The virus is a computer virus infecting all entrants to the digital world and their partners in seemingly random ways. Initially created by the Wizards Nii in an attempt to cure the virus making digimon feral, the virus soon spread to Yggdrasil's core computer. There is no cure save Yggdrasil bothering to delete it. Which he doesn't.

In other words, the virus is Digital Dive's version of "events" that affect a great number of characters to their surprise.

Previous varieties have included:


In early February 2008, Tamers could not lie, and also often blurted out things they were keeping hidden.


This virus makes Tamers more affectionate, whether that was verbally or physically. It can manifest as everything from hearts in every post to declarations of love for the world to jumping loved ones. This is an annual virus occurring around Valentine's and White Days (February and March 14th).


In early March 2008, Tamers' physical and sometimes ages were altered at random. Most children and younger teenagers were aged upwards to the late teens or adulthood; many older teenagers and adults were aged to their teenage years if not childhood.

Gender Bender

In early April 2008, Tamers' genders were switched.


In early June 2008, characters burst into song and dance numbers at random.

Seven Deadly Sins

In late September 2008, characters were affected by the Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, and Envy) in mostly comic ways. Additionally, the Demon Seals associated with these sins could not be placed on characters.


In mid-November 2008, characters began temporarily turning into their corresponding animals of the Chinese zodiac (or cats) upon physical contact.


In December 2008, sentient and slightly psychic mistletoe grew all over the digital world to harrass characters about their love lives.

Only Human

In early February 2009, non-human characters such as Digimon partners, reploids, and Time Lords found themselves turned into humans.

Some viruses affect Tamers and their partners more randomly:

Data Freeze

This virus freezes characters' bodies in time while the world goes on around them; when they unfreeze they are unaware that time has passed. Data Freezing one's characters is a popular option for players going on hiatus, as it solves the problem of "what was my character doing while I was gone": Nothing.

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