Vocaloid+ Family

A long, long time ago, in a distant galaxy, there were the Vocaloids. And Darth Hachune Miku ruled the Death Star with Kagamine Len being Luke Skywalker and Kagamine Rin was Leia. ANYWAY

See, there's this family called the Vocaloid+ Family. It is epic and big. ANYWAY, here's a list of who's in the family!

PATRIARCH: Greg Sanders.
MATRIARCH: Sabine Alshire.

  1. Yowane Haku
  2. Hatsune Miku
  3. Kagamine Len
  4. Kagamine Rin
  5. Nigaito
  6. Matilda Johanne Alshire-Sanders
  7. Alexis Warrick Alshire-Sanders
  8. Roxas
  9. Sora
  10. Tory Blake
  11. Nick Stokes
  12. Onizuka Eikichi
  13. Sarasim
  14. Lorne
  15. Kasane Teto
  16. Hikari-Kyoyama Hoshi
  17. Reno Sinclair
  18. Mika
  19. Kaito
  20. Horatio Alshire
  21. Salu Digby/Shrinking Violet
  22. Catherine Willows
  23. Clause
  24. Megurine Luka
  25. Cloud Strife
  26. Kikaito
  27. Fuuga Koto
  28. Shouka Tori
  29. Yokune Ruko
  30. Amane Luna
  31. Namine Ritsu
  32. Faith Vanderfleet
  33. Arin McCoy
  34. Kioshi Vanderfleet
  35. Hailey Beth Stokes
  36. David Hodges (whether he likes it or not 8D)
  37. Archie Johnson
  38. Sara Sidle

More will be added (since Liz tends to forget things. ._.) as well as any future additions!

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