide not to eliminate Eve, a young girl who was actual bioweapon, and left her in Sven Volfeed, a sweeper’s, hands, which was a direct violation of his orders. When commanded by Chronos days layer to kill Eve, he refused, telling off the Elders. He was a stray cat now, and he would do things on his own terms from now on, not Chronos.

Chronos would not allow Train to leave so easily as they decided to have him marked for death. Creed convinced them to let him try to bring Train back, but that was a lie, as Creed himself was a traitor to Chronos and wanted to recruit Train to HIS organization. Train refused. Shortly after this refusal, Creed learned about Saya and so to remove the ‘witch that held a spell over his partner’, he killed Saya, who died in Train’s arms. Train attacked Creed until the tanker they were on exploded.

Train was found by Sven and Eve who brought him back to health. Eve later gave Train a bell collar, according to a book she read, putting a bell on a bad cat will help him behave. Skeptical at first, Train eventually accepts it and never takes it off.

He becomes a sweeper, enjoys tormenting Sven (who is now his partner along with Eve) and tightening their already small budget as low-paid sweepers by his ridiculous appetite.

Eventually, once he learns of Creed alive and running a group of revolutionists called the Apostles of the Star, Train pursues him relentlessly, coming back into conflict with his old associates from Chronos, especially when they launch their own attack on Creed in his main island headquarters. In his final battle with Creed, Train does not slay him, but destroys his Imagine Blade, but does it also to save Creed from being killed by Number I of Chronos, who was about to strike from behind. His reasoning behind it, was it was the Sweepers way.

However it’s not the end of the tale, as even with Creed being defeated, Chronos still has a grip on Train, or rather traitors from Chronos. Mason, along with several other Numbers and some members from Creed’s group, had been working together all along towards their own plan of world domination, calling themselves the Zero Numbers. Taking Eve, Mason plotted to use the Eden project to bring mankind to a ‘new age of peace’ but at the cost of all people being absorbed into one consciousness.

Train, Sven, the Sweepers alliance, the remaining members of Chronos and even the few remaining members of the Apostles of the Stars that are still alive and not with the Zero Numbers (including Creed himself) make a final stand to stop Mason’s insane plan for humanity.

Its during this time that Train is separated from everyone and is confronted by Zagine ‘ghost’, a creation made by Eden in the attempt to stall for time until Eve has been absorbed into Eden completely, making so that there is no turning back. It gives Train a second chance to kill his parent’s murderer, emptying Hades of all but one bullet and asking him to choose life or death; a choice Zagine had given Train after assassinating his parents.

Unfortunately for Eden, Train isn't swayed, and at Sven's plea he shoots the stem of the flower holding Eve, thereby freeing her from Eden's control and ending Mason’s insane plan. Mason’s fate and that of the Zero Numbers, he leaves to Chronos’s hands, as he is done with killing.

After saving ‘Princess’, Train decided to leave Sven and Eve to travel the world on his own, fitting his personal "stray cat" lifestyle. As he walks through a city, he swears he sees Saya walk right past him. He smiles, feeling that he can finally let go of the past and truly move on.

Activity in the Digital World

He has yet to really make an impact into the digital world, as he arrived just after Kurata killed Houhoumon. After meeting a Child level BlackTailmon, who appears to be his partner, he made his first journal entry. He's been contacted so far by Captain Jack Sparrow and by Chika Daimon, who think of him as Train-niichan.


There was another Train Heartnet in the digital world, one that became another older brother figure to Chika Daimon for the duration of his stay… which ended with him being eaten during the Dokugumon infestation, though no one is aware of that.

Train Heartnet
Series Canon Black Cat
Journal just_astray_cat
Role-Player SethAvalon
Age 23
Digimon Partner BlackTailmon
Affiliations None
D-Comm Colors Blue and Black
D-Comm Symbol XIII
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