Tsukaimon - Siarnaq

Tsukaimon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For his partner, see Siarnaq.

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Evolution Line
Tokomon Tsukaimon Musyamon Asuramon Zanbamon
??? Bad Message Violent Dismissal Asura God Fist Cross Slash
Purple Fog White Bird Sword Human Emotion Prison Gate of Beheading
Friendly Fire
Fuwafuwa Attack (Floating Attack)


Tsukaimon is very much a combat wombat, wanting to get into fights as soon as he was partnered up with Siarnaq. But he is also slightly afraid of the reploid, being that Siarnaq appears to never show any emotion and barely reacts to anything, Tsukaimon has dubbed his partner "creepy".

Sadly he is totally unaware of the fact that he can't evolve with Siarnaq as his partner, and when he does he'll be well… Upset.


  • Tsukaimon was purely picked as Siarnaq's partner because the mun wanted to give Siarnaq a somewhat cute looking partner.
  • Tsukaimon's evolution line was not picked by the mun, but was picked by Razor, mainly because the mun sucks at picking evolutionary lines.
    • Ditto on Tsukaimon's personality being provided by an outside source. (Aka, Razor)
Partner Siarnaq
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Role-Player Ash
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