V-mon - Rose

V-mon is a Digimon partner from the Digital Dive universe. For her partner, see Rose.

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Evolution Line
Chicomon Chibimon V-mon Airdramon Wingdramon Slayerdramon
Acid Bubbles Hop Attack V-mon Head Spinning Needle Blaze Sonic Breath Sky Dragon Slay Breaker
Boom Boom Punch God Tornado Explode Sonic Lance Rising Dragon Massacre
Hopping Kick Wing Cutter Wing Blast Biting Dragon Wave Slayer
Volley Kick Tail Whip
V-mon Punch Tail Attack
V-mon Head Drop


V-mon is quite mischievous and she has a quirky sense of humor. She'll sometimes complain about not getting Rose, but she enjoys the insanity. She'll interfere with Rose's life, but very much in the way a little sister would.


  • V-mon comes from a very large family, with Zelos's bizarro Lopmon ("Sis") and V-mon of V Mode Fashions ("V") as two of her sisters and Darth Vader's Kotemon ("Cousin Baka") as a cousin. However, she doesn't often keep in contact with her family and tends to see Rose and her adopted family as a little closer.
  • Voice is Daveigh Chase (Lilo from Lilo and Stitch)
Partner Rose
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Role-Player Akino
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