Washu Hakubi

Washu is a humanoid alien from the Tenchi Muyo! canon.


Washu in general is essentially a super genius with a super ego at times to boot. She is a very curious individual and loves to figure out how things work and why and how she can then improve those functions. While she isn't serious necessarily she is generally level headed in any situation because she will generally have an idea on how to solve a problem before anything gets out of control. However this doesn't stop her from having fun because one of her favorite things to do is flirt and tease. She has a habit of talking a lot when she gets excited, which can sometimes hinder things since no one will understand what she's explaining.

Washu likes to solve things herself rather than rely on her powers to help her and she loves technology and experimenting on people. She doesn't really have 'morals' per say although she does have a weakness for kids (seeing as she lost her own a long time ago and she tries to act like a kid herself sometimes). She can be considered "bubbly" at times but this is most likely just an ruse to make people doubt her genius.

Pre-Roleplay History

Washu is actually over 10,000 years old by Earth years and as such as done a lot in her lifetime. Originally she was one of the three Chōshin goddesses along with Tsunami and Tokimi. However Washu wished to prove her genius and create someone more powerful than the Chousin so she sealed up her powers and memories of her time as a goddess into three gems and turned herself into a mortal.

At one point Washu, while at the Science Academy, fell in love with a man from a prestigious family and actually had a baby. Unfortunately because of the man's heritage the child was taken away from her and she was forbidden to see them. Distraught Washu decided that dealing with adult matters like that was meaningless and altered her body to that of a child's so that she would not have to deal with such matters again, however she is able to return to her 'adult' form when she wishes it.

It was after this that Washu fell deeper into her work and research and picked up an assistant along the way named Kagato. It was with his help that she created Ryoko and Ryo-ohki using her own eggs as a starting point making her the mother of both. Shortly after this Kagato betrayed her and locked her away for 5,000 years when she was then freed by Mihoshi.

After Kagato was defeated, Washu moved into the Masaki house and declared Tenchi not only her 'guinea pig' but also her love.

Activity in the Digital World

While doing some experiments in her subspace lab Washu discovered an anomaly in the subspace network, further investigation is what resulted in a major computer malfunction (much to the scientist's surprise) and before she could react Washu had found herself in Junk City. She was immediately curious to her surroundings and quickly discovered her partner, Hagurumon, hovering nearby and awaiting her "orders." Her first instinct was to take him apart but after much pleading from Hagurumon and finding out what happened to most digimon when you "took them apart" she resigned to just studying him.

She hasn't made many friends yet although she does feel closer to the people who were able to hack her journal than anyone else and wishes to meet with them, especially Ryo and Koushirou who seem to know the most about the world she has found herself in.

This plot is still on-going.


  • Washu has powers similar to Ryoko but does not use them as much because she prefers to use her technology and smarts to get out of a situation.
  • Her symbol is the crab.
Washu Hakubi
Series Canon Tenchi Muyo! OVA
Journal thegenius_washu
Roleplayer Erbear
Age 10,000 (Appears 12)
Digimon Partner Hagurumon
Affiliations FAQ Squad
D-Comm Colors Dark Pink & Light Pink
D-Comm Symbol A Red Cartoon Crab
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