Will Vandom (comics)

//Wilhelmina "Mina" Vandom is a human related to the W.I.T.C.H. Comicverse //


Before Dive

Wilhelmina (or Will, as she prefers to be called) was the only child of Thomas and Susan Vandom. Sadly, her childhood wasn't that great, as her father was a compulsive gambler and found himself blowing every last cent they had, leading to Richard to finally abadon the family. While living in Fadden Hills, Will lived a pretty normal life until her peers abandoned her after she discovered she could read minds. Thinking that Fadden Hills just had too many bad memories, Susan decided to move to Heatherfield after listening to a radio program.

Sadly, the radio program calling Heatherfield "sunny" was sadly mistaken as they arrived on a rainy day. While attempting to find her way to class, Will ended up encountering another girl, Taranee Cook, who quickly became friends with her as Taranee helped Will find her way around. She would later meet four other girls - Irma Lair, Cornelia Hale, Hay Lin and Elyon Brown - and would be invited to a Halloween party. Though reluctant, Will decided to participate. At the dance, a prank initiated by Uriah nearly went haywire, but the sudden activation of the girls' powers, more specifically Taranee's saved them.

The next day, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin had gathered to talk about the strange dreams they had been having as well as what went down. That was when Yan Lin, Hay Lin's grandmother, approached the five and told them of their destinies as Guardians, pointing out their individual powers and entrusting Will with a special talisman, the Heart of Kandrakar. Despite Hay Lin's enthusiasm (having already came up with their team name - W.I.T.C.H.), the girls were skeptical and ignored what happened. But that changed when Will, Irma and Hay Lin were lured by a trap set by Elyon (who had been approached by other forces and more or less brought to their side) and were attacked. At that moment, Will used the Heart to transform herself, Irma and Hay Lin into their Guardian forms and drive off their attackers. From that moment on, a new team of Guardians were formed.

Their first adventure saw them traveling to the world of Metamoor. There, they allied themselves with the rebels who were trying to overthrow the murderous tyrant Prince Phobos, who ruled over the capital of Metamoor, Meridian. His plan was to absorb all the magical energies in the planet, then kill his long-lost sister, Elyon, and take her power and use her death to encite a riot that would break down the barrier seperating the planet from the rest of the universe, then continue the process until he was powerful enough to conquor Kandrakar. With the aid of the rebels, led by Caleb, a Murmurer (a creature created by Phobos through his garden of black roses) who gained a personality of his own, the team was able to overthrow Phobos, get Elyon back on the side of good and free the planet, although Caleb was reverted back to his original state. In the process, Will met a young man named Matt Olsen, a musician for the group known as Colbat Blue. In the process, Will started to fall in love with the young man and he, her. As a gift, he ended up giving her a dormouse as a pet, which she enjoyed very much.

Unfortunantly, things started to look bad for the girls as Will's mother, seeing Will's grades were slipping and not knowing it was because of her adventures, decided to move back to Fadden Hills. As the team tried to figure out a way for Will to stay, Cornelia found herself empowered with all five elemental powres and used its powers to revive Caleb, but this action was looked down upon by the Council of Kandrakar and she and Caleb were summomed to the world. Soon after, Will (who had finally convinced her to stay in Heatherfield) and the others made their way to Kandrakar to plead their case for Cornelia, convincing the others to keep them together, something that angered Lube, a member of the Council who had thought the girls were too young and inexperienced to be Guardians.

Unfortuantly, Lube's actions would lead to the release of the sorceress Nerissa, a former Guardian who was sealed away after she slew her teammate, Cassidy. Will first learned of this when a mysterious mark formed on Will's hand following a nightmare. Upon examination, Yan Lin realized that Nerissa had indeed returned. This was also confirmed as the girls found themselves attacked by Nerissa's Knights of Destruction. As the attacks grow worse, the girls end up finding themselves going back to Fadden Hills, where Will and the others learned of the previous Guardians (which Hay Lin nicknamed C.H.Y.K.N.), and the horrible past surrounding Nerissa and those Guardians, as well as the roles played by former Guardians Halinor and Kadma in Will's life. Things take a turn for the worse when Nerissa ends up using Matt as a hostage to gain control of the Heart of Kandrakar, which Will reluctantly agrees to hand over. Fortunantly for the team, help comes in the form of the Star of Cassidy, an 'image' of sorts of the Heart of Kandrakar given to Will by the ghost of Cassidy. Their powers restored, the girls prepared to take on Nerissa once and for all, only to be nearly defeated by the witch as she tried to return the girls back to Heatherfield using their Astral Drops and rid them of their memories of being magical, a plan that backfired thanks to Cornelia's love for Caleb. Freed, the Heart of Kandrakar and the Star of Cassidy merge and the Heart returns to Will. Using their powers, they destroy Nerissa and bring peace to the world.

But, not to them and especially Will.

As Will attempted to hunt down her missing Astral Drop, which went AWOL after the incident with Nerissa, her father returned into her life… but it wasn't all fun and games. The man wanted more money out of Susan and sought to blackmail it out of her by threatening to take Will away. With Kadma's help (who didn't want to be like the Oracle of Kandrakar - people asking for help and turning them away because it wasn't her duty), her father dropped the case after receiving a hefty sum… but that victory seemed to fall apart right there as Will's dormouse was struck by a car as it ran out of the house. At Matt's suggestion, they took the dormouse to his grandfather's pet shop to see if it could be healed, but, to Will's horror, the only thing that they could do was put it down.

Their troubles started to mount even more as Taranee decided to quit the team in a fit of anger after they learned that using the Heart of Kandrakar was healing their 'disabilities'. Being replaced by Orube (the best student of Lube, who died saving Caleb from Nerissa), the girls went to deal with Ari, a being from Arkahana, who sought to destroy Kandrakar for ignoring his needs due to his mysteriously mute son. At the same time, the government discovered W.I.T.C.H.'s existance and wanted to capture them for their own purposes. Thanks to the returned Taranee, the team was able to take care of both problems, healing Ari's son and getting rid of the agents. Soon, they dealt with another problem: their Astral Drops. They had gained personalities and, tired of being used as they were, the Astral Drop Will decided to have the others beat feet from Heatherfield and the real Guardians, only to be captured by Orube and the Guardians. Bringing them to Kandrakar, the Oracle decides to let them live their own lives, much to the Astral Drops' pleasure.

Soon after, the Council of Kandrakar decided to question the Oracle's recent actions and, in a surprise move, allowed himself to be put on trial. In the process, the Oracle was removed and a new one, named Endarno, took his place and began doing even more questionable actions. At the same time, overwhelmed with all the stress that had been building up, Will decided to tell Matt all about the Guardians, finally lifting part of that stress off her shoulders. Unfortunantly, the team was given a strange mission: arrest Queen Elyon. In Kandrakar, the Oracle demands Elyon to surrender the throne, but the girl refuses leading her to be imprisoned. Even more, Endarno is revealed to be Phobos, using his new power to control Kandrakar. After betraying his old ally Cedric, he attempted to expand his power base, only to be thwarted by the Guardians and the old Oracle, known as Himerish. In an attempt to escape, Phobos threw himself off of Kandrakar… which ended up being a suicide as he would fall for eternity.

After dealing with a special hourglass that screwed around with time and gaining a mascot of sorts with the creature We, the girls suddenly found themselves empowered even further as Cedric sought a magical book to regain his lost powers. Discovering the Book of Elements, Cedric tried to gain its power, and, in the process, sent Matt himself into the book. Missing for months, the girls searched for Will's boyfriend, finally leading them to the book itself. Learning of four special elemental gems, the girls began searching for them and using them to enter the book, Orube and Cedric tagging along. the group ends up encountering Jonothan Ludmoore, the one who wrote the book as means for Phobos to get to Earth. With Cedric sacrficing his life, the team was able to defeat Ludmoore and free Matt… just in time for dual parties on Earth - as Will's mother and her teacher marry - and on Kandrakar, with Matt being the first normal human to set foot in Kandrakar (or so the girls thought…)

Sadly, Will's time with Matt seemed to be cut short as he was chosen to join the group Karmilla. As she deals with this as her parents go on their honeymoon, the team ends up dealing with the creature known as the Ragorlang, a creature summoned by Tecla Ibsen to keep herself young. At the same time, a man named Edward Folkner came to Heatherfield, seeking the Ragorlang himself. After possessing its powers, he attempted to use the creature to absorb every human being on Earth's energies, but was stopped by the Guardians themselves. After this Tecla and her husband Karl were asked to live in Kandrakar, thus stopping her need to steal energy.

Soon after, a mysterious root appeared in Kandrakar. After being warned by Yan Lin, Himerish initiated a hasty and virtually suicidal plan. This plan included Matt stealing away the girls' powers and the Heart of Kandrakar as Himerish launched the purest forms of the five elements to Earth, then sealing Kandrakar away, with Yan Lin keeping a small part open to watch over Hay Lin. As the girls prepared to readjust to normal lives, the new powers landed on Earth, repowering the girls and giving them even stronger forms of their powers. At the same time, Matt approached them, revealing that he was from Kandrakar as well, that he knew from the beginning as to who they were and that he was to instruct them in their powers… as well as to abandon his relationship with Will, something Will didn't take too well. As the girls adjusted to their new powers and learned of the presence of the mysterious Dark Mother, Will learned her mom was pregnate with a child. In the end, the girls were able to take care of the Dark Mother and free Kandrakar as the Council decided to oust Himerish for his actions and installed Yan Lin as the new Oracle, while Will and Matt were reunited and welcomed in Will's new sibling.

One would think that after all that, Will would get a break… but not even she can get a break from being a Guardian… especially in the Digital World

Activity In The Digital World

Upon arriving in the Digital World, Will called out to the Guardians… not realizing that there was already a team of Guardians there… as well as a Will of their own! Talking to her world's Matt Olsen, she let everyone in one a shocking secret - that her Matt was from Kandrakar and that he, under the orders of the Oracle, had taken away their old powers to be given the raw elements themselves. The entire group was left confused and, at their suggestion, decided to meet up in the Silver Dragon and discuss everything. During that time, Will decided to take up the nickname "Mina" to differentiate between herself and her counterpart.

At the Dragon, Will revealed what had happened before she arrived, all the more confusing the group, especially Matt. When Will mentioned that her world's Susan Vandom had married her teacher, Dean Collins and that she was perfectly happy with them, she nearly blew up at her counterpart after she casually mentioned about her birth father, resurfacing memories of the incident with her father and the death of her dormouse.

Soon after, the group took a vacation in Meria where the group was taken off guard by the arrival of Will's mom, Susan. Both Will and Mina went to pick up Susan, only to be ambushed by Lord Zedd, who figured the three were perfect for hostages. To Susan's surprise, both girls transformed and fought back. When Zedd enlarged his monster, the rest of the Guardians came to help. Once that was dealt with, the girls later explained to Susan the deal with their forms, which she gladly accepted. Soon after, the Digital World was struck with one of two viruses, the first of which caused various Digimon and non-humans to turn human. An incident caused her world's Matt to break his leg. In an attempt to cheer him up, Mina attempted to ski, only to break her arm in the process.

Soon after, her Matt decided to finally find out what laid behind his locked memories and, after returning his portion of the Heart of Earth back to the mainstream Matt, Mina unlocked those memories and helped bring him back down to Earth, something that was caught on film. Following a brief run-in with a love virus on Valentines' Day (which lead to a double date with both versions of Will and Matt), a version of one of Irma's friends, Martin, arrived in the Digital World, forcing the team to save him from an unknown assailant (who was later determined to be Miranda, someone Mina never faced).

The Tetha Invasion

Soon after, a number of Tamers left for various places. When Caleb revealed that he had feelings for Hay Lin, Mina was one of those who snapped at Caleb, prompting her to wish that her Matt would pummel him. Once she found out, however, she quickly regretted it and hoped he wasn't too hurt. Soon after, an invasion initiated by the Lord of Terror and Slade reached Tetha. Mina paired up with Gold Ranger Jason Lee Scott and the mercenary Deadpool to help defend their home. With the arrival of the Pandaren Chien and the symbiotic monster Venom, they captured one of LOT's minions, but when the invasion reached its end, Mina attempted to block the explosion threatening to destroy the Silver Dragon and Hinata Inn, but only succeeded in dampening the damage done.

This plot is still on-going.


Wilhelmina "Will" Vandom (Mina Vandom)
Series Canon W.I.T.C.H. (Comic Version)
Name Wilhelmina Vandom
Alias Will, Mina
Journal [http://the_1st_heart.livejournal.com/
Role-Player Ash Blaze
Age 15
Digimon Partner Otamamon
Affiliations Team W.I.T.C.H.
D-Comm Colors Hot pink and green
D-Comm Symbol Elemental symbol of Energy
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