Wizardmon And Sorcermon

Wizardmon and Sorcermon are two Digimon from the Digital Dive universe.

Hailing from the mysterious location known as Witchelny, Wizardmon and Sorcermon have ventured out into the Digital World to… do something.

They might just happen to be plot devices. Or maybe they have something up their sleeve.

Or maybe they're the product of someone making fun of themselves.

Character History

Wizardmon and Sorcermon arrived in Tetha at some unknown time. When they opened up their place of business, "Wizarmon and Sorcerymon's One Stop Shop of Magical Convenience", they turned the construction worker that got their names wrong into a Gekomon. Or so they say.

Later, Daimon Masaru and Yoshino Fujieda wandered into their "one stop shop", and they healed Masaru's broken arm. Then they were promptly thrown out, stating that they should never return due to the duo's strict "one plot device per Tamer" policy.

Later, when Mega Man was in need of repairs, these two appeared before his partner, Veedramon, giving him a number of machine digimon parts. Why they did this is unknown, but they made a show of acting like they weren't just handing them over.


  • Wizardmon is based on Tim the Enchanter, and Sorcermon on the Wizard of Oz.
  • These two are the product of Razorsaw either carrying on a joke too long, or making fun of himself and his ideas for quick resolutions.
  • They use their dub names for comedy purposes. The whole thing about their names, the name inconsistency on their sign, and turning their contractor into a Gekomon was ad-libbed.
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