V-Mon - Daisuke

V-mon is a Digimon partner from the Digimon canon. For his partner, see Daisuke Motomiya.

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Evolution Line
Chicomon Chibimon V-mon XV-mon Palidramon Imperialdramon
Acid Bubbles Hop Attack V-mon Head X-Laser Desperado Blaster Positron Laser
Boom Boom Punch Strong Crunch Esgreamer Splendor Blade
Sting Strike Mega Death


V-mon is very much a kid at heart and is very playful despite all that he has gone through. He sometimes has a bit more common sense than Daisuke but generally the two are very much the same. V-mon doesn't like to see others sad or upset and is generally very helpful in nature. He isn't one to pick a fight and likes to laugh a lot.


  • V-mon's first partner was actually Ryo whom he met when Wormmon met Ken. Although shortly after Ryo disappeared from their universe he forgot about him he has since recovered his memories of that time.
  • V-mon is able to use the digimetals of Courage, Friendship and Miracles all of which Daisuke unlocked. With Courage he becomes Fladramon, Friendship creates Lighdramon, and Miracles forms the powerful digimon known as Magnamon. However these forms are inaccessible in the Digital Dive universe.
  • Palidramon and Imperialdramon are only reached through jogress evolution with Stingmon, Wormmon's adult form.
  • Imperialdramon also has a mode-change called Fighter Mode.
Partner Daisuke Motomiya
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