(Tsuki) Lunamon - Kazusa

Lunamon is a Digimon partner for a tamer in the digital world. For his Tamer, see Kujyou Kazusa.

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Evolution Line
Moonmon Lunamon Lekismon Cresemon Dianamon
Tear Shoot Moon Night Kick Lunatic Dance Crescent Haken
Lunar Claw Tear Arrow Dark Archery Goodnight Moon
Lop Ear Ripple Moon Night Bomb Ice Archery Arrow of Artemis


Tsuki is an adorable little Lunamon. Her voice pitch is soft and quiet, and so it can sometimes be hard to hear her. Usually she's a very shy Lunamon, unless you get to know her, then she can get a bit more active, and may possibly start ranting about something. She tends to cling to her tamer, unless she's with the one she is currently dating, who happens to be Sasami's DORUmon, Tenshi. :D


  • The Evolution for Lunamon ( and why Lunamon has been picked as Kazusa's Partner digimon ) is because of her ultimate. Kazusa can god transform into the Goddess Artemis. Diana is the Roman Equivalent of Artemis. :D
Tsuki (Lunamon)
Partner Kujyou Kazusa
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